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Android Market On Archos 5 Internet Tablet


You may have read a review of the Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet written by Phandroid contributor John Ashton Edgar. While overall he seemed to enjoy it his biggest issue with the device was its lack of Google App integration and the replacement of Android Market with AppsLib.

It runs an Archos version of Android. This is significant for several reasons. There is no Google integration. None, nada, zip, zero, nunca. The only integration you get is going into your Google account in the very nice webkit browser. I didn’t have any issues because the browser is nice with nearly 5″ of screen, but if you are a fan of the Google Android OS apps like Gmail, Gtalk, or Calendar, be warned. This also represents one of my largest issues with the Archos 5. They have their own app market, AppsLib.

Issues be gone! The folks at have figured out a way for owners of the Archos 5 to get Android Market and all of the Google Apps like Maps, Talk Calendar and more onto the the device!


Our friends at JKonTheRun did a nice step-by-step guide to getting the job done – keep in mind this is for Windows:

  1. Download and extract this to your computer ( or search ) ( Mirrors anyone? )
  2. Download these files to your computer
  3. Put Archos 5 to ADB mode ( settings/device storage & USB/USB mode -> ADB )
  4. Connect usb and choose drivers to use and point to drivers folder on files you downloaded on step 2 to your computer ( if it fails, go to device manager – click Archos – Update drivers – Browse computer for driver – Let me pick – Have disk – Browse to drivers you downloaded )
  5. On Windows -> copy folder named system from the step 1 to same folder as you have adb.exe
  6. Run adb.exe on command prompt
  7. Type adb push system /data/test/system [ press enter ] ( cd to the folder you have the adb.exe first.. like “cd downloads” )
  8. reboot your Archos 5
  9. ENJOY!

Updates to the steps suggest you need this version of the hack to get Google Maps working and you need to have 1.4.08 or 1.4.09 firmware for success. Give it a whirl and let us know how it turns out for you!

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  1. oh snap does this mean if you have a data connection you can use google voice?

  2. Please please anyone doing this: please DO NOT complain to developers about broken apps. This is an environment (1.5 running one of the new screen sizes without the 1.6 APIs or compatibility features) that developers who place things on the market should not need to target.

  3. i would totaly buy this if you could use google voice. does the headphone jack support mic? it should work right?

  4. Man, I wish Archos went to town on this device.

    Maybe they will.

    But at this point I can’t say I am interested in using something that totally needs to be hacked into what it should have been in the first place.

    Their own app store? That should almost go on failblog.

  5. This is exactly the fragmentation I’ve been fearing. Since Android is an open platform, companies can modify and resell it at will, but that leads to major compatibility problems. This is exactly why Linux is failing on the desktop. If you buy a Mac or Windows app, it will run on Mac or Windows, respectively, as long as you have the version it’s compatible with. With Linux, installers come in all shapes and sizes, some even requiring the end-user to compile code, and hardly anything is what I would consider standardized. It’s a nightmare, and end users just won’t put up with it. Android device manufacturers need to stay on track with Google and maintain compatibility, or Android is going to end up like the mobile version of Linux. Android may very well be its own worst enemy.

  6. Doesn’t matter. Very few apps work on this buggy device. I’ve had to format it twice just to keep it running. Even worse it’ll cost you $39 to use the GPS (yeah, the GPS is disabled unless you pay) and another $39 to play HD video with no promise of any codec actually working (sound sync issues and crashes). Firmware updates remove functionality and codecs while doing nothing to stop random reboots and force closes. It takes a truly deranged individual to defend this device.

    Save your money, this thing will be on clearance soon. Now it’s just giving Android another black eye like the buggy Moto Droids did before.

  7. “This is exactly the fragmentation I’ve been fearing. Since Android is an open platform, companies can modify and resell it at will, but that leads to major compatibility problems.”

    What fragmentation? You’ll notice that Market is not (legally) available on this device, because it is not compatible. Sure, anyone can and will take android and hack it to do whatever they want. But if you are not ending up with a compatible device, you are not going to have Market on it.

