Nexus One Homescreen, Wallpaper & Ringtones


Ever since the Nexus One build became available, hackers have started tearing the OS up from top to bottom, trying to suck anything useful out of it they possibly can. The latest results are screenshots of the homescreen and directories that include the default wallpaper and default ringtones found on the vanilla version.

First here are the homescreens (translated from mobiflip):

homescreen1 homescreen2

homescreen3 homescreen4

homescreen5 homescreen7

homescreen8 homescreen9

The folks at AndroidSpin devoured the Wallpaper and Ringtones which you can download here:

Enjoy! Thanks Dadeboe!

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  1. give me a keyboard on this and have it at tmobile, its my next phone.

  2. Wow, 2.1 is looking really polished. Can’t wait to get it on my Droid!

  3. if the rumors are true and the price will be $200 i’ll buy it..even though i like slide out keyboard devices better

  4. i would like to see this use the screenshot function from the iphone, if it isn’t covered by an Apple patent

  5. Un-im-pressed!

  6. i really like how the app page looks like it’s rolling up. is that new to this firmware, or does Droid already have that?

  7. @ontheFritz

    Nah, it’s just a standard scroll in the app tray. That roll it has does look pretty slick, for sure.

  8. Pretty excited about this handset. My only major concern with the way everything has been handled is the repeated use of the term “iPhone on steroids”, from previous articles. Seems like big shoes to fill. But, as a dedicated Android user, and a recovering BlackBerry addict, I am very interested to see what will happen with this handset (which I will be getting).

    As for the images, I must say that I am excited, especially about animated wallpaper. This device could potentially change the way we see Android, and that in itself is extremely exciting. Hope it lives up to the hype.

  9. is that last picture a series of visualizations for the music player??? :O

  10. Is it just me or does a trackball seem a good idea for playing games with?

  11. @ thelee – i think its the initial choice of animated wallpapers

  12. @ontheFritz, Droid does not have that. I like where OS 2.1 is going – :)

  13. @thelee – or both!

  14. I am trying not to drown in the Nexus hype, but damnit, I want 2.1!

  15. Who ever owns that phone.. i’d like to see their car with that GT35R turbo on it.

    Car talk aside.. google seems to make some strides in the right direction to help polish the look of android. But so far its just little tweaks here and there.. i wonder what the UI will look like for phones 2 years from now.. will we still be looking at pages that are just filled with app icons?

    I’ve been off contract with my helio ocean (HA!) since JULY.. been waiting and waiting for the right android phone with the right specs to come out.. its been a long wait.. if this has the specs its rumored to have and the ability to not sign a contract.. i’m sold.

  16. Thanks for picking this up and dissecting it Rob! Android goodness from all over the world:)

  17. Swype will solve all no keyboard problems

  18. as much as I want a physical keyboard, I’m sold on this baby. Come on, tmobile…

  19. All i want is for the music player to be better, just simply give me artist genre albums playlist shuffle and all songs, seriously its sad when BLACKBERRY kills your media player, sad…

  20. finally a good looking “Gallery” app. Google, please dont forget the horrible looking “Music Player”.
    Im pretty excited about this and i think it will be my next phone.

  21. WOOHOOO!!!

  22. Wow this is amazing, look at that ‘process’ screenshots on the botttom. Looks very similar WebOS in capability.

  23. @Semianonymous
    I feel the same way. I want a physical keyboard but this looks too good to pass on.

    Yeah I really hope they do something to the Music Player…something like the player that’s featured on HTC Sense devices would be perfect.

  24. I like the ringtone called Radiation the most out of all of them. Its too real. :)

  25. it seems like that our friend http://www.youtube.com/user/NexusOneTV
    has just removed his videos. I was browsing through them when all of a sudden they are removed.

    1. His site is down too, interesting..

  26. the top right pic interests me the most. Looks like we’ll have much better multitasking UI.

  27. I really like that Google is doing some polishing of Android. I wish Google improved these 3 things:

    1) Tethering support

    2) Switching between apps should be easier, something like on Pre, I really don’t like the current way of switching apps – long pressing the home button, then finding the right icon

    3) Focus more on usability, slickness and the “feel” of Android (iPhone is quite ahead in this area)

    BTW it’s amazing how quickly is Android evolving, especially in comparison with others, like WinMo.

  28. @ari-free
    Unfortunately it seems that it’s only switching among screens not tasks.

  29. How do you access the app tray without the app tab at the bottom? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

  30. yes but apps take up the entire screen. So, by switching screens, you’d be switching apps

  31. What about the normal Bluetooth functionality available at every other phone? Sending/receiving files/contacts?

  32. Y’know, I’d *love* for android to be a killer platform, but to get there it needs to improve in many aspects, and the more you all strive to over-emphasize every little tiny improvement they make, the less anyone focuses on the glaring problems with it, and the less incentive Google et al have to FIX those problems. Good grief, getting excited over icons that roll up? C’mon, how about getting pissed off about how stupid it is that there’s still not a single android phone with a decent camera, good bluetooth support, or storage space for apps on the sd card? Those are real problems holding the platform back, yet no one, not even the bigger media, mentions them, because every constructive criticism gets buried in the flood of fanboyisms.

    Where, oh where, is the real improvement in the areas where android really needs it???

  33. Anyone try and download those wallpapers and ringtones yet that are linked below the pictures? I wonder if they look good on the Droid??

  34. @AarynK they even look good on my Magic!

  35. Has anyone noticed that the homescreen captures are all 253×400 or 16:9 aspect ratio. I thought that the Nexus one comes with an 800 x 480 screen (16:10 aspect ratio) ???

  36. it looks like it has kind of like a 3D feeling or cube feeling the care how much it cost ill buy it

  37. MILESTONE will be upgraded to this, as Google demand it before shipping…

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