Raging Thunder & More 3D Games Coming to Android


This is my first article here on so be nice ;) We’ve come across some Interesting 3D games coming to and already released on Android & we thought you would all enjoy so without further adieu …..

Android market description of Raging Thunder:

Raging Thunder is a gut-churning, tyre burning racer giving you control over the most extreme muscle cars in the world! Race against time, CPU controlled opponents or up to other speed addicts.

After playing with the Lite version on my HTC Magic I found the Controls to be very good and responsive. The 3D graphics are also rather impressive. It takes advantage of the handsets accelerometer to steer the car – check this video:

Not bad hey? You can certainly tell alot of effort has been put into this to make it what it is (in my opinion)…. Great!   This was created by Swedish Multi- Platform mobile games developers Polarbit and is certainly a welcome addition to Androids 3D games already in the Market.

polarbit logoBut that’s not all ….. I emailed the Dev’s earlier to praise them for their game and received a reply from ‘Tommy” of Polarbit who told me you can even play Raging thunder across platforms : “In addition to fellow Androidians, you’ll be able to play against both iPhone and Nokia/Ovi users”. Neat!

He also kindly pointed me in the Direction to some video’s of some more of their Games coming up for Android which also happens to be 3D!

Wave Blazer

Take on the most outrageous powerboats in the world! Wave Blazer will take you through beautiful scenery, city environments and even fetid sewers, but watch out – the slightest mistake will leave you wrapped like a hawser around the nearest wharf pile


Armageddon Squadron

Iron Sight

Iron Sight offers a unique blend of action, strategy and simulation. The basic premise is deceivingly simple: destroy the enemy before he has a chance to destroy you! Attack with a large and varied range of weapons and power-ups: homing missiles, artillery, satellite support, cluster missiles and much more.


Currently just Raging Thunder is available Now on the Android market in a Free lite version and paid version €3.00.  It is also available on the Slideme market {} for those who don’t have access to paid apps . Hopefully these other Titles will be coming very shortly!

It’s also worth Noting that Raging thunder **Currently Does NOT support the Motorola Droid or the Tattoo** However We’ve heard they are working on an update for different resolutions so keep an eye out!

So what do you think? Have you tried any of these games yet? Comment below!

Update: All the Games above are now on the Market and Droid Compatible

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  1. Fantastic looking games. ToonWarZ has the vibe of Timesplitters – a game I loved. Iron Sight also looks very interesting to me.

  2. my pspslim makes these games look cheap and unoriginal, despite its own limitations. i think we’ve got a long way to go before 3D games are really stimulating on android devices. the secondary problem, as i see it, is the power of the devices is lacking for awesome 3d gaming (this should change rather quickly). the primary problem is more challenging, and that’s controls. controls suck on an all-touch platform. we’ll see how this changes over time as the market expands, but for now, 3d gaming on mobile platforms like iphone or android is a gimmick at best. but good first article, thank you.

  3. @9ooyan you do realize that your psp is a hand held gaming console and this is a phone right?

  4. Carl, check it out:

    Your punctuation, mainly in the first paragraph, needs some work.

    (If you hadn’t asked for us to be nice…) :D

  5. “Androidians”?

  6. so i just downloaded the trial …. this is pretty damn cool@!

  7. @josh…oh shit, no, i didn’t get that. my point was if you want to play 3D games, buy a dedicated gaming device. if you want to play 3D gimmicks, then your phone will work fine. can you clarify for me one more time, so my psp isn’t a phone right?

  8. Technically very impressive, but who wants to play derivative and cliched games like that these days? Seems like endless Sudoku apps are still Android’s main gaming option :(

  9. how bout this these games are supposed to be time waisters not full flegged games. if i wanted real games i’d by a real gaming sytem.

  10. Wow, I didn’t know people were still using the psp… go figure.

  11. My last gaming system was the second gen GameBoy color. Can’t remember the model name – been so long since I picked it up. I’m not one to dedicate time to gaming. So this fills in those times I am idle just fine. Another reason for me to get that Droid Eris. Assuming it will handle the games smoothly.

  12. NESoid and GBAoid are the only game related apps I need on my phone.

  13. looks promising! tried wave blazer and like it

  14. Great first article.

    I emailed Polarbit asking for and ETA on a Droid friendly version. They are shooting to have a compatible version out in time for the holidays. Sweet..

