Nov 30th, 2009

dolphinAndroid 2.0 has multi-touch support including pinch & zoom for 3rd party applications but, for one reason or another (probably legal in nature), Google/Verizon did NOT include this capability on its core applications for the Motorola Droid. Google Maps, Webkit Browser, Picture Galleries and other features don’t allow you to use the feature… BUT… 3rd party developers can incorporate the feature for use  in their own applications.

That is what makes Dolphin Browser so intriguing. It has been on Android Market for awhile now but they just recently added multi-touch support. So, download Dolphin Browser and use THAT for your mobile web browsing needs and it’ll be your Robin to the Droid’s batman:

It has a bunch of other features and they call it a “social browser” but multi-touch is what will make most people try it for the first time… at least for now.

Are you a long time Dolphin Browser user? How have you liked it? Just get for multi-touch on the Droid? Let us know too! And keep in mind… pinch/zoom will ONLY work on the Motorola Droid for now as it is currently the only Android 2.0 device available (at the time of publication).