Dec 17th, 2009

So, while my Droid and I were narrowly escaping Darth Vader getting out of my car, I dropped it. Heart breaking and on the verge of blasphemous right?  Well before I am chastised for life hear me out.

As I was getting out of my car, while wearing sweatpants, my phone slipped right out of my pocket and fell, at most 2 feet, from the edge of my bucket seats in my Toyota Celica to the cold hard parking lot below. On the way down I was able to slightly cushion the fall with my foot in an almost hacky sack fashion. But, my attempts were futile. My Droid then fell on to the upper left  corner and reached it’s final resting place screen side down on the asphalt.

Cracked Screen

Cracked Screen

Upon inspection I found my phone to still work perfectly fine. There are no missing pixels on the screen, the touch still responds as perfectly as it did before committing suicide, and there are no sharp shards on the screen. Shocking right? Especially when I compared it to a friend’s cracked iPhone screen where I nearly severed my finger on sharp pieces of the glass screen.

Now, maybe the Droid hit just right in order to crack the screen, or perhaps landed on a protruding piece of asphalt. Or maybe Motorola’s build quality is sub par as compared to Google and their Android OS. Personally, I blame the sweat pants!

So, if we’ve learned anything from this experience it’s this:

Motorola Droid + Sweat Pants = Epic Fail!

For those of you risky enough to get out of your car while wearing sweatpants with your Droid in your pocket, do us all a favor and get a case for your own protection. As for me, I’m off to call Asurion and get my insurance replacement Droid…

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