Barnes & Noble Nook Gets Rooted


You might initially be thinking “why would I want to root an ebook reader?” but a quick glance at the pieces of the puzzle give every indication. Android 1.5 on a MicroSD card, AT&T 3G modem, Wi-Fi, capacitive touchscreen, e-Ink display and the ability to do “everything a rooted Android phone can do.”

Sounds delicious to me and although it doesn’t LOOK all that sexy undressed:


… the potential has us pretty hot and bothered.


And the folks at NookDevs have done the dirty work and rooted the Nook. We would love to see how they put their hard work to good use in some hands on video. Bring it on!

[Engadget, RobotSkirts, @NookDevs, NookDevs]

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  1. All hail Android ! Glad to see what a simple concept like Open-Systems can do the world ! Brilliant !

  2. Bring on the apps for the Nook and im sold!

  3. Yeah I write poems and books so if they make apparently where I can use MWord are something like it I just might get it as well. Just might be a dandyer buy then

  4. 3G tethering via nook anyone?

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