  15. 9ooyan,

    I am pretty sure we all know our phone isn’t a dedicated gaming device. Why be a negative nancy? Phones like the Droid have the capabilities to be an excellent gaming device. I support it and I am very glad things are coming along smoothly for the Android world. If you want a real hand held gaming system you should get a DS anyway =) PSPs have like 5 good games are subject to Sony’s garbage.

    I am glad my phone can show me how to get somewhere, talk to people via the mobile network, browse the web and send e-mails effortlessly, chat on messengers, level my pool table, show me movies, play me music, take photos, record videos, and somewhere in there it is still going to play 3-D games.

    Great article Carl. Just hope they come to the Droid soon!

  16. Welcome, Carl!

    I hope this first article won’t be the last. And I hope we’ll see more app centric articles on phandroid instead of mainly hardware. You guys got me on the hardware – now show me what I can do with it.

    Pity none of these work on my droid. That flying game looks sweet.

  17. 9ooyan If you want to play 3D games, buy a PS3 or Xbox 360, if you want 3D gimmcicks then get a PSP. Point is, not everyone wants to carry a serpate device for a camera,GPS, phone, gaming system, internet device. The android games may not look as good as the PSP, but due to the fact that it does so much more, most of us are able to look past the fact that there are single devices that do each task better for the convience of carring one device.

  18. I definitely cannot find this anywhere in the market..

  19. @A man
    Where do you get the roms?

  20. 9ooyan : “the primary problem is more challenging, and that’s controls. controls suck on an all-touch platform.”

    That’s why I keep pushing for better controls on Android. It’s not good if android phones simply copied the iPhone because we’d just end up with ports. iPhone gamers will only switch if Android can do things that the iPhone can’t.

  21. @9ooyan you do realize that Skype is available for PSP, so yes your PSP is a phone :-).

    Android phones are much more powerful than the PSP ( so that’s not the issue at all. The problem is, as you stated, controls. Developers need to start getting really creative with motion and touch. We need fresh ideas, not attempts to port current paradigms. Check out Hyperspace on the market, not the best game, but a novel approach.

  22. @ari-free: yeah, i agree, being an all touch device means you’re basically copying the iphone form-factor. having a keyboard, like on the droid, changes things for the better.

    @nunyabiz yeah if you’re serious about gaming, you do it on a PC (not even xbox or PS3 cuts it, you know that!), but if you want something to pass the time and not clutter your pocket, games like solitaire are far superior to these gimmicky 3D games imo. the point is, there is a large amount of room for improvement, and I wanted to point out 2 elements that need improvement.

    @nerdstaz: dude, i’ve got custom firmware on my PSP, so Sony can kiss my ass.

  23. this is great news for Android (i find it almost hard to believe) but i think game developers should try harder on 2d games and not 3d such as this dev:
    their games are fun and simple and look appealing, 3d hardware will require strong hardware and smaller market ofcourse since not all android phones come with powerful hardware

  24. @ cpt. mike beard search in google you’ll find dozens of sites providing them for free.

  25. 9ooyan Android would be better off if it went after Sony PSP. They would be able to say Android can have cool games and also have lots of apps. You know…like a PC.

    Android games that combine the accelerometer and good game controls may have more immersion. For example, you’d use keyboard/dpad for movement, trackball for aiming and if you move your phone, that would simulate moving your head and shoulders to look around. Imagine a boxing game where you can dodge along with punching and moving around the ring.

  26. First of all.. welcome Carl and thanks for this article. I like to see news about games on Android and I especially like to see some decent looking 3d games being worked on. You don’t need 10 million polygons / second to have a great 3d game.. a very cleverly designed 3d game with good mechanics could easily be as good as any PSP or Gameboy game out there. As far as 3d goes.. the Nintendo DS is not exactly a graphical powerhouse.. but well designed games like Zelda and GTA Chinatown are some of the best games on any system. Android devices (especially the Droid) are very capable gaming devices.. all it takes is a great developer to take advantage of what the devices can do. I’d say these Polarbit games are definitely a step in the right direction. They look pretty good.

