Dec 2nd, 2009 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:25 pm

lg-android-phonesIf you’re looking for an LG phone available on T-Mobile in the United States you should stop looking – it doesn’t exist. And surprisingly Verizon, who has been a long history of promoting LG phones, failed to include a single LG device in their holiday push. This has resulted in falling market share and the company is currently trying to remedy the lack of momentum – possibly with an Android Phone for T-Mobile:

Last month, T-Mobile officials reportedly visited LG’s headquarters in Seoul. Considering T-Mobile is aggressively marketing the Android-based smartphone, LG could also be a manufacturer for T-Mobile’s Android smartphone. LG has already introduced two kinds of Android-based smartphones, the GW620 and the GW880.

The above is from Telekoms Korea who also said the company could enter the prepaid market to increase its shipment of low-end mobile phones. I’m still wondering why LG hasn’t slapped Android on the enV series or redone the Voyager with an Android version. Hop on it!

This sounds like speculation more than anything else… but if it becomes a reality it would be a welcomed development. The more Androids the merrier!

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