Dec 7th, 2009

Alright everyone. I knew this leak was coming for a couple days now but thanks to one of those massive, pounding headaches was asleep at the time of the posting. I had fully intended on refreshing XDA repeatedly to be the first to link back to it, but as you can see I fell behind.  Hopefully I can get away with being a half a day late on this but you know how internet news works – usually yesterday is old news!

Fortunately (and unfortunately) thanks to my late afternoon snoozing here I am at 3:00am wide awake. So without further ado – the news!

B3ler3fonte over at XDA pulled through as promised and brought HTC’s 2010 Q1/Q2 portfolio lineup to the masses. We, naturally, will focus on the Android devices. He does apologize for the quality of the scans but as always with leaked news – we’ll take what we can get!


Metallic frame, HTC Sense and a central bottom clickable optical mouse. March 2010.



Styled to that of a Blackberry, this handset is only 8.6mm thick. June 2010.



“Flagship Phone”.  Snapdragon OSD 8250 1GHz, HD 720p capture, 3.7″ WVGFA AMOLED, 256 Ram, 16GB MicroSD installed, 1400Ah battery with Sense UI. He goes on to say his latest info suggests the 256MB will be increased to 512. April 2010.



Android with a hard keypad. April 2010.



3.2″ screen, 5MP camera with flash and autofocus. May 2010.


There you have it guys. The leaked lineup. I for one really like the Legend and Bravo. He says the Bravo is what was previously thought to be the Passion/Dragon – but the reported screen sizes aren’t matching up there. I suppose it’s not completely clear if he means instead of or in addition to.. Course, there are also a couple different Passions listed so, we’ll find out! The Tide is interesting – a full keypad. I actually believe that will appeal to a fair number of people. I suppose the Blackberry crowd will like the Salsa but I find that the ugliest Android phone I’ve ever seen. Of course, that’s just me.

But what do YOU think?

[ XDA ]