Verizon’s Data Package Needs A Family Plan


So this has been bugging me since the release of the Droid(s).  Am I the only one irked by Verizon’s $29.99 per device unlimited data plan?

(It’s okay if I am – you can post a comment telling me I’m being a baby, that’s fine.. my feelings won’t be hurt I promise.)

My lonely Droid wants a friend :'(

Look, I realize when you think about it $30 a month isn’t all that bad for unlimited data.. especially when that’s what is helping drive the subsidized pricing (not to mention the great coverage). But for serious folks, even with the cheapest phone plan and *no* data package they’re still making a pretty fair amount of money over the 2 years – way more than the cost they have to pay for the phone.

Yeah yeah, I know unlimited data can eat through a lot of usage. But I also know how robustly-huge their network is and realize not everyone is a power user.

Is it really so bad to ask for a shared data package? The extra $30 a month is the only thing keeping us from upgrading to a Droid/Eris on our second line.  I mean, between that and the upgrade on the primary line, that’s an additional $60 on top of our monthly phone bill – $720 a year!

…and I’ll tell ya. We’re not the only people holding back on upgrading multiple lines because of it.  All I’m sayin’ is I have a feeling many more Android devices would be runnin’ on VZW  if a change were made. And all those extra walking advertisements surely wouldn’t be something Verizon is against.

So how about it Verizon?  Even a shared plan at $49.99 (for two) would be better.  Or just tack on an additional X amount of dollars per line to the base price.  Yay?

Anyone feel me on this or what?


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  1. I agree… a second line with a 20 dollar fee for a smartphone would be nice… but then there’s families where little kids are running around with blackberries….. which is insane, but should perhaps be 20 per extra line.

  2. I do!

    I really want an upcoming Android phone on VZW, but the unlimited daa price is ridiculous. We should get a DISCOUNT for getting an unlimited data package onto one of the lines on a family plan.

    But hte real problem is that all of Verizon’s plans are overpriced. :|

  3. It’s the voice plan that is keeping me away. Verizon is amazingly expensive compared to Tmobile. If you want a family plan of android phones take a look at Cellular South’s Hero Package 1 phone unlimited voice and data $80. Get a second unlimited phone for $40. I’m pretty sure they are leasing a portion of the verizon network as well.

    I love my android phone, but i’m seriously considering allowing my T-mobile contract to expire and buying the unlimited straighttalk phone from walmart until one of the major phone companies offers a better unlimited deal.

  4. This is why I am no longer a Verizon customer after 5 years…

    Sprint got my money and they’ll keep it.

  5. YES I agree. I went to Verizon the other night to make the switch to Big Red and when I looked at their pricing chart I saw the “Connect” plan with 450 minutes for $69.99 and thought to myself, that isn’t bad at all, I will make the switch. So the guy tells me, oh, that isn’t available with the droids, you need to get the “lower basic plan and add on the data package” and that is an extra $30! I asked what’s the difference, data is data anyway you slice it and he said it’s differenct but couldn’t explain it.

    Long story short Verizon needs to have a package price for this but they don’t care, they are still the largest carrier and getting larger so why should they.

  6. T-Mobile will by my Android home of choice until Verizon gets some competitive pricing on plans.

  7. They need to allow smartphones/pdas on the connect plan.

  8. Wait u pay US$30/month total, for unlimited 3G data to your mobile?
    In AU, we pay the call/sms plan (anywhere from 30-60/month) then like AU$40/500mb on top. Go over that, its like 1 dollar a mb

  9. I don’t understand… att has done this for years when I was with them… so when I switched to big red (due to crappy service and sub-par Iphone) I just thought this was the norm.

  10. I think all you people from bigger metropolitan areas don’t realize how good you have it. I’m in a more rural area and my ONLY options are AT&T or Verizon. Both their plans are the same cost.

    I think it’s all ridiculous anyway. It’s all going through the same pipeline whether it’s voice, sms, or data. You should pay one set price for a certain amount of data and that’s it.

  11. Congratulations on being able to even figure out what their data plan costs. Their website is an unnavigable mess.

  12. @Michael For unlimited data, sms, and 900 minutes talk time, the cost on verizon would be $119.99. The scary thing is that this really becomes $140 or more by the time that get all the telecommunications taxes in there.

  13. Sprint/t-mobile needs better android phones

  14. Absolutely, I have said the same thing numerous times and in fact was just talking about this with someone an hour ago. My two kids need phone’s, I would buy a Droid or similar but can’t afford the plan. They end up with an ENV touch or similar which is significantly cheaper.

  15. The problem isn’t lack of family plans. I really dislike family plans because they tie you to the same carrier as your family for really no reason. It limits consumer choice as if handset restrictions weren’t bad enough.

    In my view, family plans should only exist for the sake of allowing a family to pay one bill per month. Therefore the solution to me would be to lower individual plans slightly, and increase family so that they are equivalent.

  16. Verizon is the reason I don’t have a droid right now. Can’t stand the “unlimited data unless you tether” program they’re propagating. Really hope that we can see a GSM Droid soon.

  17. If you live in a rural area you don’t have the choice of going with one of the cheaper carriers. In fact, where I live the ONLY provider with consistent coverage is Verizon (and I’m only an hour away from Boston). I’ve been living with their inflated prices for 7 years now. The fact is, though, the network is what you’re paying for. Even if you live in a city that gets great coverage from T-mobile you need to consider whether you have any intention of ever leaving the confines of their limited coverage areas. This is an especially important consideration if you plan on using the Google Nav app – it will do you no good without reliable service.

  18. They do have family plans. I did some research in preparation for the BOGO Droid this weekend.

    http://bit.ly/7xivxx //link to verzion’s site
    Look at the connect plans, they include data and text messaging, and $20 per month extra for extra lines after the first two.

  19. That’s a great idea Rob. Never really thought about it.

  20. I hear you, and of course I agree, but its not going to happen. Verizon is never one to care about affordability. I have been with them for 12 years, ahve left 3 times (ATT, t-mobile, sprint) each time come back because I HATE the company, but the network is just so superior.

  21. There’s lots of things from Verizon that would benefit the customers but it comes at a cost of lost revenue for Verizon. Them being the largest carrier in the U.S., they dont need to offer better/cheaper service.

  22. Sprint is the best deal around for smartphones. My wife has a blackberry, I have the hero on the shared plan with unlimited data. Going to add my brother next month (another smartphone) and my bill is only going up $20/mo for the added line. He’ll be able to get unlimited data as well. How does Verizon keep getting bigger and Sprint keep losing customers. I’ve had the best experience with Sprint (been a customer since Jan 2001) and they are by far the best value especially for shared plans.

