Unboxing And Initial Impressions Of The Nook


The fellas over at AndroidandMe got their Nook in the other night and while a full review is in the works still – they have posted an unboxing and initial thoughts video for all you e-readin’ readers out there.


They didn’t have a ton to say in the article itself but here’s a little preview for ya:

“It feels very svelte and sturdy in my hands. All the buttons seemed to be in natural places and the e-ink screen looks just phenomenal. It looks sharp and clean from all angles. Overall the unit feels rather petite, although I’ve never used a Kindle so I don’t really have a real point of comparison.

The color touch-screen down below is a nice bonus. Seeing the covers of the books and being able to swipe through large lists is a definite plus.

The Nook isn’t the snappiest though, the boot-up and first load of some titles requires some patience. Thankfully this should improve with future software updates. The e-ink screen flickers a tiny bit when refreshing but the annoyance is minimal.”

They have posted a video, which is here:

..as well as an impressive collection of pictures.  Head on over to check those out!

When they get their full review posted I will edit this post. So if this bad boy is on your wishlist keep an eye out over the next couple days!

[ AndroidandMe ]


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  1. Apparently B&N thinks that Apple’s crazy packaging schemes are the way to go.

  2. I love watching him struggle. Reminds me when I was opening my iTouch years ago.

  3. Might want to add the word edit here…

    When they get their full review posted I will [edit] this post

  4. Hope its dandy…really dandy…but what I want is a Google book. I know Google’s working on it…they need to post a release date for it-after they spiff it up…though

  5. The screen flashing for every page turn seems awful annoying.

  6. @Jimbobwey
    Me too!

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