  8. Oh and if you -really- change things, Market won’t even be able to run on it. :)

  9. @Brad: let the market weed it self out of the wannabes. don’t buy android products without the android Market shipped with them. that should put these overly enterprising devices back to their rightful place. i think the android Market is designed not just a mere store but more of a quality control – its presence in a device is the google stamp of approval. should a user decide to buy a device without it and decides to access the Market, i think at the very least he’s on his own. one can argue that by doing such is tantamount to jailbreaking the iphone. as google sees the android market as a proprietary product, the ramifications might be interesting. Another cease and desist letter, maybe? Dianne mentioned about modifying the Market it won’t run on unapproved devices, who knows.

  10. This actually convinced me for buying this. The market is nice, but not the main reason I would want it. Even without the market it is some kickass machine!

  11. I’ve been using it for a while and sure it’s not perfect, but on the other hand it can do so much. Sure you have to pay for the GPS you don’t have to pay to activate it, you pay for the NDrive software solution (but 40$ for a stand alone GPS and all Canada and US maps with this kind of screen), that’s not a problem it’s a deal. As for the HD, if you want to use it to record and play from and to an HD TV, it might be useful (then you should go for the docking station 119$ including HD and remote and virtually endless space with an ext, USB hard drive), otherwise you simply don’t need it, I’ve been trying all kind of files (except HD) and they do play very well. For music it’s just great you can play almost any format and do whatever you want sync or simply drag and drop.

    Market problem ??, well I really don’t think it’s an issue only with Archos but with almost every hardware suppliers and Google will have to do something about it very soon, but for now since you can get most ”apk files” directly on the web and I’m using most of the Googles apps (Maps, talk, listen etc.. for voice I can’t get an account in Canada so I can’t tell)and most of then optimized for the screen of the Archos (thanks to Motorola Droid), the only problem that do bugs me a little it’s the fact that you can’t sync contacts and calendars but as this is not a phone but an internet tablet you can always go directly on the net and do whatever you want from there.

    In conclusion I can say that I sure would like Archos and Google agree to correct those problems, and I am sure it will happen, I think that Archos wanted to go to fast and they may suffer a bit for that on the other hand they did delivered a very good product ahead of time if you compared to all the others that we’re still waiting for, and it will get better. I’m sure that we’ll see an update soon to Android 2.x including all Google stuff and then it will be a GREAT product, and if not well it is still a very good one.

  12. do yu have to pay 40$ for the gps will it stay forever and what happens if you take it another country

  13. Chris – As far as I am aware it has a microphone built in, although I suspect you can use a bluetooth headset as well.

    As for the GPS, you only have to pay for the software on there. There is nothing stopping you from using an alternative piece of software instead. I personally am planning to use Copilot 8.

  14. Please, tell me Spotify works on this?

  15. On my Archos 5 Internet Tablet the GPS returns no data. I assumed it was because they wanted $39. Maybe the GPS is broken on my unit. I read the manual and box and it seems carefully worded to indicate that a GPS is available, but requires an annual fee that includes software.

  16. Seriously though it looks kinda sweet but needs at least donut

    Eclair would make it so sick that I’d literally barf

  17. @Peter Reime: Please don’t try unless you are giving all hope of support for CoPilot, as this device is NOT supported.

    It sure look like a good product from archos, I just wish I didn’t have to put with the interface.


  18. Android 2.0 will now be available on this device from the end of this month, which means it will now support the market place. It wasn’t Archos’ fault that the 1st batch of this device doesn’t come with the Android Market place, it was Google’s, because they refuse to grant Archos the license since the device hasn’t got a camera and a compass. If you want this device wait till after Xmas or till Jan, but beware, if you are buying in the UK, the price will go up in January as VAT is being returned to 17.5% from the current 15%.

  19. co-pilot works great, i installed it last night and have been using it a bit, only thing is the toouchscreen u have to touch high on buttons it doesnt read directly on touch if that made any senc the calibration on the one app is off a little but i got used to it as its only nav set it and done

  20. not to change topic but has anyone found a working ADB driver for Win7 yet im dying to fix this

  21. @sean, you should have the driver if you downloaded all the file above and followed the instructions. I used those and did the hack on Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. Make sure you have the latest firmware on your A5. Also some say that if the USB driver file shows .txt at the end just remove that part by renaming it with out that.