  23. Thought about Verizon till I went in and priced a comparable family plan I have with Sprint. It came out to about 20 bucks more. Not bad I thought, I’ll pay the extra $20 for their claimed superior service. But wait then I mentioned I wanted at least 2 Droids. Oh ok sir, well that will be an extra $40 per month. No thank you, you guys suck. You can keep that overpriced crap to yourself.

  24. I HATE YOU! (rather I envy you)
    I pay 100$ a month for 5 gig’s of data up here in Canada!
    And thats the NORM,
    Some times Canadians can get it on a deal and get 6gig’s for 30$ a month on a limited time.
    I would pay 100$ for unlimited. but there is no sutch thing as unlimited in Canada. Canada’s max is 6 gig’s… I use about 5.5gig’s a month…

  25. 5.5gigs a month on your cell phone!? Surely that includes tethering…

    but yeah I agree, we should be able to use the Connect plans. What good is unlimited data on a non pda/smartphone anyway? I’m just hoping that when/if the Google Phone comes out that it will cause some serious price-cuts for cell phones. $110/mo for a cell phone with just 1 line, lowest minutes available, unlimited text, and unlimited data is ridiculous.

  26. I’m on VZW with my wife. She has an EnV Touch and I have the Eris. We just canceled data on her line and I pay $30 a month.
    I know that VZW has the largest 3g network in the US and I appreciate this fact. I’m willing to pay a premium for this service.
    I would like to see a family plan that includes unlimited data for all lines, instead of $9.99 per line I’d pay $15 – $20 per additional line.

  27. It’s ok to cry, babies do it all the time. Can’t just complain about one company wanting to make money, you also need to Include all none state own entities. That would be all for profit companies for those who don’t understand. Now dry your eyes and go back to school and learn business 101, 1st chapter “what is a business”.

  28. I agree, it needs a family plan for data. Even if it was like $40 for 5MB on 2 phones. I would love to get my wife one of these but the $60 a month just on data is a no go for us.

  29. Which is why I stick with TMO… $130, 4 lines, 1500 mins, unlimited messaging, plus 2 of the lines have unlimited data… Would be well over $200 with Verizon…
    Not worth it…

  30. Agreed, I was beside myself when the rep told me that it would cost an additional $30 to upgrade my wife to a smart phone. Not to mention that the $30/line doesn’t even include text messages (how can that be, seriously, it’s an UNLIMITED data plan).

  31. @Brad: You can’t do the Connect plan with Droids.

  32. After 5 years with Verizon, I made the jump to Sprint for the HTC Hero. Tested the Eris out for 72 hours. Liked the Hero a bit more, and Sprint’s plans were much easier on my checking account. No complaints about my time with Verizon at all, and I hope my time with Sprint is just as smooth.

  33. realize “unlimited” data on vzw is actually capped at 5G per month as well… there is no such thing as “unlimited” once you read the fine print.

  34. Good to hear a voice of reason. I just upgraded to a Droid yesterday, and that free Eris is looking really sweet right now. But for an extra $30 a month, it’s not really ‘free’ at all, is it?

    I suppose that’s the entire reason they’re offering that crazy buy 1 get 1 free Droid deal to begin with. There’s no reason for them to give you a free Eris if they don’t get anything out of it.

    I’m putting my bets on the hope that data prices are going to go down within a year or two, because smartphones are starting to be the standard, but if we have to pay $30 on all 4 lines ($1440 a year!) then it’s never gonna happen unless we can switch to Verizon for out home internet as well and get some kind of package deal. As it is we’re out a rural area and they just don’t run fiber out here.

  35. Yeah, this is why I chose Sprint. If Verizon had an affordable package, I’d have gone with them. The Droid is better than the Moment. Going with Verizon for all four lines would have cost me $1500+ more over two years for the same type of service (better service, though). I don’t like the Droid THAT much for the $1500+!

  36. Would you all like fries with that? I think people here complain a little too much about these things. You’re talking about data for phones, people. Not the most vital thing in the universe. Stop complaining about having to pay for unlimited bandwidth. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else or dump it.

  37. Extremely happy with Sprints Everything data family plan. Can you say dirt cheap and superior network is an added extra to my Hero!

  38. This is the reason I have not made the switch, I’m a current Verizon customer eligible to upgrade. Looking to combine 2 non-smartphone plans (1 Verizon, 1 AT&T) and upgrade to 2 smartphones. I went into the Verizon store to walk out with 2 on the Droid’s release day and was shocked at the monthly cost. I’m sold on Sprint’s plan, but now I’m stuck on the Droid’s features…so I continue to wait.

  39. I’ve always had Verizon as they have by far had the superior service in the more rural area(20k population) and have had 3G for a loooong time before AT&T ever became available. I’m paying more for the network and I get that, and I’m fine with that. When I’m using the phone I just want it to work, and I’ve never had to worry about that with big red. So I suck it up a pay a bit more. Oh well, VOIP may blow all this crap out of the water anyway.

  40. Like I said before again and again, Sprint is not a bad deal at all !! and the coverage is just as good as Verizon !! well at least in pretty much the whole Eastern sea board…I mean come on how far out do some of these people live that say sprint coverage sucks ?? and for the guy that said Sprint/t-mobile needs better android phones….well the HERO which I have for sprint is a very nice phone and Palm Pre is not bad either, also Samsung Moment, HTC Touch Pro etc etc

  41. Well. for starters – that’s how much every carrier charges except maybe sprint as they have their basic everything plan for 69 $ (so basically -it’s only 10$ cheaper than cheapest droid plan) and recently T-mobile (t-mobile coverage is atrocious outside of metro areas anyway.)

    Here are couple reasons why Verizon will NOT lower ther data prices:

    1) Verizon as well as AT&T and others realize that there are a lot of folks out there only need data for Google Voice. Google voice is a FREE Voip service from Google that allows you to make free phone calls and send free text messages. So – they would all get cheapest voice plan and data and no one would bother with more expensive plans thus Verizon revenue will be significantly hit.
    And it’s not only Google Voice – you can download skype dialer and Skype has unlimited monthly plans for us and Canada for 2$ per month!!! if i’m not mistaken.

