LG Amundsen GW880: First LG OPhone For China Mobile


The LG Korean site has just issued a press release announcing the LG Amundsen (GW880) which is the companies 3rd known Android Phone (GW620/Eve and the GT540) and first on China Mobile’s OPhone brand. The LG Amundsen apparently gets its name from the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen who was the first person to reach the South Pole. Rock on. I hope a competitor doesn’t plan on launching a rival next month called the Falcon-Scott.


Annnnyways. The LG Amundsen GW880 has a 3.5-inch touchscreen, 800 x 480 WVGA resolution, Mobile TV (CMMB), 5MP camera, GPS, Bluetooth and more. It also comes with China’s 3G connectivity known as TD-SCDMA. A few unphotoshopped pics:







Call me whatever names you would like, but having those beautiful young ladies in there certainly doesn’t hurt my opinion of this phone. The last two images are cool and all but they just seem to bring out the energy/spunk/personality in the device. And Roald is kind of cute too.

Annnnyways #2, I thought I would share the Google Translated version of the Press Release although it gets a lot wrong and reads terribly:

2009/11/25 andeuroyideupon releases aimed at Chinese market
■ through the end of this month, China Mobile 社 junggukhyang andeuroyideupon ‘Amundsen’ Release
■ ‘Open Mobile Systems’ platform, applying the first LG Electronics ‘ohpon’ model
■ Chinese 3G mobile communication standards ‘TD-SCDMA’, a mobile broadcasting service ‘CMMB’ support
■ Up to 24 programs directly from the desktop integration, enhanced ease of use
■ Chinese mobile commerce, marketing director yijanghwa “future ‘ohpon, including a variety of smartphones continue chulsihae enhance China’s 3G handset market”
Android phone by LG Electronics as the 3G handset market in China will be strengthened.

LG Electronics, the end of this month, China Mobile (China Mobile) 社 through the Android-based smartphone operating system, referring to ‘Phone 5’ (OPhone), ‘Amundsen (Amundsen; South Pole first reached in the Norwegian explorer, Model: LG GW880)’ and is released.

‘Amundsen (LG GW880)’ China, China Mobile 社’s Open Mobile System (Open Mobile System) ‘Full-raetpomeul apply’ ohpon (OPhone) ‘The first model of LG Electronics, one of China’s 3G mobile communication standard TD -SCDMA support.

8.89cm (3.5 inches) in front of the touch screen 800 x 480 WVGA resolution, sharper picture quality available grade, mobile internet, email, photos, videos, and you can easily enjoy.

In particular, a single desktop application to register a maximum of 24 possible without unnecessary scrolling a variety of programs are easily available.

China Mobile to offer 社 App Store (Application Store) through a variety of applications can be downloaded.
In addition to mobile TV standard in China ‘CMMB (China Multi Media Broadcasting)’ support for the five million pixel camera, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. to implement a variety of features.

LG Electronics, China Mobile yijanghwa vice president, marketing director, “The explosive growth in China’s demand for smartphones is expected to target the ‘five phones, has launched,” said “the future’ ohpon, including a variety of smartphones continue chulsihae China enhance the 3G handset market, “he stressed it.

The market research firm Strategies popular kid tikseu (SA) 2 2009 1820 China’s smartphone market 10000-2010 years with 2,450 units were expected to grow by 34.7%.

* Open mobile system (OMS, Open Mobile System)

China Mobile, China has independently developed 社 ‘Open terminal software platform’ is.社 1 Google Mobile operating system (OS) is Android (Android) is based on China’s 3G mobile communication standard TD-SCDMA, one of the all the support.

* Ohpon (Ophone)

China Mobile, China Mobile 社 led by more than 20 participating companies, the open mobile system (Open Mobile System) ‘is based smartphones. Currently including LG Electronics, Motorola (Motorola), Dell (Dell), Philippe Fax (Philips) and are participating.

And there we have it ladies and gentlemen. The world’s third known LG Android Phone. China Mobile’s first LG Android Phone. Roald Amundsen’s first phone named after him. Hailing from the South Pole but with Korean descent… the one… the only… LG Amundsen GW880 OPhone!

[Thanks Scott]

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  1. I wished it would come to T-mobile.

  2. We can only assume the suggested limitations on apps are the china sort of “tell the consumer/citizen” what they want, sort of thing … but up to 24 apps on the home screen? Did they add a limitation for this and modify android to their own sort of market? Looks like a pretty sweet phone, though. I’d probably get it and the iphone users could make a pretty easy switch after they finished complaining that everyone just copies them.

  3. Nice looking device for sure. Let just hope LG can do a better job with an Andriod device then they do with dumbphones.

    Oh and I’m with the author tho. The hottie in the pic caught my eye more then the phone did. So they can send her my way anytime…..lol

  4. I suppose it won’t come with Android Market since that hardly ever seems to work in China :(

    BTW – about that 24 limit – isn’t that just like how most android phones only allow up to 16 widgets/icons on the home screen? Its just that they’ve got a taller screen and have bunched up the rows a bit, so that they can squeeze an extra two rows in…

  5. Maybe it’s just me… but it looks like there’s a camera on the face in the upper right corner… Video conferencing perhaps? I don’t recall seeing any other android phones with this option (however, I haven’t been keeping up with them as well as I could lately).

  6. iPhone ripoff if you ask me, which no one is, but anyways, throw those girls in and ill get me one. har har, but seriously, its decent looking, but the ui looks not so great. Hero UI is cooler, but stock Android is ftw!

  7. “The last two images are cool and all but they just seem to bring out the energy/spunk/personality in the device”

    Do you know what spunk is??

  8. I think this LG’s UI look so beatiful.this girl look beatiful more!

  9. It’s in accordance with easterner standard!

  10. hey why make fun and lower this people ?
    they are running tec leaving footprints at your back´s

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