  27. @maj – hexage are excellent devs and i both totemo and radiant. However to 2d games defo have to be more innovative than 3d to be actually worth playing. There are very very few 2d games on the market (not made by hexage)that are as polished and new in concept. 3d games however apart from polarbit’s and speedforge are non existant, and we need a good spread of decent games in both categories for the platform to be a success!

  28. Great first writeup, Carl. :)

  29. Great job, Carl! Great first article and you better have watched those movies.

  30. *16. nerdstaz you got the best comment of the day,
    and to (8. 9ooyan wrote on December 18, 2009) android is a revolution! If you dont like something you can actually make it better, Yes You! Android is the internets full potential, Free! And android is a tool to take the stress of your life, androids are a communication, navigation and pleasure too to ease your life. Now let others these games are a masterpiece! if you can make it better help them.

  31. @ari-free: damn, see, now that is a great innovative way of controlling your character on an android device. i love that idea.
    @Z-liberator: i totally am an android fanboi (i admit) …been following this website from before it showed up on top 10 google search results for ‘android phones’ (it’s number 1 now!). i’m not an engineer, i’m a doctor (yeah, even doctors love android!), so i’ll leave the improvements of android to those who have the know-how. but putting my $0.02 in doesn’t mean i don’t support the platform. where is your sense of democracy!

  32. I didn’t like Wave Blazer too much, but Raging Thunder was fuckin sick! GREAT graphics, really great and responsive controls. Just super fun. I really still can’t believe that my phone can do so much haha. Sprint HTC Hero, and it works like a charm. =D

  33. @9ooyan I doubt your credentials as a doctor, however since we are introducing ourselves and our professions, I am a financial networks specialist and no I do not write code(I can) I test code. I am not sure why you took offense to what I said earlier. I really dont care how long you been a fan of Phandroid(love you guys). I was trying to tell you that the beauty of Android is that if you can make it better then no one will stop you, ok? But some killer 420 had me posting a discombobulated statement earlier. So drop the beef unless you wanna share it with everyone!

  34. FYI to foreign developers, some U.S. Banks will not authorize foreign currency to be charged. Authorize in US dollars and sales will increase. $$$

  35. ok here’s the problem with 2D games: they just won’t sell. People who paid top dollar for their droid/nexus etc won’t want them and the people who buy cheap phones want everything for free. I have seen many apps given poor reviews on the market simply because they weren’t free.

    It’s like PC games. Not everyone has a PC that’s capable of running crysis but that didn’t stop the devs. Now everyone wants to get more and more powerful pc’s just to play those games, there’s more competition and this lowers the price of less powerful PC’s for everyone else. This is what I want to see happen for Android.

  36. Raging Thunder Lite just force closes on Droid.

    Don’t bother.

  37. @ Quixand ,

    In the article it does say not compatible with Droid or Tattoo. However it is “in the works” :)

  38. And thank you all for the thanks! :D

  39. @Z-liberator: why did you take my comment personally? i was responding to your ridiculous comment, which I took to mean fix what you don’t like or deal with it (your second post confirms what I thought you said). like i said before, i’m not a software engineer, and i don’t deal with code, i’m an end user with opinions about the user experience. i could care less if you believe my ‘credentials’ (aka post on a blog…really, those are credentials?). but i would recommend reducing your bong-hits to every other day, maybe your mood will improve from being disgruntled and emotionally-labile when sober.

  40. hey i tried for phandroid in Multiplayers on two Hero and with archos 5it =
    Armageddon Squadron :
    Raging Thunder :
    wave blazer :

  41. Update: Ragin thunder seems to work on droid now. I downloaded it before it was compatible just so that I’ll get notified of the update and there was one today. Before the program wouldn’t open. It seems to run now. I raced for like three seconds and exited the applcation because I don’t have time to play it right now.

  42. Update: Seems to work for droid now.

  43. Just got ToonWarz (Hero), fantastic game, best 3D games I’ve seen so far on Android, do these guys have any other games in the pipe?

  44. Definitely works on droid.

  45. Just seen this on twitter cheers for the PS3 info.

  46. These games worked great on my HTC Eris which I opted over the Moto Droid, personal preference….have tried some of the freebee demos and probably buying at least 2 maybe 3 of the games….some of the best out there and GREAT Article and demo videos, that to me is just as important as the game, the review, good job, and will look forward to more from you… signing up after I send this….thanks…..Davie

  47. Really good first article!

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