    2) 30$ – it’s a data plan for using your internet on your phone only and not on your PC (tethering). Verizon ain’t stupid – they understand that you can’t use a whole lot of traffic from your phone. In the end – it’s much more convenient to use your computer for chatting/reading news. If you would like to use your android phone for tethering (get online through your phone on PC) – that will cost you 30$ more . So total: 60$ for just a data plan with a 5 Gb/month limitation and 2 years contract.
    I’d be pretty stupid to sign up for this joke as I use more than 20 Gb/day sometimes.
    The problem is – if you have Android/Windows mobile/WebOS based PDA – there are a bunch of programs available that allows you to go online from your computer via your phone (tethering) without carrier ever knowing about it.
    This allows you to use your phone internet in place of your conventional cable/dsl internet without 5 Gb limit and without you paying Verizon 30 more dollars.
    Once againg – win for you – lose for Verizon.

    3) VErizon is the best carrier in the country in terms of reception and they know that! :(

  42. google nav only needs your data connection to set your destination i just did a 1000 mile trip to bum f**k Malone NY and back home with about 300 miles of the trip i had no phone service at all just gps and had no problems at all once you set your destination and hit navigate your golden. google nav works like a champ it actually caches the maps in a temp folder on your sd card just in case of mobile service disconnects.

  43. Agreed. I wanted to switch to verizon when i move this summer but I do not want to spend over $200 on a family plan with unlimited data (after taxes, fees, and insurance) each month. Why would I want to spend over $2400/ year on a cell phone plan for just two people?

    We’re staying with Sprint… more minutes, more data, more features>>> Less money.

  44. I have a moto droid and my company gets a 20% data discount so I pay $23.99 per month for the plan. Its kinda a crap shoot it would be nice if they were cheaper but my phone works great where I need it to. I guess its a personal choice I probably pay more than someone on sprint or tmobile but I believe Verizon has better service. I switched to Verizon from sprint and can tell you where I live the service with Verizon is much better. buy what works for you

  45. I’m just happy that my employer offers a discount for Verizon and AT&T. My contract runs out with Sprint and I’ll actually be saving money because of my employer’s discount once I get to Verizon.

  46. I have to agree that Verizon is a little pricey, but Ive had Cingular/ATT and their service and customer service were garbage.

    I pay 70 bux for unlimited data, 450 talk minutes, 500 txt+ unlimited txt to VZW customers.

    I mean I get a 15% discount because of my job, but its better than having an iPhone I can’t even use.

  47. Hey, if they keep investing the money into a good network I don’t mind paying for it. Sprint and tmobile are cheap, but you get an inferior network. I just switched from att and vzw kills it in every way. So much better. As a matter of fact I’ve used well over a gig of data on my droid and I’ve had it less than a month. That’s five times the amount of data I used to use on my iphone – because the network works. And no, I don’t tether.

  48. it’s funny “unlimited” means “without limit” to me… good luck on that one. I wish that plans had a data limit, whatever it may be and you are free to use it as you please. I normally use around 40MB a month, your mileage may vary. Giving you tiers of data would work, you figure out how much you need and buy that tier for your family plan.

  49. I still can’t believe networks in the US in general charge so much, I really can’t see the need to charge $30 for unlimited data, the networks must be making so much money from it! As I’m sure has been pointed out before in the UK most people will pay around £5 (about $8) for “unlimited” data (granted some of these have limits but on a phone you are unlikely to hit them as a standard user). As far as im aware, everywhere across Europe has a similar pricing structure so why is the US so expensive?

  50. Am I getting something you all are missing? I’m now on the nationwide select family plan for 2 lines and paying an extra $30 for unlimited text and data for BOTH lines (I have Droid, wifee has Eris). Previously, I was paying for a non non-existent family plan plus an additional $45 for the unlimited data package for my line only. Now with the new plan, I did reduce the shared minutes from 1500 to 700 but we never came close to using 1500 minutes in a single month. The reduced allowance was easily justifiable since my wife and I had only gone over 700 allowance minutes probably twice in the 4 years we had that plan. I also had a previously grandfathered 2000 free SMS monthly allowance that I was affraid to lose but was assured we had unlimited text with the new data plan and it also covered both lines. A check of my plan details on the verizon site confirms everything I thought was included in my renewal plan is there.

    I haven’t gotten my first bill on the new plan yet but still expect it to be cheaper than what I was paying before but with the perk of added unlimited data and text for the second line. My only gripe is still that new every two only counts for the primary phone.

    Before switching to verizon, I had been on AT&T Wireless, which became Cingular, then became AT&T again. Throughout that time, I made too many excuses for the suckage of service and all the dropped calls. Poor service in a major metropolitan area like Washington D.C. is inexcusable. I hope they’re much better now but my experience is that Verizon, by far, has been the most reliable and that sentiment has been echoed by many friends and colleagues. They may be expensive but I feel I’m getting what I pay for and they’re putting that extra money back into more improvements… and maybe a little bit into a major Droid ad campaign, which I admit has been amusing.

  51. Understand, but you can get a discount off of your monthly bill from where you actually work. My wife works for D.O.J. and we get a discount. I have the Droid and I had to pay $26.xx for the data plan. I don’t know how much it would if i were to get a second data plan though. But try putting a discount on your account for your job. I used to have one from my grocery store, but she gets more of a discount from where she works, so we used hers. Oh, and you get discounts from purchases online under your account because of it too.

  52. The bigger crime is $30/month (family plan) for unlimited texting. Browse one web page and you have just transmitted more data than 10000 txt. And one min of voice is nearly 1000 txt.

    I almost want to adopt a couple of text heavy girls just so I can get my money worth.

  53. I have to agree with the others. Verizon may be a bit pricy, but it’s worth it. For starters, what’s everytone’s basis for comparison – Sprint and T-Mo? Remember they’re the smaller carriers, so they’ll use price as an advantage. As for AT&T, I left them ages ago. VZW has the network to beat and they know it.

  54. They’re a profit seeking entity–they’ll charge what we will collectively pay.

    But as long as we’re typing about stuff that ain’t gonna happen: How about simple pricing honesty?

    Have a phone already (we don’t care where it came form and don’t need our branding and limitations in it)? Fine. Want a $100 phone, that $100. or $12/month on a one year contract, $5.50/mo on a 2 year contract.

    Rate Plans? Forget it. Charge for the phone number and billing and so on. Say $15 for one line, $27 for two, etc… Charge for usage in tiers as a function of data carried independent of tranport (voice, SMS, MMS, IP) or source (phone or tehthered device). (It’s all just bits after all.) <=1GB in a month, $20/$18 w/ 1 yr contract/$16 w/ 2yr contract; <=2.5GB in a month, $30/$27/$24; <=6GB in a month, $40/$36/$32; and so on up to infinity. No "Unlimited" or unlimited. Everybody pays in some proportion to what they actually use not in some prportion to what they are afraid they might use and incure OBSCENE marginal costs.

