Motorola Devour: DroidRedoes Calgary For Verizon With Android 2.1


We first heard about the Motorola Calgary WAY before any mention of the Sholes, Tao or Droid ever occurred. At one point it was the Calgary – NOT the Droid – that was destined to be the first Android Phone for Verizon. We’re not sure how or why that changed but it did, however it won’t change the fact that the phone will still land on Big Red’s lineup. And the latest rumors are that it will touch down as the Motorola Devour A555.


The specs from back then still seem like they’ll be accurate and the bottom line is this is a lighter version of the Motorola Droid probably meant for the less tech obsessed. In my opinion, more suitable for the teenage crowd.

The big news here is that the Motorola Devour is rumored to launch with Android 2.1, something the Motorola Droid doesn’t even have yet. We’re hoping and guessing a launch would come 1Q but that’s just our own speculation. We’ve got our eyes on this for you…

[Via PhoneArena]

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  1. Welcome, little brother. You need a new look. Hopefully the final retail version is completely different than this, or it won’t fly very well trying to appeal to the “teenage” demographic everyone’s setting it up for.

  2. i would sat that molded plastic look has more durability than the droid.

  3. Is it just a pipe dream of mine to be holding out for a Snapdragon-based Android phone for VZW? It seems more and more likely that it’s not happening in the near future.

  4. we need to stop with the astetic look of things cause that’s what gets these phones in trouble where they break like glass. the things we need are.
    1. does work as stated? if no find another phone.
    2. will it not break by me just looking at it? if yes watch out cause i smell a lemon.
    feel is subjective so forget it.
    portabilty went out the window cause the smaller you make things the easier it it to break.
    just take a look 2 articles down and look what happens to the droid at short falls. my asus eee900hd is small and has taken better hits than that.

  5. @Jared the Droid is snapdragon-based

  6. Well. At least this one has stand alone keys for the numbers. :)

  7. @Jared,

    It seems like Snapdragon devices are taking forever, period. NexusOne looks like the first, but it’s still not “officially” confirmed.

    I really wish TMO/Google would release a true high-end. Minimum 1Ghz proc, 3.8″+ (4.0″+ w/o physical keyboard), serious onboard storage (16GB+) AND expandable.

    I would really pay $300-$500 subsidized for a device. Give me the chance to do so.

  8. +1 CJ

  9. Devour A555?

    I can’t think of one single thing wrong with that name…

  10. actually no shaf the droid processor is not a snapdragon based processor. it’s a samsung design bassed off of a texas instruments design. the qualcomm may be based off that same design but 2 compleatly different chipsets.

  11. oh this has a number row! yay! Interesting kb layout

  12. Devour or Droid Devour? Or maybe Droid (something else)? Either way you slice it, Devour really sucks as a name, methinks.

  13. You are all being Madden’ed. The phones are not perfect and never will be, just like Madden football, because they can’t sell you a new one every year if your current one is perfect.

    Most of us know they could build what we want–you could take the HTC HD2 and probably perfect it for Android, Palm, Apple, or anyone. You could have a detachable keyboard that also serves as an extra battery…do they build that? NO! They want to leave you wanting, and always will.

    As far as looking “pretty”? Ha! I have yet to meet anyone that lucked into a night of passion from showing their phone to someone of the opposite sex. Sounds like women and their silly addiction to high priced bags called “purses”. LOL

  14. I say flood the market with Android. The more phone styles there are the more niche markets Android will saturate, the wider the user base = the better the apps! I’m very happy with the Droid hardware wise. There’s always room for improvement with any piece of technology, but overall very pleased. Now I’m just getting excited watching the Market grow, the apps getting more solid, and the app options becoming more high calibur.

  15. A man: not all teens are girls.

  16. whould be great, if the same look, but in aluminium :D :D :D

  17. I don’t think people understand the power consumption that a 1ghz snapdragon would require, you try to balance processing power with battery life and right now that is the most difficult thing to do. Why do you think HTC has been delaying their snapdragon?