  22. GPS is NOT disabled on the Archos 5 IT with Android! You can get google maps and “my location” which uses the built in GPS satellite feature WILL work. My location worked even when I was sitting in my apartment bedroom. GPS is free with Google maps and is REAL GPS. Works fine.

    The GPS you are talking about is the standalone GPS application which is a free 7 day trial and then you have to pay for the license but you don’t have to buy that plugin to get GPS for the A5 IT. You can always use Google maps which includes street view. Love it!!

  23. Afrochap wrote:
    Android 2.0 will now be available on this device from the end of this month, which means it will now support the market place. It wasn’t Archos’ fault that the 1st batch of this device doesn’t come with the Android Market place, it was Google’s, because they refuse to grant Archos the license since the device hasn’t got a camera and a compass……

    Does this mean that the google apps (Maps, agenda, Gmail) with the release of Android 2.0 end of this month for Archos 5 IT can be installed without the “hack”?

  24. @ Reddy comment 6

    You really are stupid when it comes to this and know nothing…

    A: Most of the apps run just fine from the app store

    B: LMAO the GPS isn’t Disabled/locked you can use it with any GPS software that’s out for android. I’m actually using a cracked Ndrive version that didnt cost me anything.
    Archos give you the option of purchasing ndrive from them for $40.

    C: Id rather pay a 1 time $40 to have all codecs. Instead of having to convert all my movies so my device will play them. Shit Archos is the only hand held that actually supports all the movies formats without converting so be great full.

    D: Ive had the device for like 5 weeks and at first i had problems with freezing and whatnot but you know what…It was task killing software i was using. The problem was archos media screwed up with i killed that process but it made sense…and you know what i did. I excluded my task killing program from stopping it…ALL MY PROBLEMS WENT AWAY
    Ive gone 4½ weeks, since i figured what i was doing wrong without a single problem

    Maybe you should stick to more simple devices like Iphone
    Its pretty much fool proof ;)

  25. I bought the Archos 5 tablet for a relative, and for its main purpose, couch web browsing , email, and media it a great device. But like previously mentioned its not the be all end all. I do agree that archos is pretty responsive with the updates, and you can expect to see android 2.0 in the near future, so the device will only get better.

    Myself I’m waiting for CES (in about a week), that’s when we’re likely to see a flurry of new devices (android and others) announced, keep your eyes open for ICD ultra table, Archos 9 Android and the long rumored Apple tablet (“iSlate”), looks like 2010 will shape up to be the year of the tablet.

  26. I’m currently typing this from my archos 5. I honestly love the video on this device! No need to ever convert videos again! My only real beef with this device is that the app store is crap there are too few and not very good apps. I too experienced lots of freezes and force closures early in the inception of the device, but more recently due to the relatively frequent updates, its been great. And I’m sure that with the future updates it will get even better! And I’m sure that we archos 5 IT users will get the full market soon enough!

  27. The Archos5 IT is the pinnacle of human achievement, and I love it more than my family.

  28. Well I think Archos are crap.

  29. the 5 I.T. is incredible. I was originally scared by all the reports of crashes. But they had a ton of firmware updates and it works like a charm.

    still has a couple buggy issues. but nothing serious. I luv it. Luv it.
    Was looking forward to the Archos 9, but read a few poor reviews, particularly of it’s Video capability.
    But the 5 I.T. with Android is a Home Run.!!

  30. After the installation of Android Market, notification window doesn’t appear! For example I download some file from market and I want to see its progress, but can’t! What to do? If you know please write me to eforum84 [at] gmail [dot] com.

  31. I installed the mentioned hack and it is working great for me. Except the calendar. I assume, I did something wrong but I got the concept now and I can fix it. Thanks for everyone from the developers to people who pointed them or put their $0.02 into this issue.

  32. While the GPS is turned on, some of the programs can not communicate with the device. Some programs has no problems. Any ideas?