    If my phone bill goes up or down from month to month, so be it.

  55. I wanted five Android phones on a data plan. For me the cheapest choice was Sprint. I got Hero’s and Moments and so far I am very please. Any other carrier would cost me an additional $100 plus a month.

  56. I completely agree with you on this point. We have four phones on our account (my wife and I plus 2 of the kids) and I’m upgrading the kids to Android phones now. That’s $120/month on TOP of our current bill. That’s insane! That’s not reasonable at all for the average working family. They need to have some type of bundle like they do for the other services (ie. Texting, voice, etc).

  57. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone in my family is very interested in my Droid, and would likely get one (or the Eris), but the added cost of the data plan is the one thing making them hesitate. A tiered family plan would be awesome.

  58. I agree with you too. I would consider the Droid/Eris deal too if it wasn’t for the $30/device. There has to be some way for the wireless bean counters to get their money back and still cut us the customer a package deal someway.

  59. Verizon and AT&T have virtually identical pricing structures, so Verizon isn’t alone in being the most expensive US carrier.

    I was on Tmobile, and I would have stayed if UMA was supported on Android. Because it isn’t I have terrible service at home, and each of two offices I support are 60 miles from my house, and I get terrible to no service at each of those locations. 3G? No way. Not unless I drive 10min from my house do I begin to get the incredibly sparse signal and that only lasts while I stay near Raleigh. North Carolina has been at the bottom of Tmobile’s network upgrade list for a while. Sprint? Same problems. Terrible coverage maps. AT&T has better coverage but it isn’t as good as Verizon. I get 3G everywhere. Home, work, highway. I’d have to go offroading to TRY and find an area without 3G.

    As for price, I was on an unlimited voice/data plan with Tmo for two people. For almost the same money I have Verizon with 1400 shared min and two Droids. With the 10 friends/family numbers (two of which being our Google Voice numbers) the “limited” min will be more than ample, and I can actually use my phone.

  60. When VZW is hemorrhaging customers left and right to other carriers chiefly on the basis of price, they’ll rethink their pricing. For the time being, there seems to be no shortage of people willing to pay the premium. Close to a mil Droids sold in one month speaks volumes.

  61. I totally agree with you (and, I have done my share of crying about the issue). The extra 720 a year is what is keeping us from jumping on the DROID.

  62. @DroidRiffic, can you provide a VZW link to a nationwide select family plan that allows you to select a Droid phone? When I try it I can only select non-Droid phones.

  63. Yep, totally agree. I am now with T-Mobile because of the crazy pricing that VZW had. I was going to have $350 for two unlimited with data and another phone. I pay 139.00 with T-Mobile.

    I will agree with everyone, VZW is a better network. But sometimes you have to get the Toyota if you just can’t see paying for the Lexus.

    Consumer Reports rated overall in the US.

    1. VZW
    2. T-Mobile
    3. Sprint
    4. AT&T

  64. I’m in the same boat as many above. The cost for a couple of phones with data is just huge. I’m willing to pay for good service, but after adding up the voice and data for both phones plus taxes and fees the cost is just way too much.

    …and BackInAction, your comments on the pricing for texting are spot on. That should be much cheaper as a stand-alone option, and texting should be included in the data plans.

  65. What really gets me is I pat $30 a month for data, but still have to pay for text messages?

    Let’s see – 1 youtube video at 2:00 long uses a ton more data than all the text messages I could possibly type in one month.

    Then they made me get a $10 data plan for my wife’s ENV touch. Plus $10 a month for text messages. She will NEVER, EVER use any data on her phone, just phone calls.

  66. @Powderhound: just use texting via Google Voice. That’s free.

  67. For family plans T-Mobile might be a little bit cheaper but you give up 3G coverage. For individual plans however if you price it out (450 min vzw/500 t-mobile, unlimited data, txt) vzw only comes out 10.00/month more. I’ll pay the extra $10/month more as I travel for work alot and t-mobile just doesn’t have the coverage. You get what you pay for. AT&T and VZW might be the most expensive (both are basically the same price) but they are the only one’s adding subscribers. Sprint and T-Mobile are both losing customers each quarter.

  68. I need good phone connection in two places. One is where I live (Southern California) and the other place is Rural Utah. T-mobile just put in a tower in the second place where my in-laws live, and as soon as T-mobile gets a phone with new specs, that is where I’m taking my money. I wouldn’t mind going with Verizon I don’t think, with the exception that I need a phone I can use in Europe as well. Right now I just keep waiting, seeing if there is any phone coming out that I can use the 3g in the USA as well as Europe that are Android based.

  69. I have a Eris now on VZ been a VZ customer for about 10 years. I wish pricing was lower almost made the jump to T-mo several times but my wife was weary of service since her line is the primary line for her business. The only reason I made the jump was because of my 20% corporate discount otherwise could never justify it. I think perhaps $30.00 for the first data and $15 for each addtional data would help VZ steal away more apple customers. Personally I think, Blue and Red may start a price war if their coverage war dosent work out, I’m thing $20.00 I phone data plan would be the first shot fired if blue sees suffering sales after the holidays form Droid.

  70. This is why I pray for the rumored “Google phone” to be more then a rumor. Imagine Sprint really stepping it up with 4G coverage and then offering data only for people using Google Voice on a Google phone. That would be the definition of game changer.
    To those D Nozzles that feel the need to point out how capitalism works, please STFU. It’s also tradition in this country to try and provide the best service at the CHEAPEST prices. Here’s a little quiz for you titans of business. What’s better, 50 million customers paying $15 a month or 10 million paying $30 a month? So stop your defense of these giants charging $30 for something that costs them less then $5 to provide. You come across like a tool.

  71. @brad verizon will not allow the droid to be on a connect plan. I agree on the family data plan (e.g. 49.99) for two phones. I have the droid and my wife wants one to but thats alot of money for data especially when i already pay for internet at my house!

  72. I would totally get an Eris for my wife if I could just increase my data plan by $10 to add her to it. She loves the phone and I’d love to get it for her… there is just now way I can justify paying $60 / Month for phone data. $40 / Month… I might be able to talk myself into that. :)

  73. Completely agree Powderhound, to me data is data and a text message is the smallest most overpriced data that there is and should definetly be included in a data package. Sprint is the only one that seems to realize this and not charge seperate for both, same with gps, etc. I am really suprised that no one has started a class action suit against this yet.

