Yet Another Passion/Bravo Update!


..Which is a good thing, right? This is going to be a much desired phone all around so we’ll take what we can get! It looks like through the night ai.sr has brought everyone a closer look at the Bravo and the updated specs since the brochure that was leaked was printed up.

And may I say.. that’s a nice lookin’ phone.


The interweb networks are definitely abuzz with this one – writeups springing up all over the place – all stemming from ai.sr – who might I add say they have a Legend preview on the way, as well.

From what I’m reading on above linked sites – this phone should be coming to the US in January under the name [one of them], and be released a few months later overseas as [the other].  Aforementioned sites are reporting conflicting things (thanks Raji!) so, I won’t pick one or the other right now. Obviously, things haven’t changed with some of the confusion. Passion, PassionC, Dragon.. Bravo.. Is it all the same phone? Is what we’re used to one of them?


Only time will tell and as usual we’ll do our best to seek and destroy our way to that info for you you. In the meantime, the updated specs – As stated by AndroidandMe – for the Bravo are as follows:

* Size: 112 x 56 x 11.7 mm
* Networks: WCDMA/HSPA: 900/2100 Mhz; GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
* Maximum speed: UL = 2 Mbps; DL = 7.2 Mbps
* OS: Android 2.0 (likely to ship with Android 2.1)
* Display: 3.7-inch WVGA (480×800) AMOLED capacitive touch screen
* Camera: 5 megapixel with auto focus with dual LED flash; High definition 720p video capture
* Internal memory: 512 MB flash ROM; 320 MB RAM* (original RAM was 256 MB); 16 GB micro SD card included
* Chipset: Qualcomm QSD8250 1 GHz Snapdragon
* Battery: 1400 mAh
* Also: Optical joystick, microSD, WLAN (802.11 b/g), Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, GPS/AGPS, G-Sensor, Digital Compass, FM radio, microUSB, 3.5mm audio jack
* Special features: DivX, Dolby, Facebook, FlickR, Twitter, Microsoft Exchange

(US 3G bands not listed – European Brochure)

“When the two sets of specs are compared, we can see that the HTC Bravo received a memory boost from 256 MB to 320 MB. This would tie the Samsung Behold II for most RAM in an Android phone.

The Bravo features an AMOLED display which is a first for HTC Android phones. AMOLED technology provides an ultra bright display and lower-power consumption. The screen resolution is WVGA (480×800) which is a big increase from the standard HVGA (320×480) that is featured in most HTC Android phones.

Heads will turn at the 11.7 mm thickness. Bravo will be the thinnest Android phone yet and even beat out the iPhone 3GS (12.3 mm).

Pictured at the top of the Bravo is an interesting row of five LED lights. We assume these could be used to indicate which of the five homescreens is being currently displayed.”

…Talton wants, mmmkay?


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  1. Eventhough this and Droid has the same screen size (3.7″) but they have different resolution (HTC >> 480×800 Droid 480×854) which is a bit weird i guess, don’t we have certain resolutions that all Android makers should stick with ?

  2. CDMA Version coming to Verizon at the same time?

    Are phones typically released in pairs like that (GSM with CDMA) or will we have to wait over at Verizon?

    Sorry for the ignorance.

  3. Hubba hubba, more Android goodness. Me likey.

  4. Engadget is reporting that this device will be called the HTC Passion in the US. While other sites are saying that it will still be called the Bravo.

  5. Come on T-Mobile!
    Announce this already!

  6. imma guess that those led lights are used as a battery indicator

  7. I would guess those aren’t five led’s, but a speaker… cause where else are you going to hear who you are talking too. Just below that is a proximity sensor from my guess.

    This is a render, the screen is faked. No notification bar or android/sense menu bar at the bottom.

