NookDevs Go To Town On Rooted Nook


If you’ll remember it wasn’t too long ago that a group of people looked at the Barnes & Noble Nook and said to themselves – “Us, we should root that thing.”  Upon completion of said rooting the possibilities were opened wide.

Some wonderful things have happened since and so far Barnes & Noble have yet to respond to the tricksey shenanigans being reeked upon their device.  NookDevs say they are working in accordance to the EULA provided so there’s some chance we’ll never hear anything from B&N, plus – they had to know this was coming, right? I mean.. anyone that even considers thinking about possibly pondering the development of an Android device *must* know that it will – if it at all interests the public – be rooted, right?

So surely some wording would have been put into the EULA to attempt to combat said rooting.  Right?

/shifty eyes

Anyway.  That Nook is starting to look better and better with a web browser (along with Facebook and Twitter apps!) installed.


Not to mention, surfing the webs and having Pandora play in the background while making use of the free 3G or Wi-Fi – awesome.


So what do you say – this bad boy about to be put on YOUR wish list now?  I suppose there’s some chance this turn of events might actually HELP B&N push a couple more of these out the door – but who knows.

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  1. Would be a nice item to have to develop and explore the possibilities.

    MODs of AF put this on you Phandroid wish lists… it is on mine ….

  2. As long as you have a computer nearby to control your nook it’s great I guess? Android treats both screens as one screen and you can’t touch screen the top screen right? Hmm…. I think they’ll have to be some custom app work done to make this interesting to the average user.


  3. This certainly puts the Nook higher on my ‘to buy’ list.

  4. i already ordered mine yesterday beccause of the news of a rooted android device with free 3g for life… i mean… come on… seriously?

    I really want them to get a fully working android environment on here quickly, but at the same time, I don’t want it to move TOO quickly or TOO popular as by the time I finally do get mine 01Feb10 zzzzzz…. the current root method might not be possible.

    so keep up the good work, but try to keep it under your hats for the next couple months… at least a little…

  5. Average user?!

    I think its safe to say the “average user” is not going to make use of a rooted Nook anyways. Unless the “average user” has a friend who is willing to set it up for them.

    A rooted Nook no matter the current issues and barriers is a step forward. Last time I checked, no device has ran smoothly and ceased to need more development after the first wave of rooting and dev announcements.

    Hats off to the NookDevs!

  6. My God! Free 3G and Wifi internet browser…..?
    That’s it …..I am heading to my nearest B&N store.

  7. And with the color screen area for a keyboard…awesome tablet!

  8. So if we install google voice on it with a dialer we have a free phone, internet and wi-fi browser??

    If so count me in! As much as I love my droid I think id love a free device much more…

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