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“Today we are releasing updates to multiple components of the Android SDK: Android 2.0.1 revision 1, Android 1.6 revision 2 and SDK Tools, revision 4.

    Android 2.0.1 is a minor update to Android 2.0. This update includes several bug fixes and behavior changes, such as application resource selection based on API level and changes to the value of some Bluetooth-related constants. For more detailed information, please see the Android 2.0.1 release notes.

    To differentiate its behavior from Android 2.0, the API level of Android 2.0.1 is 6. All Android 2.0 devices will be updated to 2.0.1 before the end of the year, so developers will no longer need to support Android 2.0 at that time. Of course, developers of applications affected by the behavior changes should start compiling and testing their apps immediately.

    We are also providing an update to the Android 1.6 SDK component. Revision 2 includes fixes to the compatibility mode for applications that don’t support multiple screen sizes, as well as SDK fixes. Please see the Android 1.6, revision 2 release notes for the full list of changes.

    Finally, we are also releasing an update to the SDK Tools, now in revision 4. This is a minor update with mostly bug fixes in the SDK Manager. A new version of the Eclipse plug-in that embeds those fixes is also available. For complete details, please see the SDK Tools, revision 4 and ADT 0.9.5 release notes.

    One more thing: you can now follow us on twitter @AndroidDev.”

    [Via Android Developers]


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    1. you had me at “sdk”

    2. I have a motorola cliq running 1.5.my friend has a g1 running
      1.6. I am wondering why I have not received an android update yet.can anyone help

    3. Hearing some rumours that Android 2.1 will be out soon as well. Rumoured dates seem to be saying 10th or 11th December.

    4. #2
      The cliq runs a custom version of android (MotoBlur) which means Motorola have to update that themselves.
      I expect they maybe have skipped 1.6 and started work on moving straight to 2.0

      You’ll get it whenever they’re done and your carrier wants to push the update unless you can get it directly from the Motorola site.

    5. Ok i was reading about the updates, whay I need to know is what will happen to the Android phones running 1.5(HTC hero for sprint, the droid eris for Verizon, and Motorola cliq for t mobile), will they receive an update. I have the HTC hero for sprint and I just want to know will it receive and update

    6. I think the Dec 11 ish release is the 2.0.1 update. One of the other phandroid articles mentions a late Jan release which I would expect to be a bigger update (something like 2.1). The android Dev site says the following:

      “Android 2.0.1 is a minor platform release deployable to Android-powered handsets starting in December 2009. This release includes minor API changes, bug fixes and framework behavioral changes.”


    7. 2.0.1 rocks!


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