Yelp For Android Serving Meager Meals Starting Monday


yelp-appAre you hungry for awesome “go-to” Android applications to put on your shiny new Droid? Or maybe on your dusty G1? Well one of the largest restaurant review sites in all the world – Yelp – today launched their Android application on the market. Sounds delicious but not quite nom-nom-worthy just yet.

The application is free which comes as a nice alternative to the competing $10 Zagat app, but in this case you get what you pay for. You can search for restaurants and businesses nearby, call them or map them with the press of a button, and read reviews and tips from Yelp contributors.

Unfortunately the interactive features are missing. You can’t submit your own reviews, pictures, tips and other material from your Android Phone. This is kind of a bummer because when you’re AT the restaurant and have JUST had a delicious meal or maybe just seen the chef put his hands down his pants before cooking your meal… THAT is the best time to submit your review. It is top of mind. It is happening at that moment. It encourages participation and creates more honest feedback.

I have no doubt this functionality will come at some point in the near future, afterall these capabilities are already found on the iPhone. It’s more just  a matter of time… as Eric (Product Manager) even promises updates before the new year:

The Yelp for Android app is the 5th member of Yelp’s mobile family joining the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre and WAP. Like all new Yelp mobile applications, we focus on releasing a useful and awesome product first and then add more bells and whistles over time. We particularly wanted to make sure that all you Droid lovers got your wish answered this holiday season and had Yelp guiding your way as you shop, travel and be merry. You can plan for more updates before the New Year, but immediate features include:

* By leveraging location-aware technology, the Yelp for Android app determines your current location and then lets you search for nearby businesses, read reviews and access a moveable Google map that enables you to easily zoom in/out on a location and redefine your search based on that geographic area.
* In addition to searching nearby businesses, you can also filter reviews by “Price,” “Open Now,” “Special Offers” and browse “Hot on Yelp”
* Like all our other mobile applications, Yelp for Android works everywhere Yelp is available (US, Canada, UK and Ireland)
* It is available for download on Android Market via your handset.


[Via Yelp]

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  1. Something is better than nothing and I am liking the fact that they have Android in their stable of apps. Mention too btw since they launched today for Android as well.

  2. Yelp’s Restaurants are already listed in the Aloqa-application. I am not sure, if it is worth to install a second application for that – especially because aloqa offers not only restaurants, other very useful information like ATMs, gas stations or any kind of fast food is listed there, too.

  3. I agree with Rob, the kety to being a great mobil app is the ability to provide feedback on the fly. Aloqa doesn’t do it, Google Directory doesn’t do it, and now Yelp doesn’t do it.

    When it does, then I’ll be all over it, until then… meh.

  4. Can’t find it in the market on my phone…

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