Dec 5th, 2009

“Let me just preface this post with a total rumor disclaimer, to be read only with serious grains of salt.

That being said, information has been passed along to me in a very James Bond type way from a trusty ninja who has yet to lead me astray. The information contains detail regarding the so called “Google phone.” According to this super ninja, magenta has landed the “Google Experience Phone,” aka codename “Passion” (which we believe to be the HTC Passion, but again thats just the codename, but it makes sense) project with an expected launch in the first two weeks of January.

Some lingering questions remain, such as what will the price be? Will there be any kind of a subsidy or is that just wishful thinking? Will Google only sell this product? Will this be offered with the recently launched standard Even More/Even More Plus rate plans? What about the rumors regarding VoiP service on the Google phone? Questions are abundant and we are just in the preliminary stages of gathering info from our sources, so we’ll be updating info as we can get it. For the moment, we hope there is truth to the notion that the Google phone successfully landed in the T-Mobile network, as it would be a huge win for T-Mobile.

Let us reiterate, this is total rumor at this point but we have it on good word, so if we’re right, terrific; if we aren’t, well bah humbug to who ever gets the HTC passion.”


..Does this excite any of you T-Mobile users out there? This device is reported to carry the 1Ghz Snapdragon behind a 4.3 inch multitouch display. Not to mention that whole “HSPA 7.2” thing.

Obviously as stated several times, this is just a rumor. A ninja (note: who has yet to fail him) has passed a rumor on to David at TmoNew. That’s it. …But it would be a pretty nice boost to T-Mobile’s Android lineup, agreed?

(Of course there are other’s still hearing Verizon. Like this member for example. Who – for the record – is not a trusted ninja.  Also, my rep told me last night she’s “heard Passion is coming [to VZW]” and recommended I hold off up getting an Eris for the wife and wait for that. But, that too is just something said during some friendly banter last night.  So we’ll see!)

As soon as we hear something solid, we’ll let you know!

Edit: Good point, Anthony (in the comments). There ARE two Passions listed on the list, so there just may be enough Passion for both T-Mobile and VZW.

[Via TmoNews]