Dec 3rd, 2009

I guess passing the FCC and getting a design patent are two totally different things but a device that looks startlingly like the European HTC Hero has just passed through the FCC:

Many people across the interwebz are already assuming that this is an AT&T HTC Hero which will be the companies first Android Phone. Others are speculating its a “SuperHero” of sorts. I don’t think its any… seems like a cheap knock off to me.

The documents included in the FCC filing include the User’s Manual which are oddly generic sounding. They include the ability to change the user manual whenever wanted to I suppose they could swap device names out – but this doesn’t seem like an HTC-like move:


Notice there is “dual-card mode” and both Chinese and English text input. This probably has a resistive touchscreen with a stylus and the inclusion of Chinese just makes me think this is FOR the Chinese market but will allow roaming in United States areas.

You’ve also got a few documents signed as follows:


I’ve never heard of that company and a quick search didn’t yield much. But I’ll tell you one thing… that isn’t HTC.

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