  8. That is one fine lookin’ phone. But add me to the “Verizon?” hopefuls…

  9. Thats pretty sexy XD

  10. Raji, updated that in, thanks!

  11. Are those really LED lights? At first look I thought it was the ear piece.

  12. Great looking phone… was hoping it come out by the 14th of this month but thats not happening. Glad to use my Eris for the year… come next November I can only imagine what options will be available for a 2 year contract ::drool::

    Also, why does the battery suck on this one too… the Eris with a crap processor eats a 1300 mAh battery, and this is running 1gHz with a 1400 mAh…

  13. anyone notice that the menu of the htc sense at the bottom of the screen is missing??? whats up with that

  14. Also only 5 instead of 7 homescreens? Changes to Sense? This does have Sense right?

  15. @ebaak, going by the XDA post that had the 2010 catalog the guy did say it had Sense, even though the Bravo was not pictured with Sense showing (though doesn’t the weather/time widget mean sense?) while others were. They surely would not have their top phone go without Sense would they?

  16. I sure hope it lives up to specs and doesn’t have any major gotya’s. I’ll wait a little while longer. I had hoped it would be out in December, but January isn’t that far away. So glad I didn’t bite on the MotoDroid or Storm2 that Verizon offered to replace my Storm1. Passion, Bravo, Dragon, whatever the name is, the phone is packing the right stuff based on today’s technology.

  17. If it does come out in January, it will be a little over 30 days after the BOGO Droid promotion… which would tie in with everyone’s theory that the BOGO Droid promotion was just a tactic to get people to buy nonreturnable Droids before the Passion/Bravo comes out.

  18. @Raji
    In the post I read this morning, Engadget said that they Passion and the Bravo are “one in the same”. Where did you see where they said its going to be called the Passion here in the states??

    T-Mo USA, please don’t pee in my kool-aid and not bring this over to the USA. I might go postal!!!!!!

    Not really cause its not that serious, but I’d be fumed enough to right a letter dammit.

  19. I hope Sprint picks this one up too.

  20. My bad Raji, I see in my old age reading needs to be more fundamental!

  21. Re “we can see that the HTC Bravo received a memory boost from 256 MB to 320 MB” — not so. The RAM figures can be confusing.

    The Snapdragon has 64MB of POP RAM (i.e. a RAM chip stacked on the Snapdragon chip inside the same package); so if you add on 256MB of external “main” RAM, people can quote either 256 or 320.

    Before you get excited about this “boost”, though, factor in the Qualcomm Effect. That POP RAM is entirely used by the modem and multimedia stack (DSPs essentially), as is about 96MB of the main RAM; leaving about 160MB for Linux and Android. Ouch.

  22. every spec sheet ive ever seen for the behold 2 says 200mb ram, where did 320mb ram come from? thats really impressive, i should stop complaining about TMO’s lame Android phones if thats accurate!

  23. @Anthony…Eris’ battery is 1150mah not 1300. That’s why it sucks, I returned mine because of this and will gladly wait out another month with my 2+ year old BB 8830 for the Passion/Bravo.

  24. 320 for ram swap from rom

  25. This isn’t a T-mobile phone. It would need UMTS 1700/2100 for that. This phone I believe will be for Verizon as it is built on the old WCDMA/HSPA: 900/2100 Mhz. Or Sprint I guess is an option. This is very confusing.

  26. uuuh, what is an “optical joystick” for one? FOr 2, the computer based mockup is different than the picture and neither have Pickup/Hangup(power) buttons…

  27. Someone please tell me where January comes from. I just looked at the brochure and I swear it says April 2010 for the bravo (passion)

  28. @matty… Eris is 1300 and Hero is 1500… Eris can technically use the Hero battery as well as a Saido 1750 battery replacement. No way my phone has a 1150.

  29. @swehes – Verizon is not a UMTS/HSPA carrier. They’re CDMA and use EVDO. The bands listed are Europe’s 3G bands for good ol’ GSM networks.

  30. Of all the carriers I would be most surprised to see this on Verizon, since they are pushing the Droid so hard and just launched the Eris. Why would they spend so much to market the Droid, and launch an HTC Sense handset, then just a couple months later kill the sales of each by offering a phone that overlaps on both hardware and software.