  74. I don’t give a ish I get 30% off my bill every month. Ohh yea if you don’t have a droid already get one.

  75. I agree… We have droids on 2 of 3 family plan lines (and will potentially upgrade the 3rd to an Eris). they also need to remove the 5gb cap on “unlimited data” plans. Too much pandora and youtube and you’ll be $crewed.

  76. I’ve got 2 iPhones. I’ve been paying $30 for each of them for unlimited data to AT&T for the last 13 & 18 months. If VZN does adopt a family data plan that would be even more reason for us to dump our iPhones and AT&T and head over to VZN for an Android phone. Just waiting out my contract right now.

  77. Huh? VZN caps their unlimited data plan at 5GB???? On second thought, maybe I won’t leave AT&T, where unlimited means unlimited.

  78. I don’t see the big deal as to why Verizon would be singled out in this complaint. My T-Mobile G1 was $25 when I signed up, but T-Mobile has raised their rate to $30….and now you have to pay an addition $10 for unlimited text messages. That is about the same as Verizon….and my buddies Droid blows my G1 out of the water when it comes to loading web pages.

    I know Sprint is cheaper and I do like Sprint’s call quality, but it mostly only works along the freeways.

    Don’t get me wrong….I’m not thrilled with the pricing either. I would much rather have a LIMITED plan for my wife with a REASONABLE Per-Megabyte rate, but I’ve never heard of that.

  79. While I agree the pricing is a bit much I don’t see them lowering them anytime soon. Altho they would be smart to offer some type of shared data plan or fee for folks who are working off of a shared account. To just continue charging face price ( ie $30/mon) for each line is a bit excessive for sure and will turn people away as we can it has in some of these posts. One of the things that bothered me was, why dumbphone data plans were half what a smartphone was when they are both using the same network. However if you go look at VZW’s new pricing for dumbphones, the smartphone data plan is a deal IMO. I mean come on already 25Mb for $10, or 75Mb for $20 what sense does that make when you can get unlimited for $30 and have a better featured phone while you are at it.

    Anywhoo if we are going to talk apple to apples we might as well toss TM and Sprint out the window IMO as they are not on the same level as VZW & AT&T. And in all honesty the only reason there prices are so low now is becasue they keep loosing customers. If any of you think they would have lowered them if they were increasing customers wake up because it wouldn’t happen.

    What I do find funny tho is all the complaints now about the data prices because of so many people wanting an Andriod device. With that said VZW has followed AT&Ts lead on the pricing of iPhone plans. Fact is it is no more expensive to own an Andriod device on VZW then it is to own an iPhone on AT&T.

    As far as text msgs go some of you folks are a bit off base IMO. To say txt should be included with data is a bit out there. Why because txt msgs do not go across the data network to begin with. With that said tho IMO all txt msgs should be free for all carriers. It costs them almost nothing to service txt msgs as they are all transmitted across the cell network we are already paying for in our monthly calling plan. And as for pix/video msgs they do go across the data network so those could be part of the data plan. And whats funny about that is if you have a txt/pix plan and no data plan you don’t get hit with any fee. Makes no sense what so ever if you look at it in a logical sense, but then again what ever makes sense when we are talking about corp america who rips us consumers off on a daily basis.

  80. Verizon DOESN’T cap at 5 GB on the data plan on smartphones.

  81. This is what’s keeping me away. I love the Droid, and as a gadget nut would be willing to pay for a more expensive phone even though I am a penny pincher. The $30 a month is just not possible for me, though, because I am in college. I would be willing to pay for less (or get the Droid with none at all and just use WiFi) but they don’t like that. =/ Which is a shame really.

    Verizon screwed over my sister similarly; we are all on a all-you-can-eat family minutes/texting plan, but they didn’t tell her that her new phone would need “data” to send picture messages, not regular picture/texting fees. =/ So we would have to pay extra for that instead.

    It would be really great to see Verizon come up with something reasonable and I’m glad there’s more than a half dozen comments on this post, it’s obviously something a fair number of people are concerned about. =)

  82. It’s really VZ prices that will have me sticking with Tmobile or going to sprint once the next generation of android phones hit’s either of those carriers.

  83. Part of the problem is that one price does not fit all. My son would like a Droid but he will not use enough data to justify the $30 per month, there should be a lower price for lower allowance option. In truth $30 is not that bad, it’s just when you multiply it by 4 it starts to add up.

  84. I guess it depends on where you live and travel, but, I’m in Southern California and travel by car a lot throughout California, even in the rural areas (yes for those of you who live on the East Coast, California does have rural areas). I have been on Sprint since before PCS and I have excellent coverage, 3G everywhere, fast data and no dropped calls. And I get that for about 1/2 of what you guys are paying Verizon. In fact, I just got an email from Sprint giving me a customer loyalty reduction in my plan because I have been with them for over 10 years and my contract has another year to go.

  85. “It’s also tradition in this country to try and provide the best service at the CHEAPEST prices.”–Maybe on Sesame Street. In the rest of the capitalist world, sellers charge the *most* their customers will pay and their competitors will allow. Take macro economics 101. Learn about price elasticity of demand and so forth.

    “Here’s a little quiz for you titans of business. What’s better, 50 million customers paying $15 a month or 10 million paying $30 a month? So stop your defense of these giants charging $30 for something that costs them less then $5 to provide.”–It costs them **nothing** to provide the extra capacity of, say, one data plan, or 250 SMS messages. It costs them a fortune to provide any of it. I.e., they have huge fixed costs and almost nothing in marginal costs within their current capacity range. And if the 10 million customers paying $30/month is almost all they can carry within their existing capacity and servicing the 50 million customers at $15/month would cost them a couple of billion $s in investment upgrading their network and lots of pissed off customers, bad will, and churn while they get it done, then maybe the 10 million at $30/month doesn’t look so bad.

    If explaining that makes me a tool, so be it.

  86. Suggest people read http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/15/business/15price.html?pagewanted=all and understand that the goal of VZW is maximizing ARPU. All else pales by comparison.

  87. “Take macro economics 101. Learn about price elasticity of demand and so forth.”

    Well. I (and apparently plenty of others) are not getting multiple data plan lines because of the price. And I’m not just talking about comments here. I’m talking about coworkers, friends and family. Certainly it can’t just be the crowd around me.

    So, how otherwise do you suggest elasticity of demand works? Are you suggesting the company will just up and decide for us whether or not we will accept the price, rather than notice us refusing to upgrade? What is it you think spurs a change in demand?

