HTC Portfolio 2010 (Q1-Q2)


Alright everyone. I knew this leak was coming for a couple days now but thanks to one of those massive, pounding headaches was asleep at the time of the posting. I had fully intended on refreshing XDA repeatedly to be the first to link back to it, but as you can see I fell behind.  Hopefully I can get away with being a half a day late on this but you know how internet news works – usually yesterday is old news!

Fortunately (and unfortunately) thanks to my late afternoon snoozing here I am at 3:00am wide awake. So without further ado – the news!

B3ler3fonte over at XDA pulled through as promised and brought HTC’s 2010 Q1/Q2 portfolio lineup to the masses. We, naturally, will focus on the Android devices. He does apologize for the quality of the scans but as always with leaked news – we’ll take what we can get!


Metallic frame, HTC Sense and a central bottom clickable optical mouse. March 2010.



Styled to that of a Blackberry, this handset is only 8.6mm thick. June 2010.



“Flagship Phone”.  Snapdragon OSD 8250 1GHz, HD 720p capture, 3.7″ WVGFA AMOLED, 256 Ram, 16GB MicroSD installed, 1400Ah battery with Sense UI. He goes on to say his latest info suggests the 256MB will be increased to 512. April 2010.



Android with a hard keypad. April 2010.



3.2″ screen, 5MP camera with flash and autofocus. May 2010.


There you have it guys. The leaked lineup. I for one really like the Legend and Bravo. He says the Bravo is what was previously thought to be the Passion/Dragon – but the reported screen sizes aren’t matching up there. I suppose it’s not completely clear if he means instead of or in addition to.. Course, there are also a couple different Passions listed so, we’ll find out! The Tide is interesting – a full keypad. I actually believe that will appeal to a fair number of people. I suppose the Blackberry crowd will like the Salsa but I find that the ugliest Android phone I’ve ever seen. Of course, that’s just me.

But what do YOU think?

[ XDA ]


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  1. The Bravo is what I’m waiting for!

  2. wow ……just wow

  3. The Bravo is the device that I’ll be waiting for.

  4. Bravo for April 2010?!

    I don’t know if I can keep my Eris that long!

  5. The Bravo looks pretty interesting. Too bad there are no (slide-out) keyboards here, just the Blackberry-type.

  6. Hugely disappointing. Not worth the wait. I’ll get a Droid next week!

  7. legend look like iphone 2G

    salsa look good ^^? i love it :X

  8. No Android HD2 equivalent (what was it going to be called star/supstar/dragon or whatever) disappointed :-(

  9. What do I think?

    No side-slide qwerty (esp. not with 5 rows).
    Only one has a dpad (the Salsa).

    Nothing exciting here. Pretty disappointing.

    HTC, give us a 5″ version of the HTC Shift, that runs Android (both generic Google Android … and HTC’s custom Android), has a dpad on the face (instead of the trackpad), touch screen, full phone functionality, versions for AT&T 3G (for my gf) and T-Mobile-USA-3G (for me), 1GB RAM, 2+GB storage, full size SDHC card slot, 5 row qwerty laid out similarly to the G1, charge/sync via mini-USB, 3.5mm headset, 1 USB host/OTG, mini-DVI-I out, and LOTS of battery life.

    That’ll get me excited about HTC devices again.

  10. Hmmmm I like the Bravo but reckon by that time the official Google phone will be round the corner ……..

    Android needs to now do something special, something new, not just try and keep up with Apple

  11. He never fully acknowledged that the Bravo is the Dragon/Passion from what I read. Keep in mind this is the proposed lineup for the first half of 2010. If rumors are to believed that the Passion was originally scheduled for a 2009 release, of course it wouldn’t appear on the brochure.

    However, the rumored specs of the Passion seem to me to be more impressive than the Bravo which is being called their flagship phone, so who knows?

  12. So……. are these devices headed to T-Mobile or no? My 2 year upgrade is now, and the Bravo looks like it might be worth the wait.

  13. edit: I see the tags on them that say “T-Mobile”, but I’m taking that with a grain of salt until I get confirmation.

  14. the legend looks interesting in design, but is the msm2727 600mhz a good chipset?


  15. They’re all pretty good…just wonder if any will debut with 2.0. Man that’d be sweeeeet!

  16. I, for one, find these phones hugely disappointing. I was keeping my hopes up for an HTC-slider with a proper chipset and Sense UI. I assume more poeple do as the Droid is one ugly (but functional) piece of hardware. I guess the time has come to go with functionality then as it seems waiting for a HTC-slider is not going to be fruititious.