  31. 900/2100 is the UK/Euro 3G standard, which makes sense, since the brochure this phone is in is a UK brochure. Far’s I know, only 1900 is used for CDMA2000/EV-DO (rev. A, included, I think) by Verizon and Sprint.

    Pretty sure this will be a GSM handset for the US, not CDMA.

  32. even though everyone is screaming Verizon on this, i still hold out hopes that this will go to T-Mobile USA. Despite being the first to have an Android phone, they are now lagging behind other companies on the Android ‘with power’ side. i’m hopelessly devoted to TMobile (best customer service in America, anyone?), so i will only buy phones available on their network. If this comes to TMobile, i’ll ignore the fact that it’s been less than 2 years since i got the G1 and pay the full value. I NEED this thing.

  33. I love the specs but I really really hope the Passion is a different phone than the Bravo (but both with the same specs). The Passion was originally rumored to have an even larger screen which I was looking forward to. Also, I was hoping the Passion would have stock Android on it. T-Mobile is great at getting new Android updates out OTA to their “with Google” phones. If Sense is on it, we will have to wait forever for updates, and I might not even get the phone in that case. Kill the custom UIs already! They don’t do anything but slow down Android development and create unnecessary bugs in peoples apps.

  34. @Benw, remember Droid is a line of phones. yes they show the motorola droid on the commercials. But I dont believe they have shown anything that cant be done by another Android 2.0 phone, say like the soon to be renamed Droid Dragon. Hence they can replace the motorola droid with the passion with no problems.

  35. @Ben W. I’m with you, T-mob is by far the best carrier when it comes to customer service and rate plans. If everything goes as planned, they will not only get the Passion/Bravo but will also get the Xperia. I guess in our case, patients is a virtue…

  36. if it really come to US like around Jan, that will be awesome….cant wait…

  37. @Anthony @Matty, The Eris may have 1300 mAh battery but, to my knowledge, is not AMOLED, which means it consumes more power than the Bravo will. Probably makes a big difference, no?

  38. This definitely the Android phone to replace my old G1. :D Can’t wait.

  39. @Anthony
    2 things… AMOLED is potentially more power-efficient. Crap processors are often less power efficient as well as less powerful. Just as important for the progression of mobile processing power is power management and efficiency…Qualcomm, et. all develop with that in mind.

  40. Either way, I had the Moto Droid, I had the Eris. If HTC doesn’t get the battery life right with the Bravo, I will be going back to the Moto. I would have been glad to keep the Eris. Also, I hope they improve the app killing process.

    my 2 cents.

  41. – i don’t think this is a verizon phone either. it just doesn’t make sense to release a phone like this so soon after just releasing the droid. however, it is possble they could get A VERSION of this phone. i read that verizon is still getting a phone called passion that has a 3.5 inch screen, so that rules out the bravo.
    – as much as i want it to come out for tmobile, being a tmobile customer myself, i just have a feeling it’s not coming out for tmobile either. they’ve been dropping the ball lately and usually, when a phone comes out for tmobile europe, it doesn’t come out for tmobile usa (which i still don’t understand why that is).
    -@savage, the april 2010 release is the european release.

  42. Well. My contract is up with AT&T in March and I will be looking at T-mobile at that time. And I hope to see Bravo there when it comes out in the US.

  43. That is quite obviously not a photo. It’s either a 3d render or just a photoshop image. Not saying it couldn’t be a representation of the real thing, but it’s not a real picture.

  44. @jason@t-mobile – thing still is though this phone is a powerful device the battery should still be 1500 mAh min.

    @matty – shame, eris battery even though it should be fixed already and probably won’t be until Jan 22 firmware update (to a point) but the eris at least fits in the hero battery and other hero designed ones. Fits to a point but for $40 its well worth it and the cover stays on to a point and fully on with a case.

