Dec 17th, 2009

If you’ll remember it wasn’t too long ago that a group of people looked at the Barnes & Noble Nook and said to themselves – “Us, we should root that thing.”  Upon completion of said rooting the possibilities were opened wide.

Some wonderful things have happened since and so far Barnes & Noble have yet to respond to the tricksey shenanigans being reeked upon their device.  NookDevs say they are working in accordance to the EULA provided so there’s some chance we’ll never hear anything from B&N, plus – they had to know this was coming, right? I mean.. anyone that even considers thinking about possibly pondering the development of an Android device *must* know that it will – if it at all interests the public – be rooted, right?

So surely some wording would have been put into the EULA to attempt to combat said rooting.  Right?

/shifty eyes

Anyway.  That Nook is starting to look better and better with a web browser (along with Facebook and Twitter apps!) installed.


Not to mention, surfing the webs and having Pandora play in the background while making use of the free 3G or Wi-Fi – awesome.


So what do you say – this bad boy about to be put on YOUR wish list now?  I suppose there’s some chance this turn of events might actually HELP B&N push a couple more of these out the door – but who knows.

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