TIME: Moto Droid #1 Gadget of 2009



According to Time , one of the most prestigious news magazines, Droid was the “Numero Uno” gadget of the year.

The Droid is a hefty beast, a metal behemoth without the gloss and finish of the iPhone, but you don’t miss it.

The phone, which has only been out since the beginning of November, has raised Android’s profile and revived Motorola’s crumbling mobile phone division.

Verizon has recently released an OTA update to fix a couple of bugs and a second update is already rumored – come January.

A while back our own Rob Jackson did a detailed review of the phone, which goes by the name Milestone in Europe. In this review you can read all about the bells and whistles that got this bad a$(shut yo’ mouth) phone on Time’s #1 list.

The number 2 spot you ask? Another Android device – The Nook!

Video of TIME’s top 10 Gadgets of 2009

[ TIME ]

Motorola Droid Rooted!

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  1. Can you all say Droiddd!!

  2. Way to go Droid!!

  3. Go Droid.

    That video was extremely painful to watch.

  4. the guy is and idiot and a half, but it is a great thing that the Droid is getting recognition. But when did he mention Android? that’s right! he didn’t!

  5. Droid FTW ! Not to mention the new Best Buy ad I just saw tonight featuring the Droid and explaining the allure of the Android OS ! Now that’s what I’m talking about !

  6. The nook? Really? I guess it doesn’t matter that no one will even get one in 2009. Except for super-important tech writers, perhaps.

  7. THX is a sound certification!

  8. geeks=dorks… but you gotta luv em

  9. So much for the “semi-functional giggly brat vanity” that everyone loves. Guess #4 isn’t a bad finish :-).

    GO DROID!!

  10. I’m all for Android :D, but why is it that these top items are usually the ones that come at in Q4?

  11. @Jeff: Mainly because the new stuff has the advantage of seeing what everyone did wrong in the first three quarters.

  12. why does he “start with”, multiple time?


  14. that guy pissed me off to no end. i dont care about crappy cheesy acting. just tell me the damn list!

  15. Why is it a waste of money? I smell a iPhone troll in the room.


  17. 2two …..i hate morons like you. Droid over 3GS any day of the week.

    But yes, im waiting for the Bravo myself. :)

  18. @2two

    Yet another Apple fanboy I see

    *rolls eyes*


    Number 1

  20. tmobile ought to be ashamed of itself

  21. How many times do we have to say t-mobile sucks, when are they going to get a real android phone and stop accommodating the lowest common denominator! I would leave to Verizon if I could get out of this damn contract..

  22. Another great win for Android itself.

    @davis…. dont worry T-mobile will work it out soon… have you heard of the X10. ohhhhh snap! dragon that is.

  23. Congratulations to the droid-developers for nailing this one down. Not to say, that Droid is flawless, but it does poked the iphone-kind with its disadvantages – And now droid is celebrating.

    Was the timing of droid being no.1 gadget, too overrated? http://bit.ly/top-1-gadget-best-or-worst

  24. @Matt – Holy crap, you weren’t joking. Thats one terrible video. Made me want to hide under my desk.

  25. Sigh. I <3 my Droid.

  26. Wow, might as well have been called the top highest ad revenues of 2009.

  27. physical keyboard + modern OS/cpu + freedom from Apple lock-in = winner

  28. i am no apple fan boy. I own a Samsung Eternity. All I am saying is that my personal opinion is that the Iphone 3gs is a better phone than the Droid. The Droid may be more worth buying only for the network. The reason I say it is a waste of money is because the Bravo/Passion/Dragon will be around the same price most likely and be a much better device. The Sense UI combined with Android 2.0 and a snapdragon processor is out of this world. I am no moron. I am no apple fan boy. I know my technology. I would only consider an iPhone if it were on Verizon.

  29. so why is the iPhone 3gs a better phone? It doubles as an iPod. It doesn’t have a useless physical keyboard that weighs the phone down. It can be used out of the US. It is faster. It looks better. It is more user friendly. I mean come on. Now for Moto. Motorola has yet to make a successful device since the Razor untill now. They might as well give up. Google/Verizon could of went to any phone company out there but decided to go with Moto for some crazy reason. Heres a tip. If you havent bought a droid yet dont. Wait for the bravo/passion/dragon. You will be much happier.

  30. a phone without a physical keyboard is something that wastes half your screen every time you want to type something. I want to see the ‘big picture’ when I type.

    And how is the iphone more user friendly if it requires you to hack into it just to change your wallpaper?

  31. I like my Droid and all but I don’t exactly think Time’s list is very accurate. Just having the awkward Dell Adamo XPS notebook on the list made me stop reading it.

  32. you may be right about the physical keyboard however, the Droids keyboard is horrible. I didn’t know it requires that to do such a simple task but everything else about it is easy. I picked it up and played with it for a while and it was like I had the phone for a while. But seriously who cares about those phones of yesterdays world. Its time for HTC to bring us the phone of tomorrow. A bigger bucket of does. A 1gz cpu with android 2.0 sense UI 720p video capturing, 3.7inch WVGA AMOLED screen, 5mp camera with dual led flash, digital compass, 320mb ram, and fm radio. enough said. Every phone including the Droid and iPhone are about to be extinct. BRING ON THE PASSION!

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