  33. I upgraded to latest firmware 1.7.33 and I lost all of my Google connection. I tried to follow the instructions. Everything worked and none of the applications appeared. What am I doing wrong. What is wrong with this Archos folks? Why can just use regular marketplace and Google applications instead of trying to tweak them?

  34. Been thinking about archos5 but stumbling at the gps issues. Any known ways or apps to allow external blue tooth gps reciever and preloaded detail maps (.imi)and bypass the whole ndrive issues

  35. The GPS works out of the box. You do not need to pay extra. The extra cash is only for the NDrive software (if you want to use it past the seven day trial).

    Market place works fine, and to correct Brad’s erroneous statement, a package manager (such as AppLib on Android, and apt/yum/yast on Linux) maintain quality control, and automate installs and updates of all software (even the OS). Something completely missing on Microsoft platforms. I am not sure where he got the data to support market failures.

    I must admit that sometime this device asks me to wait for an awful long time for things, and it is my first Archos device so everything is new to me. I travel a lot for work, and it has already paid for itself many times over. The flawless playback of movies and music from my upnp server is fantastic, and it plays the formats I use when I rip DVDs and CDs (OGG and AVI primarily). I brought it hiking a few times, and took it to Spain once, and I’ve had no problems with it yet.

  36. I bought an Archos 5 with android because Apple was pushing out too many updates–the straw that broke the camel’s back was the wiping out of all my music. Well, I love the Archos, in theory. The problem is, every time they push out a firmware update, it resets all the customization and wipes out all the downloaded apps. It’s wonderful for browsing on the fly and as a media player its okay, but just try using it like a PDA.

  37. Latest firmware is stable, most of the added applications are working fine, it became a handy device… :-)

  38. I did everything, apparently successful, but I see nothing new on the archos?

  39. c’mon archos 5, gets flash 10.1 update, android 2.2 update, and a divx compatability programs…its almost football season..for the love of God, get a move on dont let Apple run all over ya.

  40. Just got my 5it yesterday, and it’s running firmware 2.0.15. Not sure if the hack above doesn’t work with this version or if I’m missing something else. adb seemed to successfully push everything down, but I don’t see any of the google apps showing up in my app list.

  41. so as of now archos 5 it DOES run android 2.0?? im buying one today. thanks!

  42. No, Garret. The A5IT is not on Android 2.0. It is on Archos Firmware 2.0.15. These do not mean the same thing. The Archos firmware will contain some version of Android, but it will not necessarily (and most often will not) be the same numbered version of the Android OS.

  43. I’m clicking on the link in step 2, and it loads, but there aren’t any files listed there. am I doing something wrong?

  44. How long will it be before we can expect android 2.x on the archos 5 IT? I have the 500gb tablet.

    Thank you!


  45. Hi,
    I have a German system and a hard time.
    I could not run the drivers, now I am not sure, if there is any possibility … :-(

  46. sorry, I tried further but not successful. I can until pushing something somewhere, later I tried the apk and installed it … now I am lost. Is there any possibilty to verify?

  47. Everything seemed to work for me until i got to the “adb push system /data/test/system” it just tells me that “the system cannot find the path specified. I am very confused at the beginning of the whole command prompt steps. if anyone could help i would greatly appreciate it! also, do you need to have the instsallation disk that came with the archos5 to make this work? thanks

  48. When I open the adb it opens goes through a bunch of files then closes before I can do anything… Got up to 7 and stuck help please…

  49. I am trying this on a Archos 5 Internet Tablet, with the latest firmware. And I am having trouble getting results. I love this little Android tablet, but it seems as if Archos has moved onto a new platform (it seems with the new Android 2.2).. but I dread Archos has given up on updating its older models to Android 2.2 :(

    I would love to see continued community support for updating the software on these older devices!

  50. I have had mine for several months now and it is a sweet device. I have the docking station and HDMI cable to the tv, a network storage hard drive with my movie colection and it plays them all with out converting, something my android 2.2 phone won’t do. I’m thinking about getting another one for the bed room. The remote that comes with the docking station is nice to.

  51. i am trying to find the lastest Archos firmware or lastest ROM for this tablet.

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