    Yes, I actually think there is hope for change. Now they that are appealing to more of a regular crowd vs business crowd (with the blackberries) I think there will be far more opportunity to (more than) make up for the discounted price with number of devices/plans sold.

    As my VZW rep put it earlier today after they tried to get me to come in and get my wife an Eris and I asked if they’d come up with something new yet: “Not yet. I think it will come eventually.”

  88. If there are enough people like you, demand will prove elastic to price–they will see, somehow, that reducing the price will generate more demand than the revenue lost. (Assuming they feel they have capacity to service that demand or can deploy it and make a return on that investment.) If there aren’t enough people like you, demand will prove inelastic to price–they will see, indeed have seen for years, that raising the price won’t run very many people off. Only time will tell. Note that they raised the price just to go to the smartphones vs. feature phones. And smartphones are the hottest selling things in the industry about now. Look at AT&Ts iPhone experience. Cut the price on the phone. Add a mandatory iPhone data plan that, over the term, more than makes up for the lost phone price. Laugh all the way to the bank.

  89. If they offered a family plan, I would be ok sharing a realistic GB cap of say 5-8GB amoung all my phones. In fact, I’m ok with data tiered pricing plans on phones if they are in the GB range, not MB range.

  90. ANd isn’t it $45/mo. if you want exchange access?

  91. I just bought the VZW Droid and my wife bought the Eris… we about died with the cost, but went with it anyway for reasons having to do with our relocation. Are you listening to all this VZW… we AGREE!!!! Put a family data plan in place!

  92. VZW’s data and voice share the same network on 3G, so they don’t want anymore data on the network. 4G will split the data and voice, I bet you see hugh drops in price with the deployment of the 4G network. It’s simple economics. More data = less voice and voice is the strong point for VZW.

  93. a lot of people should re-evaluate why they are choosing to pick out a device. i see a lot of “my wife wants” and “my kids want” on here. do they really NEED a smartphone/pda/blackberry or just want it because its the new coolest thing? is your 14 year old going to manage his schedule and use finance apps and all of the features of the phone, or does he just call, text and play games? just because its the latest and possibly greatest phone, doesnt mean its the right one for the situation. most would be perfect for a rogue, an env touch or any other feature rich non-advanced device, but they are blinded by how cool the newest sparkly gadget is. $30 is a pricey amount for a smartphone, but its because of the amount of things you can do with it. do a personal cost/benefit analysis. is $30 a month reasonable for your kid to manage his/her facebook account when they can do it for $9.99 with a non-advanced device?

    im happy to pay my $30 a month because i use 2 gigs of data through email, web and apps on my phone. go to canada and see how much that costs. pay to play people, pay to play.

  94. cj: Android has altered the demographics of who “NEEDS” a smartphone. It’s no longer only about syncing your calendar and pushing corporate email.

    Android has a TON more to offer than that, a ton. And that DOES appeal to the non-business crowds. People want to be in touch with their gmail, gtalk contacts, surf the internet, have Maps/Nav available, use barcode scanners, one touch upload pics and videos, connect with facebook, and use the tons of apps that are becoming more and more available.

    It now goes way, way beyond the traditional blackberry user and way way WAY beyond 14 year old kids only wanting to text and play games.

    Which is exactly why people are choosing to pick out these devices. No ‘re-evaluation’ needed.

  95. I would be in for two smartphones if they did this.

  96. In my opinion, the data plan would not be overpriced if they would include unlimited messaging with data, @ $30 dollars, Sprint has verizon beat on plan pricing… I love my Eris, but in order to get the data plan i cancelled my texting, I’m using Google Voice now for it. Worth it but it would be easier not to hassle with it.

  97. Talton: totally agree with you about devices being much more than push email and calendar syncing. but there are many purchasing these that dont use them for that or the extra apps. i sell them on a daily basis and try to talk people out of them because its too much for them.

    another response too: if you take the barcode scanning app and you find 2 products that are available for $15 less than what you could get them at, arent you paying for the feature in those 2 purchases? the $30 a month could pay for itself in all of the apps that would help you save money, gas, etc.

  98. i agree with you they should have a shared plan, which im sure would in the long run give them more business with a cheaper monthly due for data.

  99. I received a phone call from verizon asking for my opinion on their service. This was my answer to them for what they need to improve on. I say 15 for each additional line max. I also wrote to the customer service online and told them my opinion on this. My phone bill right now with one data package is 150.00. I don’t want my bill to go over 200 to add two more data plans. I have internet at home and we are not desperate for the additional lines, but it would be nice.

  100. I agree that a family or household plan would.make it easier,but I also see this as a function of competition and expect this.price to come down over time. Meanwhile, we just got droids and have been loving them.

  101. @johnny, I think I know what the problem is. When I first looked at upgrading my phone to the Droid and renewing my contract online, I didn’t see the option to do so the way I wanted on the verizon site. I had to go to Best Buy, where I preordered the Droid and set up my new contract. That’s why I was surprised to be getting the deal I was getting (family connect plan for 2 lines and $30 total unlimited text and data for BOTH lines) and I saw it in writing and it’s reflected on my plan detail on vz site. BB may have given me something they shouldn’t have.

  102. Its economics 101 people…basic supply and demand…people will pay more for a better product. Verizon easily has the best voice and data network, not to mention the best customer service…just read the latest Consumer Reports. And as a result its okay to be more expensive than the worst data network (T-Mobile) and the worst all-around carrier (Sprint). Gee whiz if you’re too cheap or poor to pay for a first class flight then you pay for coach and suck it up.

  103. npm: Hey what do you know.. another “economics 101” professor in the house! I refer you to my previous couple comments on here. Along with many of the others.

  104. Belgium, Europe.. $22 for 50MB / month, how’s that for a data plan?

    love getting ripped off? just come live in Belgium!

  105. yep .. the price is keeping me away from a droid and an eris. my contract is up, i’ve been a customer for 10 years, i have a 2 line family plan. i would get 2 eris’s in a HEARTBEAT, but i refuse to pay $60 in data plans .. no friggin way. all i really want is the wifi, just like my iTouch. but, if i have to get a data plan, i’d do it for $10 per line, not a cent more. so, no smartphone for me. i’ll continue to carry around my chocolate and my iTouch. I believe someday this data plan price will drop .. until then I’ll just go old school.

  106. I checked out Verizons plans because I wanted to switch and get the Droid. What a joke they are way too expensive then everyone else. I thought AT&T was expensive until I checked out Verizon.

