LG And T-Mobile Teaming Up For An Android?


lg-android-phonesIf you’re looking for an LG phone available on T-Mobile in the United States you should stop looking – it doesn’t exist. And surprisingly Verizon, who has been a long history of promoting LG phones, failed to include a single LG device in their holiday push. This has resulted in falling market share and the company is currently trying to remedy the lack of momentum – possibly with an Android Phone for T-Mobile:

Last month, T-Mobile officials reportedly visited LG’s headquarters in Seoul. Considering T-Mobile is aggressively marketing the Android-based smartphone, LG could also be a manufacturer for T-Mobile’s Android smartphone. LG has already introduced two kinds of Android-based smartphones, the GW620 and the GW880.

The above is from Telekoms Korea who also said the company could enter the prepaid market to increase its shipment of low-end mobile phones. I’m still wondering why LG hasn’t slapped Android on the enV series or redone the Voyager with an Android version. Hop on it!

This sounds like speculation more than anything else… but if it becomes a reality it would be a welcomed development. The more Androids the merrier!

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  1. I really like the way the Eve keyboard looks, no idea how it works in real life but it looks good.

  2. ^agreed^

  3. Phone looks good

  4. I’ve played with this phone and I personally didn’t like it at all – the user interface on the home screen / app selection is just poorly done compared to the default Android implementation and the HTC Sense UI.

    Some people may love it (or it may be a budget phone making it worth getting compared to other android devices), but I’m just saying I wasn’t a fan when I got to try it out

  5. “And surprisingly Verizon, who has been a long history of promoting LG phones, failed to include a single LG device in their holiday push.”

    not true, they just added the chocolate touch to their lineup, their just not advertising it much cause they know android and smartphones are where it’s at

  6. Hi, I need some advice. SHOULD I GET THE DROID, OR SHOULD I GET A SENSE PHONE AND WAIT FOR IT TO GET UPDATED TO 2.1? The SCENES feature in HTC Sense just amazes me, and I cannot imagine having Android without SCENES.

  7. I’ve played with an LG Eve and it was a total piece of crap. The keyboard is mush, the hinge was flimsy, the screen was crappy, and the software was awful. The only good thing about it was the haptic feedback vibrate felt just like a spring, haha.

  8. @John – Looks like you answered your own question if scenes is really that big of a feature to you. It is a neat feature and with screenshots and ROMs of 2.1 Sense leaking out on the internet it couldn’t be that long before it’s released. I’d say go with the Eris or HTC Hero and just wait for 2.1.

  9. @EvanC
    Somehow, I’m not surprised. The vast majority of LG devices seem to be plagued with that cheap/flimsy feeling…not that they’re not durable…they just don’t feel solid. My wife’s old vx8700 (recently replaced by a droid) was the only LG i’ve ever touched that didn’t fit that profile.

  10. As an original Android fan (had g1) and current TMO customer (have MT3G), Im really starting to feel sorry for myself…Is it safe to say that TMobile has resigned to (or aimed at) being the low-end Android carrier? I notice none of their 4 Androids have equal hardware to even the lowest spec’d Verizon or Sprint Android phone…TMO is still producing new MyTouch commercials, touting the MyTouch (528mhz/192RAM) at the same time that Verizon is pushing the Droid (better/better) and Sprint the Hero (same/better)…

  11. well, if the rumors of the Sholes Tablet are correct, t-mobile will have something better than the droid (except no keyboard)

  12. davis: I’m expecting the milestone and sholes tablet to arrive at t-mobile early 2010.

  13. don’t reall like lg touch interface

  14. The keyboard on the droid sucks, so not having one on the Sholes Tablet probably is a better deal. I’m glad I got my droid when I did, but if I’d had a choice between the droid and a sholes tablet at the time I would have returned my droid and gone for the sholes tablet.

  15. @davis actually the htc hero has the same processor as the g1 or the my touch

    really if this phone comes out with cupcake running on an arm 11 at 528mhz…they might as well just pitch it right into the trash

    there really is no excuse

  16. I agree the keyboard on the Droid sucks. If T-mo got the keyboardless Droid I’d give it a try. I was thinking about a Cliq to replace my G1. My wife has one and I like it except that its on 1.5 and I’m starting to notice a few features missing like the phone numbers on establishments that you search for on the map. If that LG comes to T-Mo and its solid that may be the phone I look at. It looks like the Cliq but has a track pad and full number row which are pluses for me. I hope they just don’t screw up the interface.

  17. That would be so cool if they put Android on the Voyager Phone

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