  45. Will this be out before the Christmas return policy (January 13th) is over? Because then I can get myself a nice Droid and returen it to get the Bravo when it comes out. :)

  46. Maybe there are all the same phone. One is the European version the bravo. The passion and passionc the sense devices for cdma and gsm respectively. Dragon just a plan jane google experience phone? Dev Phone? Old code name?

  47. @Savage – As phoenix mentions, the HTC brochure that shows an April release date is only for the HTC European releases for 2010. The original article in Digitimes, and also reported by ai.rs, which was first to report the Passion as being the US version of the Bravo, states that the US release for this phone will be in January.

    As far as the battery issue – It looks like there are already companies offering extended batteries and modified battery covers for the HDC HD2 which is barely out yet – so hopefully we’ll be able to also get an extended battery for the Passion fairly soon as well. At less than half an inch thick, a bump on the back of this thing shouldn’t be to aesthetically displeasing.

  48. “The passion and passionc the sense devices for cdma and gsm respectively”

    I would assume the opposite, C for CDMA….

  49. @AndroidAnswers haha i messed that sentence up. Thats multitasking for ya.

  50. It will be a tough choice between this one and Xperia X10:
    Xperia X10:
    pros: large 4″ screen, 8.1 MP camera, nice black/white design, 1GB NAND flash storage
    cons: tft screen, sony’s own ux interface on top of Android (fallback to stock Android possible tho), ROM updates not as frequent as for HTC phones, Bluetooth 2.0, 8GB microSDHC card included

    HTC Bravo:
    pros: AMOLED screen, HTC sense, more frequent ROM updates, thinner than X10, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 16GB microSDHC card included
    cons: small screen (why oh why didn’t HTC make an HD2 with Android…), less built-in memory storage

  51. I’m very happy to see this one coming down the pike. I really hope T-Mo picks it up. We have a phone up for renewal on one of our family lines and I’m watching these announcements like a hawk. I love that it has a standard 3.5″ headphone jack; what’s with HTC and their love for mini USB ports? Blech!

  52. Wait…is this getting a keypad or not?

  53. I would like to see inductive charging in this device, prefect for in can usage and easy to plug in at home/work.

    BTW why didn’t HTC made an Android HD2 also? I think lot’s of people would have jumped in, I think Micro$oft blackmailed HTC blocking Android from some HTC models. (Don’t see any other reason).

  54. @gardenwife The article says the bravo has a microusb port.

  55. @zaggs ur right, the clock widget is htc sense but again the bottom of the screen doesnt even show the google android menu… i think there is something inaccurate with the render

  56. T-mobile & Verizon BLOW!!! I’m so tired of seeing great phones WASTED on such shitty networks and even shittier companies.

    Right now SPRINT is the ONLY company that has it all. Has it and does it well. Yeah they lag on updates.

    This phone going to VERIZON or TMOBILE will be a fucking waste. More retards that haven’t a clue just because of a fucking SIM chip or some faggot whiteguy “Can you hear me now!” marketing campaign. WEAK PEOPLE! Open your eyes!

  57. @VoX
    I love you. you made my morning with your completely factless and homophobic ramblings.

    T-Mo…best customer service in the world…3G wherever i go…unlimited everything for $50…(soon to be) 5 Android phones to choose from…yep, they have nothing on Sprint.

  58. WHAT THE HELL! I HATE TMOBILE—>”Networks: WCDMA/HSPA: 900/2100 Mhz; GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz”

    Why does ATT/VZ get all the good stuff!?!?!?!?!?!?! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like another lonely year with my G1.

  59. @VoX
    Your parents must be proud.

  60. – guys, don’t feed the troll please (referring to VoX)

    – tmofan, those are the european bands. the us bands haven’t been released yet, afaik

  61. Ahh that is one mighty sexy phone! maybe this will be the one in my pocket in a year or so when my renew is up…

  62. When is this phone coming to USA? I want this phone. I hope T-mobile gets it!!!! I rather have this phone than the Nexus One.

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