Tune into LeWeb’09 – With Android


For those of you with ridiculously long battery life (or your charger) – you can tune into LeWeb’ 09 with an Android app provided by Ustream not too long ago. Head to the market to grab that should you be interested. A far more convenient approach is to just stream it on your computer itself, and you can do that here.


The event is today and tomorrow – and with that hugely impressive list of speakers – it should be worth watching for those who can.  There is bound to be Android related news/talk and if there is anything worthy mentioned – you can bet you’ll see it posted around the internets.  So if ya can’t make it that’s okay.

However if you DO watch it and something gets announced – hit us up and let us know!

[ AndroidandMeEvent StreamUstream ]


TIME: Moto Droid #1 Gadget of 2009

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