There’s No Longer a Lawsuit for That


Ah, finally. I think a few of us saw this coming. AT&T and Verizon have agreed to be friends again. They hugged it out and warm fuzzies were felt inside.

Apparently an AT&T rep boarded a company jet and flew to Verizon HQ to meet Lowell McAdam with a bouquet of roses and box of chocolates in hand.  They shared a tear-jerking heart-string-pullin’ moment together as they gazed deep within each others eyes and then – to surprise and amazement of those around them – the duo sang “Happy Together“.

It was Epic. I was there for the whole thing.

Seriously though. The guys over at gizmodo got a little note from AT&T informing them of the news, and in turn posted it. I wasn’t really there. Heck, the sing-along may not have even happened.  Or maybe it did. Did it? I’m confused.

Here’s the full legal text:

IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED by and between Plaintiff/Counterclaim Defendant Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless (“Verizon Wireless”) and Defendant/Counterclaim Plaintiff AT&T Mobility LLC (“AT&T”) that pursuant to Rule 41(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: (a) Verizon Wireless’s claims against AT&T in the above- captioned action are hereby dismissed without prejudice, and (b) AT&T’s counterclaims against Verizon Wireless in the above-captioned action are hereby dismissed without prejudice.

So seriously. Anyone else besides me not surprised at all?


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  1. VZ can’t be bothered with AT&T. They are way too busy getting ready to have their a$$es handed to them by Sprint.

  2. @Chahk: What world do you live in?

  3. haha sprint? really? that’d be the upset of the decade…I don’t think one person I know uses sprint…

  4. I use Sprint. Love my bill. How’s your bill treating you on those other networks?

  5. Hahaha…hows your service treating you over there at sprint?
    Let me know when you have as good as reception as VZW…in fact you should call me and tell me about it…oh wait, you have sprint, nevermind.

  6. Hahaha! That was a funny little exchange y’all had there. :)

  7. lol hows your bills treating you at any other network? Oh and my receptions just fine ;)

    Tmobile ftw! gotta love unlimited everything for 70$ a month lol

  8. Duuude! I have T-Mobile and if Sprint’s service is worse than the crap service I’m getting now, Sprint customers should just carry a calculator around cause I doubt their phones do much else. At least we have the best plans (with the worst phones, other than the g1)… /:

  9. to clarify, I think T-Mobile has a scarce ‘map’ for Houston

  10. Sprint definitely has the best rates if you get an EPRP plan, but it’s just because they’re grasping for straws at this point. They’re not a threat to anyone except for maybe Metro PCS if they cut their rates again.

    This lawsuit really had no ground to begin with. Except for Verizon’s first ad, which was changed, everything has clearly stated they’re talking about 3G. AT&T ignores this in their commercials and basically states “Verizon’s lying, see…we have coverage here.” Honestly, I wish Verizon would have a commercial saying “Here’s our 3G maps. Here’s our 2G maps. You know that absurd iPhone bill you spend for 3G speed internet? Yeah…”

  11. LMAO
    I have Sprint and go to many states in the country with out having any drop calls, my 3G is great, and I might not get full bars sometimes, but I still get perfect phone calls and don’t loose any internet connection.
    You guys on ohter networks (well, not the ones on AT&T though) might get the same or better coverage, but in the places that matter to me, I got great coverage.
    On top of that, like “thefatrat” said; Love my bill, that’s something nobody else can say about their bill, now can you? Oh, and btw, with Sprint we get Anytime Any Mobile.
    I’m not hating, I’m been realistic, you might not need a lower bill, oh well, keep on getting rape by the other networks.

  12. yeah, the free calls to any mobile phone on any network, plus free roaming on other networks if needed, is just icing on the already delicious cake. I stuck with Sprint to see what they would come up with. The Hero has not disappointed. I’m holding onto our other upgrade to see what comes around next year… 4G?

  13. well i definitely love my sprint bill. really cant beat an everything data plan with a 27% discount. i used to have verizon and now i pay a fraction of what i used to on verizon with just about the same coverage no matter where i go,state to state. 3G speeds are quick. from my experience its a bit quicker than verizon. voice coverage wise, its been great. i think people tend to forget that sprint now roams on verizons network for voice coverage soo technically i get just about the same amount of voice coverage as a someone on verizon IF and when i ever am roaming which i hardly ever do. dont get me wrong, i swear on verizons network and coverage, theyre great in that perspective. just couldnt bear to pay a premium when i can get about as good a coverage and 3G speed for much less. i guess for me its all about value.

  14. “VZ can’t be bothered with AT&T. They are way too busy getting ready to have their a$$es handed to them by Sprint.”

    no no! t-mobile is gonna kick all of ’em a$$es! yeah! That’ll learn ’em!

  15. Can you get a Moto Droid from Sprint or T-Mobile? No? Not interested.

  16. @hero, thats exactly the point, Sprints Any Mobile, Any Time is like half of what VZW costs, and that roaming part, true, we can roam to VZW 3G voice network so its the same….. except the price:D
    So im happy i have the best Android in the US(HTC Hero babbyy)and pay 50$ a month for everything:D(3 people=$150 month)

  17. Sprint has cut prices in a disparate attempt to get customers; and it isn’t working. They are no threat to ATT or Verizon.

  18. Sprint and TMo may have da lowest plan for now because they’re trying to get more customers. Just imagine how much your plans would be if you had At&t or VZW subscriber base.

  19. Of all the carriers Sprint is still the only carrier that shows a loss in total customers/ their churn rate (the rate at wich customers leave a carrier) is higher than any other carrier. I guess low prices dont mean much when your customer service stinks.

