Rumor Mill: T-Mobile To Get Passion?


“Let me just preface this post with a total rumor disclaimer, to be read only with serious grains of salt.

That being said, information has been passed along to me in a very James Bond type way from a trusty ninja who has yet to lead me astray. The information contains detail regarding the so called “Google phone.” According to this super ninja, magenta has landed the “Google Experience Phone,” aka codename “Passion” (which we believe to be the HTC Passion, but again thats just the codename, but it makes sense) project with an expected launch in the first two weeks of January.

Some lingering questions remain, such as what will the price be? Will there be any kind of a subsidy or is that just wishful thinking? Will Google only sell this product? Will this be offered with the recently launched standard Even More/Even More Plus rate plans? What about the rumors regarding VoiP service on the Google phone? Questions are abundant and we are just in the preliminary stages of gathering info from our sources, so we’ll be updating info as we can get it. For the moment, we hope there is truth to the notion that the Google phone successfully landed in the T-Mobile network, as it would be a huge win for T-Mobile.

Let us reiterate, this is total rumor at this point but we have it on good word, so if we’re right, terrific; if we aren’t, well bah humbug to who ever gets the HTC passion.”


..Does this excite any of you T-Mobile users out there? This device is reported to carry the 1Ghz Snapdragon behind a 4.3 inch multitouch display. Not to mention that whole “HSPA 7.2” thing.

Obviously as stated several times, this is just a rumor. A ninja (note: who has yet to fail him) has passed a rumor on to David at TmoNew. That’s it. …But it would be a pretty nice boost to T-Mobile’s Android lineup, agreed?

(Of course there are other’s still hearing Verizon. Like this member for example. Who – for the record – is not a trusted ninja.  Also, my rep told me last night she’s “heard Passion is coming [to VZW]” and recommended I hold off up getting an Eris for the wife and wait for that. But, that too is just something said during some friendly banter last night.  So we’ll see!)

As soon as we hear something solid, we’ll let you know!

Edit: Good point, Anthony (in the comments). There ARE two Passions listed on the list, so there just may be enough Passion for both T-Mobile and VZW.

[Via TmoNews]


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  1. If true, then forget the S.E. X10 (didn’t wanna switch to ATT anyway) This will be my next phone.. Again.. if true..

  2. Looks nice, there’s so many rumours about 1Ghz snapdragon powered phones out there, one of those rumours has to come true. :)

  3. Please be true, I’m tired of g1

  4. I hope its true. I’m tired of g1

  5. Well we saw a list where Dragon, Passion and another Passion name were listed by HTC. Maybe T-Mobile is getting a version of the phone. When I got my Eris on the 14th the guy at the dealer was talking about the Passion to me as well coming to VZW.

  6. excited? friggin THRILLED

    if it turns out to be true I’m buying one on launch day

  7. @Phases, I’m much more interested in the VZW version of this phone (though I may follow it to the ends of the earth… or at least to AT&T’s gates). Your Verizon rep, do you know if she’s heard about it through official channels? Or the blogosphere? Or coworkers who are tapped into the blogosphere? I don’t know how well you know this rep, but if you could find out, that would be AWESOME!

  8. Let’s hope it’s true!

  9. Please T-Mo get this phone. You were first to adopt android, please be first to adopt the ‘google phone’! It is becoming torture watching all of these nice phones going to other carriers while we are mired with a lot of crappy hardware.

  10. oh god yes, please please please please. this would also validate the statement that a tmobile employee told me that there was a new htc android phone coming out soon for tmobile.

  11. PassionC = CDMA? = Verizon?
    Passion = GSM? = Tmo?

  12. @Ben I like this~~ Everyone gets Passion~:D

  13. I read somewhere that this is not the Passion, but is the Bravo.

    Who knows?!

  14. @Monkeydroid yes, it is said on XDA. anyway, that guy said to release loads of info at the end of this week, so, lets wait and see

  15. goes to show that the VZW reps are clueless once again….

  16. what about the possibility that the phone is a global VZW android device. They have 2 droids and both of them are cdma only. VZW has made a big push for global advanced devices.

  17. I will def buy this phone in January if it comes to Tmo. I have been waiting patiently for nice phone to be released to TMO. I’m so sick of the G1 and its slow processor

  18. Something like this on Tmobile this would be awesome! I’m so close to jumping ship to VZW but this rumor will keep me around thru the end of December.

  19. Dave at TmoNews can bite it. I see in his article he’s hoping this is a T-Mobile exclusive. Why?! I couldn’t care less how many carriers get a phone I want, as long as mine gets it. For that, I hope this falls through and T-Mobile folks are stuck with their mytouch3g for another 8 months. What a d-bag.