  107. I feel exactly the same way! I decided to upgrade from my ENV to something that could synch with an Outlook calendar and had better ergonomics. No interest in web browsing or push e-mail at all. $30 extra per month please, says the clerk. Goodbye, says I. Why doesn’t such a big company offer their phones with or without data access? Answer: they don’t feel like it. They just used up all their goodwill with me by showing me how little they care what I want.

  108. I agree! I complained to the FCC and the FTC and received calls back from Verizon. They say they are listening to customers, but I haven’t seen any changes yet. All these phones companies are actually in a dangerous position for a class-action lawsuit. They’re forcing customers to purchase a data plan with their phone, when it’s not required. (Regardless if the phone has more options utilizing a data plan) This illegal activity is calling “tying” See wikipedia for more info.

    I did notice, however, that Sprint just released a much cheaper family plan for up to 4 members. starting at $49 for everything data, per person. Let’s see if Verizon follows suit. If they don’t by end of Jan 2010, I may actually make the hop.

  109. @CJ – you can’t classify everyone into a category that only suits your definition. I have multiple children who carry multiple devices with them, along with their standard phones. Why? Because they want to have a calendar that they can sync with them and something that they can read books with, or even run multiple apps that help them accomplish their school work or other items they need (ie: sports games, ipod, traveling, etc) There are many reasons why people choose newer PDA devices who do *not* require data plans (or if they do, shouldn’t be over-charged because they have large families). You cannot enable a phone on these networks without paying a mandatory data plan – which is wrong! I have many uses for PDA phones being issued today, that you cannot simply do with “non-pda” type phones. Besides, the interface and screen sizes on the phones which have no data plans are absolutely terrible. What you simply do not understand is you cannot force someone to purchase a data plan if they will never use it. These phones can be utilized in many different ways perfectly fine without data plans – why are we having it forced down our throats?

  110. I agree we have 4 phones and 2 lines have data plans our bill is 300.00 a month.

  111. I Have Been With Verizon When They Were Cellular One, It Was Very Costly Back Then To This Was Back In 1989.
    Since Then I’ve Seen Alot Of Changes With This Company.
    I Know They Have A Network That We Are Paying For But Come On Make Plans A Little More Affordable And Especially
    The Droid Phone, Everyone Wants One But You Have To Pay For A Data To.Verizon Is Getting Very Exspensive. They Just Want The Money.They Dont And Never Will Care About There Customers, Especially Me I Have Been With For Ever.
    At&t Really Isn’t All That Bad People Tell Me But I Stayed With Verizon For So Long It Might Be Hard To Change Services.

  112. I Also Wanted To Add That The Fcc Doesn’t Care Neither
    They Are For These Companies As Well.
    To Stop Your Service Before The End Of Your Contract Will
    Cost A Arm And A Leg,
    200.00 To 300.00 That’s Outrageous Amount Of Money Don’t You Think.
    Congress Say’s They Will Put A Stop To It, Yeah Right.
    Maybe When Im Blue In The Face.
    Im Also A Cheapo But Today You Need A Cellphone.

  113. verizon really has me pissed off this time. after making me wait months to purchase a new phone at a non-retail price (usually in the price range of $500-700), i will finally be eligible for an upgrade in april! HOWEVER, now i wont even be able to get a good phone because of this BULLSHIT that says in order to get any of the cool new phones that theyre coming out with, you have to pay $30 EXTRA (let me repeat that, EXTRAAA) a month in addition to any money youre already paying for your plan, texting, etc. what the hell? what used to be a hundred-something dollar family plan has turned in to a multi-hundred dollar NIGHTMARE per month. how can they even charge that month for internet per phone? its just not right. they need to at least provide some options. even just 10 dollars a month is 120 dollars per YEAR for just unlimited texting. you can do the math to see how much 30 dollars a year will cost you. its a gross number i assure you. i refuse to pay more than 10 dollars per month for simple internet on my phone. especially when i can access a computer anywhere these days. GET IT RIGHT FOR ONCE VERIZON.

  114. I agree I hate verizon!!!! They are the most awful company there site sucks there customer service sucks they are rude!!! I pay them 5.99 a month and Asuron won’t even give me a new phone under 79.99 I hate them they now require a data plan for every phone made. Env 3, alias 2, chocolate touch all of them I hope verizon shuts down and I can’t wait until my contract ends

  115. And does anyone have any comments about who I should go to after I quit them because it’s already a done deal. Thanks

  116. Yep, I’m in the same boat. Was ready to upgrade both lines…but now I’ll be switching to T-mobile or Sprint!!!

  117. Yes a $30 dollar data package is just too much. I just simply will not pay it. I spend about 150 on my family plan the way it is now. If Verizon makes the data package mandatory with the next phone I will just get rid of it. They have just pushed too far on there prices for me.

    It’s too bad that most consumers don’t see what their doing and just run out and gobble up there latest candy at whatever price they set. They are hunting for the limit of what they can rape us with.

    And yes, I want a damn droid, all of you that have them suck. But I absolutely will not pay 30 dollars, I’ve got some self respect.

  118. how can people say that the verizon service plan is comparitivly priced with at&t???iv been with verizon for 6 years love being with them but there prices are pushing me into looking at other services.at&t service plan with unlimited data and unlimited text to any network 1400 min talk and pick 10 139.99.verizon unlimited text any network 1400 min talk pick 10 119.99 but wait now you have to add the data plans unlimited for both 60 more.so for a verizon thats 179.99 for the exact same plan.if im missing something please by all means let me know.

  119. I agree $30/phone is nuts! I could see a extra $40 for data on a family plan to cover everyone on it. I might have to consider going with Sprint. For the same plan on 2 Android phones is about $50 less. My only concern is how much roaming we will need to do.

  120. I wanted an Android phone but after going to the Verizon store and learning that I had to have a data plan of $30 per month, I said NO thank you. My business is down and to spend an additional $30 month isn’t going to happen. So the next day my boyfriend added me to his Verizon family plan. (I had my own Verizon plan for 7 years.) So Verizon just lost $30 per month, (I was paying $40.00 per month, now only $10 to be added to the family plan.) Verizon just screwed themselves and I am glad. (Americans are hurting and the phone companies make it harder to afford new devices???) I kept my old phone and I am doing fine. I am waiting to get the new tablet by Notion Ink Adam. I can use Skype with wi-fi and make calls anywhere in the world without a stinkin’ data plan.

  121. We would use this for sure! I can’t believe verizon hasn’t made this an option yet! if we wanted data for all 4 of our lines, that’s an extra 120 on top of our 120/month plan now. 240/month seems like a bit much for data!

