Android 2.1 Screenshots Leak, HTC Sense On Board


The Motorola Droid/Milestone is the only Android Phone currently running Android 2.0. We hear that HTC is hard at work preparing an update for their line of handsets that will catapult their Android Phones passed Android 1.6 and right back up to date with Android 2.0. But after the following screenshots of a supposed “Android 2.1” leaked on, people are wondering if HTC is moving all the way to Flan in one single bound:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see anything “new” in these screenshots. It simply shows HTC Sense and one of the screenshots shows Hardware Model HTC Hero with Firmware version 2.1. Now I could be wrong… but I’m pretty sure this could be easily spoofed by someone who cooked up their own custom ROM.

Or maybe this is for the launch of the Predator/Passion/Dragon? Hmmmm… what ever happened to that thing anyways?

[Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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  1. It seems, that for the first time, Sense home screen flips into landscape, when the phone is turned.

  2. Notice the wacky lower left icon on the landscape pic. Photoshop fail or work in progress?

  3. The Settings screenshot is very 2.x. It has an Accounts option like on the Droid. Also, they have an HTCized version of the Power Control widget…which I suppose anyone can develop.

  4. Droid users are suppose to receive an update sometime in December and in January, at least for Android 2.0, according to a previous news posting on the site so let keep our fingers crossed for all Android users.

  5. I think that landscape picture is a fake. look at the bottom part with the app drawer, phone button, and widget adder. The sizes are all completely wrong, plus the bar to tell you which homescreen your on is completely missing

  6. Looks like all that’s left is fixing landscape mode.
    Everything else looks good.

    Assuming it’s real.

  7. Supposedly there is a “leaked” version of the HTC Hero 2.1 ROM that has been acquired by several devs/modders in the XDA community. If you check my Android Twitter list,, you will see quite a bit of chatter going back and forth from guys who are already claiming to have it ported to the G1/MyTouch 3G with still a few bugs to work out. I believe the screenshots above are real and not Photoshopped.

  8. THis is great! Give me, Gimmee, Gimmee. Never been so excited about an update Hero is truly the best phone ever made and its getting better!

  9. Awesome, now HTC just needs to put everything on something a little more powerful then a Hero or Eris.

  10. ive been to the verizon store and tried out the motorola droid. i hate the physical keyboard. i cant type on it. i was gonna get the htc eris but liked the power and speed of the droid. i wish the droid and eris would get busy and have a baby. droid + eris = passion/dragon…possibly

  11. @Andrea – you could just buy the Droid and never use the physical keyboard. It has a very functional onscreen keyboard in both normal and portrait modes.

  12. No this is very real, as I have a dump of it. However it is just a very early build so there are some bugs.

  13. If this is even real, it may be first released with a phone with a physical keyboard.

  14. Next gen HTC needs to debut soon to squash that ugly ass Moto that the press has catapulted into being “all the rave” but in fact is no better than the Hero/Eris.

  15. It’s obviously a fake. How would landscape mode switching on my home screen know how to fit my widgets? Or did they add a horadric cube with the update?

  16. I hate all the talk about the “huge” screen on the Droid. its skinnier and a little taller than a storm.

  17. Landscape home screen has been working on my ADP since I got it. I just have to pop out my keyboard for it to appear. And so far, all widgets have worked in landscape mode.
    Now, I dont have sense on it, but the widgets are not an issue.

  18. Aaagh!

    I am still stuck on Android 1.5 with my Samsung Galaxy.

    Please expose this farce. It could be a real problem for future Android users: what is the incentive for a manufacturer to update the firmware if they have already sold the hardware?

  19. @Lester: “horadric cube” Best comment all week. Thanks for the laugh.

  20. That should be ‘past 1.6’ not ‘passed 1.6″
    Where did you go to school, University of the Ghetto?

  21. Give me multitouch and apps to SD, and everything else is nice to have. With the Google Nav coming to my G1, I’m really happy with the overall phone; except memory and multitouch. Moving apps to SD should help with memory, and multitouch would increase the usability of the phone tremendously.

  22. I predict the 2.0 release for the Hero and other devices will happen right around May 9, 2010. According to a Verizon rep, they got a 6 month exclusivity deal for the Droid. But does that apply to 2.1? Who knows…

  23. @ terran ,.,,. I have running on my g1 and no that pictures
    is not fake ,.,.,fyi you can’t go up or down
    you go side to side,.,.,.is freaking koo (^ _ ^)

  24. @Brehtt

    I think it would be a mistake to wait until May, I myself am waiting on the Sense update to 2.0 before getting an Eris. Personally I am hoping for a January release. Any longer and you start to wonder what HTC was thinking when they rewrote Android for the Sense UI.

    leaked and working… Awesome

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