  20. I found a pic of the back of it on Cellphones.ca. It, to me at least, proves that this will be the “Google Phone” Linky:

  21. this is rumor i think this a a global phone for VZW

  22. I pray that this info is not correct because tmobile is already getting the Htc hd2. I hope this phone comes to VZW.

  23. That pic has been around for awhile. It doesn’t prove anything. We know from the other pic it has android on it, and the Hero on Sprint has google on it’s back too.

  24. I would be fine on whatever carrier it comes out along as T-Mo can get one too :D
    I’m tired of the G1 like everyone else, I’m looking for some Passion in my life!

  25. On another note, if this did come to T-Mo, do you believe they would call this the G2? Or would it remain with the name Passion?

  26. I really would like to see this come to VZW. I was torn between the Eris and the Moto Droid. Even though I love the Sense UI, I think the Moto is the superior phone with the faster processor. If the Passion/Dragon or whatever name they are secretly referring to it as, comes out within the next 30 days, I am SO owning this. If not, I will get the Motorola Droid and with, no regrets, I might add. The Moto is a fine device but the HTC looks freaking awesome!!!

  27. if this came to tmobile…i think that i would have an accident in my pants. no joke. of course…i would have to sell my mytouch…and save my money up forever…being 18 sucks… lol

  28. It’s been well established that the passion is NOT the fabled google phone. Get it straight, please.

  29. This, to me, is pretty big. I was actually just writing about how much things might be changing with mobile VOIP allowing the kind of portability/freedom that we are starting to get with other technologies.


    Think about it, and I’m not just talking about money here, with a phone like this you are suddenly picking nothing more than a mobile data provider.

  30. Actually won’t there be like 3 models of the this phone? Cause we see a phone called the Dragon which we assume is GSM, then there is the Passion which again is assume is GSM. However, there is PassionC, which means is a CDMA per the C. Or the Dragon and the Passion could be totally different phones?

    BTW if C is cdma what would CT refer to(per the HeroCT)?

  31. If this is a snapdragon phone with SenseUI on T-mobile, I’d get it and stay on T-Mobile. Otherwise, I’m switching carriers to whoever has it.

  32. So if tmobile is getting the htc hd2 then would it make more sense that passion is for verizon?

  33. I still say it looks like a Sprint phone. Verizon’s tend to be dark Droid and Eris. Sprints tend to have the light edges like the Hero and the Moment….

  34. Well everyone being that T mo and ATT and sprint all have pretty bad signals for them to have this phone…maybe a good thing if it some how surpasses there bad covrege now if the big V GETS IT…WOW

  35. all i know is TMo NEEEEEDDDSSS this or something better, or the iPhone. and whatever carrier get the Passion/Dragon/Bravo it better have good quality body/casing. The Hero on Sprint was plastic and rubbery and felt cheap so I hope this BAMF phone is quality!

  36. It does look like a Sprint phone. If both Sprint and Verizon got the same phone with the Hero/Eris maybe they will both get the Passion.

  37. If it’s true the pricing should be Verizon – $99.00 buy one get one free. T-Mobile – New Customer, 2-year Contract, $1200.00 renewing customer in good standing, 2-year contract, $1500.00. Our little Magenta wouldn’t want to give the good paying customers a break.

  38. I really wish sprint and TMO were viable where I live. I’m tired of being stuck with AT&T or Verizon rates…

  39. I honestly wonder how huge this handset really is. The HTC Dragon and the HTC HD2 have the same size display, but the HD2 barely has any room for bezel.

    This phone on the other hand has ton of bezel and the bottom of the phone (with the only physical button and 4 presumably touch-sensitive buttons) has a lot of space. I’m really looking for an HTC HD2 beside this phone, cause this phone must be huge.

  40. @mrbill LMAO!

    That is hilarious. You are obviously elating to VZW customers who buy a DROID or DROID Eris get a free DROID Eris on a new line.

    If only, if only…

  41. Rhe pic above is not a 4.3 inch scree. Look at the HTC HD2’s, and compare the width. This screen is DROID-esque, probably 4 in on the pic above. If you look at the unlockr pic of the back of this phone, not ehow it says ‘Google’ instead of ‘with Google’, like all the other Android handsets.

  42. Is it so that you can’t browse the Internet and make a call on verizen’s network? If so, what does everyone think of that?

