Milestone Firmware and Nexus Boot Animation On Droid


Surprise surprise, the Milestone’s firmware has been modified as needed and gently placed upon the Droid. Full multitouch support and all. As the engadget guys state – this should come as no shocker to the Android community. It will however, probably come as a welcomed event.  It’s described as “beautiful” and “stable” and should be available in the coming days.

For those who want further progression on this (or Droid builds ported to the Milestone) they do have paypal accounts setup for donations to help them get devices and speed things along.  Click here for more.

[ engadget via AllDroid ]


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  1. Yawn. Motorola has turned into just another Chinese phone company. I used to buy Motorola when it was an American company. I gave up on them and buy LG phones now. I figure South Korean companies are more pro-American than a country with nukes pointed at us.

  2. I’m pretty sure your comment is completely irrelevant to this post.

  3. Check out this screen shot I found through twitter


    I don’t need to know German to see how promising 2.1 looks.

  4. And racist.

  5. and inaccurate. Motorola is based out of schamburg IL, where our ignorant (and embarassing) chicago-based individual is trying to imply they are too. I live very close to chicago, and I’m embarrassed that such a jackass is trying to represent us but I can’t say he’s the only one like it in chi-town.

    Meanwhile, Motorola is not exactly a chinese company any more than stating that microsoft or google is.

    Let’s hope the crazy bearsfanguy was just drunk or something.

  6. it has the old unlock screen?

  7. I want the old unlock screen back

  8. I read that the Milestone does not have Google Navigation. Does that mean I would lose that?

    All I want is full “pinch & zoom”, I don’t want to change anything else on my Droid. Is there a way to do that?

  9. @Nathan: According the the engadget article – Nav stays

  10. i have the milestone (i’m Argentinean) and yep, it’s the old firmware (2.0) the 2.0.1 it’s suppose to be released in january.

    nathan, google navigation is dependant of the country you live. So if you’re in the states, you can download it from the market for free ( we, the rest of the world will have to wait)!

  11. @BearsSuperfan
    Your Nukes are pointed at them too, so you cant blame them, you people who started all of this ;)

  12. MAJ are you sure US started IT? And if you are here does that mean that you STARTED IT to?

  13. @Nathan H, Try something like the Dolphin browser. It supports multitouch.

  14. Maj,

    Why don’t you go do some human shield time for the other side in Afghanistan -I hear Sean Penn might be taking the traitor express that way.

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