  20. I have HTC Hero on Sprint and must say… I love everything about the phone and the service/coverage I have, me and 3 other family members share one plan all data/tv/gps/internet/roaming on Verizon network/Free any mobile to mobile/ damn the list just keeps going on…all for the $130 !! you cant beat that, also I dont know why people say sprints networks suck ?? were do you guys live at..the north pole ? I live in the Washington d.c area and my coverage is good and never had a drop call yet, not even on the metro underground ! anyways in the end we all win as customers when companies compete like this….let the good times role!!

  21. ahhhh. dc huh? well i guess all that money you’re saving from the phone plan can be used to pay your exacerbated cost of living. i wonder if the 20 or 30 bucks you save can do it.

    let’s just be honest here. you get what you pay for, and i want the very best coverage, with the baddest phone in america …. verizon+droid= $100. i’ll take it. hey, when you count the fact that i don’t have to pay an internet bill anymore because i can tether …hmmmm, i guess i saved about $80 … so $20 ????? it’s not as fast .. i know. oh well, i don’t do anything great online anyway.

  22. Sadly, Sprint dropped their prices and they still lost… what?? 800K subscribers last quarter? After losing a million plus the previous several quarters? No wonder they have to offer any mobile… mobile to mobile on their own network isn’t worth a damn thing.

  23. better check that any mobile any time stuff, doesnt work while roaming. see countless numbers of sprint customers complaining about getting shafted while roaming. also, sprint has been kicking people off of the network that roam too much or call into customer service too much.

    just doesnt seem right in my opinion.

  24. Check this out

    AT&T dead last in Consumer Reports wireless survey

    Verizon is #1 and T-Mo is #2 surprisingly… other networks must suck big time

    “The overall satisfaction scores over all 26 cities puts Verizon on top with a score of 75, according to AppleInsider. T-Mobile comes in next with 70 (buoyed by its ‘superior’ customer service), with Sprint trailing with 67 (due to ‘poor customer support’) and AT&T pulling up the rear with 66.”

  25. for some reason the link didnt get through… here it is

  26. nevermind…
    just go to tech.yahoo.com/blogs/patterson/60353

  27. i am also in the dc/md metro area. i tried sprint (palm pre) and had a couple dropped calls in my house, and i actually had one in my car while parked outside my house. was not cutting, so unfortunately i canceled within a week.
    i had also tried a couple of years ago a MVNO (company leasing from sprint’s network) and had network issues then as well.
    too bad since they have the best plans and some pretty sweet phones in the pre and hero.

  28. Sprint’s no threat to anyone at this point, but they are definitely the sweet spot in bang for the buck.

    I don’t know why they’ve been losing so many customers, I guess they need a clearly defined niche:
    – people who care most about money go to Tmobile
    – people who care most about coverage go to Verizon
    – people who want the iPhone go to AT&T

    Sprint is like a combination of those three. You pay a little more than t-mobile’s lowest rates, you get coverage almost as good as Verizon’s (identical except 3G coverage in the sticks), and you get the Pre or Hero with almost the same features as the iPhone.

    It all adds up to a very nice package, call it a “second-best of all worlds”. I guess it’s just not simple to market or for people to realize what a nice deal they offer.

  29. a lot of you guys sound like “my brother can beat your brother up”! Afraid to admit that as smart as you are you may have mad a mistake in choosing your carrier/ phone, etc. I switched from ATT to Sprint two years ago and plan to never go back. Great coverage, great customer service, a phone that does everything I need it to do AND the lowest bill my family has ever had. May not be the best for everyone, everywhere but I’m more than satisified!

  30. Ok, I know all about Sprint. And people keep saying oh Sprint is losing so many customer’s and so much money. Ya that may be true but if you knew the reason maybe you might rethink what you are saying. With Sprint they are like the ONLY cell phone company that gives credit to a bill for legitimate charges. Sprint customer’s are able to dispute charges on their bill. Ex: You have a charge of $75 for internet access. You call Sprint. Request credit. Ok so what does Sprint do??? Almost 100% of the time they would apply a ONE TIME COURTESY credit…as long as you will either block the internet or add a data pack..unfortunately the customer’s are abusing that policy and they will call every month and have total credits given to them bc their cheap asses don’t want to pay for it and Sprint gives them credit. Can you call your cell phone company and dispute a VALID charge and actually receive credit??? No probably not. And that is a major factor as to why customer’s cancel their accounts. Because Sprint is taking away and trying to reduce discretionary credits. Now customer’s say oh well I’m just going to cancel my account if you don’t give me credit. I’m not just talking about small credits either. People ask for $600-$700 credits on brand new phones bc they used their upgrade and aren’t eligible for discounts on a new phone so..”IM GOING TO CANCEL!!” Pretty lame to blame the company on losing customer’s bc they won’t give credit to some jackass that thinks the world revolves around them. I know if I called my carrier (AT&T) and threatened to cancel my account if I didn’t get credit, They would have that account cancelled in a matter of moments.Also Sprint might not have the best coverage but they have the lowest prices that is for damn sure. Also people with Sprint when you are in “Premier” status get to upgrade their primary line every 12 months instead of 24 months. With the anymobile anytime feature you can talk unlimited to any cell phone in the united states reguardless of the carrier. Sprint has bundled plans that include texting and internet unlike AT&T and Verizon which you have to pay $20 for unlimited text and $15-$30 for unlimited data depending on the phone you have. You can have any phone that Sprint has to offer on their Everything Data 450 for $69.99 which gives you: unlimited text, data, email, pic mail, video mail, nagivation/gps, FREE basic tv channels, america roaming, nationwide long distance, AND anymobile anytime! I would love to see a plan like that with AT&T or Verizon!

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