  43. I really hope that T-Mo gets this phone. Like others have said, T-Mo USA needs this phone (IMO). How can the birth place of the Android handset just allow itself to fall to the bottom of the totem without a fight?? The HD2 (IMO) is not going to be sufficient enough. Their smartphone line-up needs to be stronger/meaner. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

    Oh and for those that are speculating where the phone will go based on the design, this is a heads up unit that is getting leaked pictures. The design could change by launch and from carrier to carrier.

  44. This is the HTC Hero For Tmobile ;)

    but iht has the same buttons as the sholes but the bottom looks like the sprint hero but the top listening speaker looks like the UK HTC hero

    ihts a remixxxx , for tmo cus tmobile is the only android carrier w\ out a htc hero make over .

  45. OK.. Now I am slightly annoyed.. If the writers at Phandroid don’t even know what “Google Experience Phone” means.. there is no hope for the unwashed masses.. Here is a hot tip.. I have in my possession a Google Experience phone !! It’s called a MyTouch.. and hey it’s T-Moblie !! .. alright, now that I have ranted.. I will educate.. The Google phone, and Google Experience are NOT the same thing.. Do I also have to explain that Android and Google branded phones are not the same thing either ?

  46. I think it makes sense. T-mobile is all about being the cheapest, not being the service with the most knick-knacks, or coverage. It would make sense for them to be the first to subject themselves to being a “dumb pipe” for information, including VoIP. Plus, their commitment to android has already been shown.

  47. I blv This phone, at least this version, is coming to VZW. Similarity w/ the touch sensitive buttons above scroll ball. Notification bar consistent w/ Eris.

  48. @ Dennis

    All you did was say that they are not the same but you failed to clarify where the differences are. You’re going to need to expound on that. What are the differences between the Google phone and “The Google Experience”, for us “unwashed”?

  49. @OutstandingO
    This is an article that was posted here on phandroid by the fearless leader, Rob himself. Sadly, the post was a bit sloppy and there were a bunch of unnecessary links in the post before phandroid actually credited the article where the data in this post came from: http://phandroid.com/2009/11/19/google-phone-by-htc-early-2010/
    The link to the actual article on techcrunch is broken now, but it used to be in this sentence: “And then yesterday, TechCrunch resurrected the Google Phone.”

    and this is the link (which is now broken): http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/11/17/thegoogle-phone/

    You’ve been cleansed…

  50. The debate over Droid v. iPhone rages on, but lots more Android surprises are on the way. Get ready for the Google Phone. It’s no longer a myth, it’s real.

    The next “super” Android device will almost certainly be a HTC phone that’s much thinner than even the Droid or iPhone – The Dragon/Passion. This is the phone the senior Android guys at Google are now carrying around and testing, at least as of a couple of weeks ago. If you’re willing to give up the Droid’s keyboard, the Dragon/Passion is going to be a really cool phone. It should be fully available very soon.

    But it isn’t the Google Phone. Everything up until now has just been a warm up to the Google Phone.

  51. Damnit, the previous post is a quote from the techcrunch article. I intended to be preface it with: “Here’s the quote that demonstrates with relative certainty (for a rumor, anyways), that the google phone is _not_ the HTC Passion.

  52. @Jason, you are killing me man. LMAO.
    Am I to infer from your 3 posts that the Dragon/Passion is not the Google Phone but that this phone MAY still be arriving at T-MO??

  53. This One’s Gonna Be A Shocker…..At&t FTW!!!!

  54. Engadget just posted a leaked road map (with pictures) for HTC’s 2010 season. It looks like what we have been calling Passion/Dragon may actually be released as “Bravo”. The version of the phone that’s on the road map looks quite different from what we’re seeing in this thread. Which goes back to what I stated before about not concluding who the carrier would be simply on the design because that may change.

  55. I just hope tmo gets a powerful android phone. I dont care what it id as long as it comes to tmo

  56. All I have to say is I’m tired of certain phones going to certain carriers. Phones should go to all carriers (if its viable aka cdma vs gsm). It’s the CARRIERS who should battle for customers on the basis of rates, coverage, service, technical/customer support. The way it is now, the customer suffers by not being able to choose the phone of their liking if its on another carrier.

    I’ve always wanted an iPhone, but i hate AT&T’s service. And it’s not important enough for me to jump of my family plan and head over to grab one.

    In saying all this, I hope for everyone’s sake that this Dragon/Passion will hit both of the two top rumored carriers VZW and TMO.


  57. The passion will not be going to T-Mobile. Google already denied that rumor the PassionC will be going to verizon and the Passion will be going to At&t.

  58. Now this is getting exciting…

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