  17. I might wait on canceling my tmobile acct. The do have better minute plans but their phones suck!! Come on tmobile don’t fail us again

  18. I guess I’d be more excited if the Bravo was more like the upcoming HD2 in screen size and with a hard qwerty keyboard.

  19. Woooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    At last, a dream (http://www.fishmemory.net/list.php?lid=913) comes true!!! (ok, I’ll have to wait till April but still…)

  20. So will all of these phones supposedly be going to T-Mobile does the WCDMA mean that it could go to sprint or verizon also? The Bravo, legend, and buzz are all good to me dissapointed to see now full qwerty sliders here tho

  21. I actually like the line up. I think that some of hte phone designs are bold. I know that some are disappointed but eh, you can’t please everyone I guess. I know this was a product pitch to T-Mo for the 2010 year. The likelihood of them getting all the phones pitched is slim to none. However, I hope the handsets they do pick up are pushed in both their European and North American markets. I’m getting tired of keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that a good phone comes to our shores for once.

    COME ON BRAVO!!!!!

  22. Bravo looks like the one for me. Larger screen size is what I definitely want. My problem is the internal memory. I won’t be satisfied unless there’s a minimum of 1GB onboard. Preferably 4-8GB. So far, I haven’t seen anything to make me leave my rooted Cyanogen G1.

  23. Bah Humbug! The bravo does not have a slideout keyboard :(

    We all know the touchscreen keyboards stink yet still no good slide out keyboard phones with great specs other than the droid :(

  24. this is not tmo usa, it is tmo UK most likely. The phones lack the 1700 band which is the one tmo usa uses.

  25. HTC DRAGON Coming to VERIZON in January?

    A Verizon store manager who is a good friend of mine has been telling me for some time now that the HTC DRAGON is in fact coming to Verizon in January. He has no exact date yet as he says the information is being held very tight among top management.

  26. I cannot wait til August 2011!
    I can’t even begin to imagine how awesome the Android phones then will be :O

    (Aug 2011 as I am on a two year contract with the Hero)

  27. I personally like the tide alot but I’m not really sure why especially since I prefer full keyboards on a phone

  28. From the pictures and specs, it looks like all of these are running Sense. That’s a disappointment. Personally, I prefer vanilla Android, and I don’t see a reason that HTC can’t provide the option.

  29. I’ll be happy with my hero until the Espresso comes out =)

  30. I’m definitely waiting for the Bravo. Thing looks amazing, and with a 1GHz processor, it’ a must. If it has 512 MB of RAM as well, I could reasonably install Ubuntu on it :)

  31. some of the posts are ridiculous… “if its not exactly what ‘I’ want then its stupid.” What is wrong with you stuck-up people. Consumers should get what they want and you are not the only consumer.

  32. @T-Mobile Customer

    I agree entirely, most of these comments just seem like those from spoilt kids who think these companies are developing devices just for their little niche. Jesus, a 5 inch screen and a slide out keyboard? Why don’t you develop that yourself then – you can sell it to the other ten people in the world who want it.

  33. omg, i totally totally want the bravo. and it doesn’t seem to likely that all are gonna be for tmobile, but i am totally and completely crossing my fingers for the bravo to come to tmobile usa.

  34. @ Yomba

    I doubt that’s happening. Is it possible, yes. Is it probable, no. It seems way to close to the release of the Droid and would come immediately after a hard holiday push to sell said phone. Then on top of that, the logical sense is that people may not have the funds to buy another “big boy” handset that close after the holiday. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t make sense to me.

  35. T-mobile need step up the game,i bet you all those phones going to verizon.shamed on tmobile, early adopter.

  36. HTC’s new line up is very disappointing. Why round phones? The only sexy Android one is the Hero (UK) version. Look at the Droid too (Motorola) that’s a sexy phone. T-mobile USA better get some better phones by January or else I’m switching to AT&T, buying an iPhone, sell it and get me a UK HTC Hero with 3G support. Or just ditch Android altogether in favor of Maemo on the Nokia N900

  37. are you kidding? bravo rapes the droid. if you base the entirety of a phone on whether it has a keyboard or not then i feel bad because you are gonna miss out on an (speculation) amazing piece of hardware.

  38. @jay dante learn to read.

  39. OMG SALSA! Can’t wait.

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