Dec 3rd, 2009

So this has been bugging me since the release of the Droid(s).  Am I the only one irked by Verizon’s $29.99 per device unlimited data plan?

(It’s okay if I am – you can post a comment telling me I’m being a baby, that’s fine.. my feelings won’t be hurt I promise.)

My lonely Droid wants a friend :'(

Look, I realize when you think about it $30 a month isn’t all that bad for unlimited data.. especially when that’s what is helping drive the subsidized pricing (not to mention the great coverage). But for serious folks, even with the cheapest phone plan and *no* data package they’re still making a pretty fair amount of money over the 2 years – way more than the cost they have to pay for the phone.

Yeah yeah, I know unlimited data can eat through a lot of usage. But I also know how robustly-huge their network is and realize not everyone is a power user.

Is it really so bad to ask for a shared data package? The extra $30 a month is the only thing keeping us from upgrading to a Droid/Eris on our second line.  I mean, between that and the upgrade on the primary line, that’s an additional $60 on top of our monthly phone bill – $720 a year!

…and I’ll tell ya. We’re not the only people holding back on upgrading multiple lines because of it.  All I’m sayin’ is I have a feeling many more Android devices would be runnin’ on VZW  if a change were made. And all those extra walking advertisements surely wouldn’t be something Verizon is against.

So how about it Verizon?  Even a shared plan at $49.99 (for two) would be better.  Or just tack on an additional X amount of dollars per line to the base price.  Yay?

Anyone feel me on this or what?