Upcoming HTC Espresso: Hero With Slider


It looks like HTC is working on a second version of the Hero – one with a slider qwerty. The leaked specifications match that of the Hero, the rest are unknown at this point. We’ll keep an eye on this and update as we can.


Looks like we should be able to knock this one off the list. You can read more about it here. Note: The picture you see is NOT the phone. Thank goodness, that’d just be weird.

[ BGR via Tweakers.net ]


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  1. Phandroid rocks!,


    I hope htc makes this a g1 on steroids.

  2. I am so glad that HTC is finally releasing this type of phone. Everytime I go to Verizon or T-Mo and they have the HTC WinMo phones with keyboards, I almost consider just giving in and buying that piece of shit software… but no! My patience is finally paying off! A Hero with the keyboard of the Touch Pro 2!!! I initially thought my dreams came true with the Droid but then I discovered that the keyboard is shit- all flush with no spaces between the keys, and an ugly ass d-pad. Keep the trackball and the chin, please.

    And even though that picture is photoshopped, I honestly think HTC would be smart to design the Espresso around it.

    I hope to god this phone comes out for either Sprint or T-Mobile. I’d kill myself if I was forced to switch to AT&T or Verizon.

  3. Hero with a keyboard= my dream phone!
    I love the Hero design (yes, the chin rocks!) as well as the htc sence.

  4. Would explain those leaked horizontal shots we saw of Sense not long ago!

  5. I handled and tried out a prototype HTC phone running 2.1, it was called Espresso in the About Phone settings. I was told it was the next Mytouch, not a Hero… bound for Tmobile, with a new skinned UI. In any case, the phone I saw had a 4 row keyboard and an optical trackpad, and was AWESOME!

  6. I don’t understand why people get excited about slowpoke arm11 junk like this. It was barely acceptable 6 months ago when the original hero hit. Now, it’s just embarrassing.

  7. I agree with jason. The CPU is just not acceptable anymore, no device, perhaps except for the very low end ones, should be released with this CPU anymore. Even at 528 MHz it is too slow, making multitasking difficult (playing an MP3 while geotracking? Don’t think of doing anything else.)

  8. give me passion/dragon/hd2/whatever with a keyboard and trackball and I will be happy.

  9. I like the euro hero, I like the tp2 keyboard but the 2 together I just don’t care for. Give us something more along the lines of the touchpro 2 with the inerts of an android 2.1 device with a 1Ghx processor and just all around awesome. I’m just saying.

  10. I think this is photoshopped. If not the overall size would make the g1 look like a razor. Think about it. TP2 keyboard and then the Euro hero on top. Just doesn’t look likely. Not in this form.

  11. @ Orlando
    “Note: The picture you see is NOT the phone. Thank goodness, that’d just be weird.”

    Reading Comprehension 101

  12. Why would HTC be releasing another “Hero Type” phone with a physical qwerty if HTC has already announced that they will be releasing a successor to the Hero sometime the beginning of next year? The bottom line is the bottom line and there are people out there that want a HERO with a physical keyboard, but how many really??

  13. @semianonymous I’m aware of that. I’m just saying that I hope they take a good long hard look at the design of this new phone and make it something worth having and not just try to piece something together. That’s all :)

  14. @Orlando #13 “I’m aware of that. I’m just saying…”
    No you weren’t, and no you aren’t :D

  15. @OutstandingO. HTC needs to capture the people who say “Well, I love the design of the Hero and it’s easy to use (HTC Sense), and I like that it’s free on 2-year contract, but I wish it had a keyboard.”

    Most people will play with the phone a bit, see if they are comfortable with it, then see the bottom line $$$$. The bulk of today’s smartphone customers won’t care that it’s an ARM11 under the hood. For those who do care, there will be the successor to the Hero.

  16. hey everyone. i called htc personally and griped that the hero needs a qwerty slide out… hopefully it slides to the left.. right handers are dominant… and they have to take this into consideration. getall fans to call and bombard them till they do it. i hope sprint gets it…

  17. T-mobile is getting some really nice handsets, hd2, n900, bold 9700 etc. They really offer some great stuff and where they have 3g its solid. I wish other companies verizon and att would get these super nice handsets
    Once a ROM leaks out, the floodgates are opened. Welcome to the wonderful world of HTC bootloaders, my friends. Espresso details: http://bit.ly/htc-espresso-details

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