HTC Hero Clone Passes FCC


I guess passing the FCC and getting a design patent are two totally different things but a device that looks startlingly like the European HTC Hero has just passed through the FCC:

Many people across the interwebz are already assuming that this is an AT&T HTC Hero which will be the companies first Android Phone. Others are speculating its a “SuperHero” of sorts. I don’t think its any… seems like a cheap knock off to me.

The documents included in the FCC filing include the User’s Manual which are oddly generic sounding. They include the ability to change the user manual whenever wanted to I suppose they could swap device names out – but this doesn’t seem like an HTC-like move:


Notice there is “dual-card mode” and both Chinese and English text input. This probably has a resistive touchscreen with a stylus and the inclusion of Chinese just makes me think this is FOR the Chinese market but will allow roaming in United States areas.

You’ve also got a few documents signed as follows:


I’ve never heard of that company and a quick search didn’t yield much. But I’ll tell you one thing… that isn’t HTC.

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  1. LED Flash?

  2. Um, a couple observations: 1) that diagram does NOT show the same phone as the one in the photos; it appears to be a diagram of the T-Mobile myTouch, and 2) is it just me, or does that screen look larger than 3.2 inches?

  3. You’d think at least one of these Chinese knock off manufacturer’s would spend the extra $5 it might take and make one of these phones look nice on the outside. How hard could it be to upgrade the plastic or use decent paint on the cheap buttons.

    On the flipside of things, how come every single device manufactured in China has an FM tuner and recorder built in and it’s nearly impossible to even find an MP3 player over here that does that?

  4. Just a weird note. I did some measurements on the screen width to height ratios and this one is definitely widescreen compared to the hero that is not. I’m not sure what that means, but just a thought.

  5. Why do all Chinese knockoffs include TV tuner its great but America uses Digital TV it cant work here! On the other hand that is cool though

  6. It is from company called WiFi. they make cheap Android Phones. They are selling cheap Android phone on eBay for a while.

  7. Thats not new for me, i have seen this coming, im working in a Chinese company Huawei, and my Chinese friends showed me this phone as a tiger g3, and its not the first time of phones that they are releasing, we have the same phone here but with iphone style we called chiphone, cause its from china, the OS is java, completely java, the experience on internet is not good, very lag, but tell you what the sound and tv tuner are good, if this phone will be available, i guess i will buy it for business in latin america its very popular, people like double sim cards, one from your work, the other one from your personal phone.

  8. (Found this on another site. No credit please.)


  9. The inconsistencies are strange… but … FINALLY!

  10. Cheesy Rip off of the Hero lol

  11. Hi
    I just started testing this 2 weeks ago. This WG3 phone is the best clone I had see so far. I tested 7
    Chines phone and all had some serious technical issue.
    Some of yo said it is slow on the net,yes compared to the origin Hero for about $400.00 yes it have it’s limitations. But as a everyday phone so far very reasonable.

    Anybody have idea about the real manufacturer of this phone or the tiger Brand?
    FCC license issue to Harvest Bloom Limited by Timeco Engineering in Newberry Florida US ?
    Will continue testing and hopping to find out for the price and futures loaded this phone it will be a
    very good performing phone.
    Anybody had the success to install free GPS on this phone.
    What I mean GPS not depend on the internet.
    Thanx in advance

  12. Hi, I bought the tiger G3 a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I’m a total dork when it comes to the technical aspects of phones or computers: I cannot get internet on it.
    The guys in the vodafone shop couldn’t either. Can some (@ Ungaro?) help me out??

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