  122. I just wanted to update our phones and was shocked to find all of our phones are now considered – smart phones and require a data pkg per phone. I’m writing to complain also. Our family has 4 phones and we never use the internet but do not want a cheesy phone. I was informed this data pkg would help if we would accidentally get on the net. We haven’t done that in 5yrs and I will deal with it if it does happen. They have you over a barrell and nothing you can do about it.

  123. Yeah, I agree. Just checked att and sprint and they have a Family Data Plan that covers all phones for $30, not per line. I really love the Verizon service but on a Family plan with stripped down service, I’m paying $230 per month. I would be paying $189 for a Sprint plan which has more minutes for the talk plus unlimited messaging and unlimited data for all lines.

  124. Quick revise to my previous post, 2 phones are the unlimited $30 and 2 phones are on the $10 data. Seriously, it wouldn’t be hard to make a family plan with Verizon. I think it’s just because of how popular Verizon has gotten.

  125. I am a Verizon customer (formerly Alltel) – still have my old Samsung Hue500 phone. The only thing that keeps me from upgrading to the new Droid Incredible is the cost of the extra “packages” I have to buy – data plan, plus some kind of additional package for text messages…its ridiculous to have to pay for “data” and “text” separately because, as one poster pointed out, it all goes thru the same pipeline anyway.
    For right now, unless some package prices change, I’ll be sticking with my old phone…maybe Verizon should adopt a new slogan “There’s a package for that!”

  126. I agree I bought a Droid outright and I have wifi at work and at home so I dont need data but they won’t turn on the droid without the data I am ready to sue anyone want to join me ?

  127. i don’t see why the data package is a requirement. i understand that smart phonesare ment for inernet and things like that but some phone aren’t. it wouldnt be so bad if the data packages are for everyone in the contract.

  128. for example if i had a smart phone and the 29.99 dollar data package was required will that be available to everyone else in my contract

  129. I agree that the data plan is outrageous. I even told that to one of their representatives. Our phone bill it already near $250.00 a month. I want to upgrade to a Droid but my dad is holding back because of the data package. We would get 2 Droids so that will bring our bill to almost $300 a month. I think they should make an family data package for like $50 dollars a month to add to your plan than per a phone.

  130. I to was taken in by this. I went three yrs without a new phone. When I did want upgrade I was forced into a DATA PKG.
    I just wanted a better phone.I didn’t want all the bells and whistles. I believe their prices are to steep for the data pks. Family data pack unlimited $40 tops.

  131. Right I just call verizon and they told me $29.99 was unlmited for one person no family plan. I was ganna get the 2 for 1 deal but it’s would be $60 exta for two people to have unlimter I mean AT&T iPhone can hook up to ur own wifi in your house I mean come on

  132. We are on the same boat, husband and I want to upgrade our phones and can’t since the extra $60/month would hurt….VERIZON PLEASE consider this!!!!!!

  133. I think I am going to ditch VZW. AT&T had family data plan. VZW doesnt. I am not going to pay $30.00 per month for wife to have a blackberry, when she doesn’t want the data plan. She just wants a good phone for texting and keeping her calendar and contacts. Now VZW is requiring data packages for kid texting phones like the EnV. It’s like they just gave themselves a $30.00 per month raise for every line, because the phones that don’t require data packages are pieces of crap that are technologically equivalent to 2004 phones.

  134. I’ve been trying to convince my mother to get us both blackberries, because of the Buy 1 Get 1 Free thing going on right now, but I didn’t realize that its $30 per phone. I thought it was just $30 for mobile Internet for both of us. This is ridiculous and I think VZW should create a family Internet plan of say, $40 for 2 phones. $10 per extra line.. that makes sense to me. Not $30 per phone.

  135. I agree with you! I’ve been wanting the Blackberry Bold or the LG Ally but with the required $30 per month, I can’t.

    I think you should be able to choose if you want to pay $30 a month for data or not.

  136. I agree and I’m pissed. I’ve been hanging onto this old crappy phone waiting for a good opportunity to upgrade. I finally get the chance and now I’m forced to tack on 30.00 to my monthly bill. Screw that…

  137. I’m in the same boat, I have 5 lines total on my plan,my current bill is over 200 a month, I have been holding on to my old Voyager waiting for the right time to upgrade now im stuck with a forced $30 data package,already paying and extra $40 for the other lines but I want the Droid..Verizon please make a package deal,primary line get free data if more than 3 lines on account..theres gotta be a cheaper way..we would all have Droids but not now!!!!!!5×30 @ $150 more a month on top of another 170 i already pay…I think your making enough money monthly off me…Blah.

  138. I agree with you. I have complained to Verizon that there should be a family set amount for the unlimited data packages for people on a family line package. We have 5 lines on our family package.

  139. The “REQUIRED” data package is why Im leaving Verizon as soon as my last contract is up, we are moving over to sprint, for 3 phones with the $30 unlimited text I pay $133 a month and that is with no internet and a 700 minute plan, NOW with Sprint I get 3 phones OVER 900 Minutes, UNLIMITED TEXT and UNLIMITED INTERNET fot $78 a month, You do the math….Verizon is making all there “Media Ready” Phones REQUIRE the DATA package, almost all the phones are media ready so you really dont have a choice, we dont use internet on our phones, so Verizon wants us to pay for something we dont use?

  140. legit. just make a plan like they have for the unlimited txting for all line. is sooo simple! why they havent done it yet i dont know…. bye they seriously need to because i know of A TON of people who are switching or haave switched netoworks because they were net paying $30 a month every time they wanted to upgrade their phones!

  141. I agree, it is really frustrating. I do like Verizon customer service and I think their network is awesome in comparison to their competitors. However they charge way too much. In fact I think they are starting to price themselves out of the market. I need a new phone, I want the droid but refuse to pay the extra $30 in addition to the family plan and extra money every month we have to pay for texting. I hope they get more competitive soon or they will loose another family fast. In today’s economy they need to be smarter about their pricing strategy

  142. SERIOUSLY!!! $30 is ridiculous!

  143. I agree, it’s crazy… NOT VERY FAMILY FRIENDLY, STOP THE TV ADDS.

  144. I agree I have a family of 5 with 3 teens. Verizon charges me close to two hundred a month with no data package. With data I would be paying another mortgage. I am waiting for my kids to be off contract to move my carrier.

  145. So get the 15.00 data plan and STFU!

  146. oh. sorry. just saw the date u posted this. They didnt have that data plan then. I still like saying STFU though!

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