  18. it looks cheap and plain.

  19. Man, give me that keyboard on the Droid and we’re good!

  20. Jesus that is the ugliest phone I have ever seen. I feel bad for whoever owns one.

  21. @ jeremy cheap and plain. plain maybe but cheap no. that plastic is the same durable plastic they use in thier portable fm walkie talkies which are built like bricks. the same walkie talkies the police and fire departments depend on.

  22. Police walkie talkies are so ugly… We need to send them off to Bravo TV to give them total makeovers


  23. OMG! I just realized why this thing gave me deja vu… Its the original Sidekick Slide. Motorola was the manufacturer before it got cancelled. Looks like they’re recycling the leftovers.

  24. Finally! I have been waiting for this phone!

  25. Ha, i want that keyboard for my droid too!

    I see motorola hasnt learned to stop making ugly phones.
    This one might even be uglier than the droid. I geuss motorola is competeing with themselves for teh ugliest phone :)

    I love my droid but it is one fugly peice of equipment

  26. Kinda looks like a sidekick :(

  27. OH CJ you beat me to it LOL!

  28. @shaff – the Droid is *not* Snapdragon based. It’s based on an ARM Cortex A8 550 MHz processor.

  29. @ MR.CS, Its ugly to u but…..to many if not most The Droid is a bad ass looking phone yo. And also this phone that looks to continue the Droid family….is nowhere near ugly…to me I don’t see how someone could say it is….?

  30. So, I’m gonna say something no one else said yet; this phone is a BLUR device. You can tell because it has the same face buttons as the CLIQ, which means the call/end buttons are on-screen (as in in the BLUR UI). And it’s coming with 2.1, so that means that the CLIQ should (and probably is) going to get an update to 2.1. Hopefully by the beginning of January!

  31. hmmmm, is that a G1 in a droid outfit? Pretty Ugly?

  32. off course Motorola Droid doesn’t have Android 2.1… the version is not released… I bid that droid will be able to upgrade over the air once 2.1 becomes available.period.

  33. I guess they’re aiming for a cheaper price and a younger audience therefore – more sales.

  34. This phone is so dumb looking. it is cool that it will come with 2.1 but it will come to droid too. some people already have it on their droid. in my opinion, i say just get the motorola droid and wait for the new update. if they go through with making this phone, the developers should be shot. they should say to themselves “wow, we made a mistake and that we are idiots.” lol

  35. I was at the store comparing phones today and amongst all my options, the Droid seemed like the better deal all the way around. I don’t think the blackberry nor anything else even came close. I didn’t make my purchase because I didn’t want to be an impulsive buyer, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be heading back to make my purchase. Does anyone have any advice they would like to offer or warn be about before I do?

  36. Has anyone notice the Droid commercials they use a white or platinum Droid could this be a new optional color?

  37. @Scentsy as a personal Droid owner myself I beleave the Droid is the best phone out of Verizon. I have experienced no problems with it the device is simply wounderfull. I also had my eye on the omnia 2 but W.M. is not for me. I have had the Droid since its release date on November 6th and haven’t complained yet while this is my first smart phone and I agree Droid Does!

  38. Just get rid of that optical pad and fill in that emptie space with. Another touch button and it would be a hit

  39. this phone is a lie, like forrrreeealll !
    confront your kind friends at verizon wireless they will talk some sense into your wack minds.

  40. RELEASE DATE?!?!?!?!?!?! when is it. Every single website says all this stuff about it being released Q1 or Q2 whatever that means. When does it actually come out?!?!?!?!

  41. The strange thing about this calgary model is why should the specs be fluctuated down
    by moto developers? This moto-devour had 3MP cam, BLUR only, and its keyboard was degraded from RAZR to ‘iDontKnow’. Details: http://bit.ly/moto-calgary-devour-details

  42. plastic housing, plain features…you think that you know, but has no idea hahaha…what out on Superball 3rd quart….

  43. Should be coming to Verizon March 2010 or so.

  44. Is it possible for the devour to work with At&t?

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