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bell-galaxyCanadians with service on Bell have yet to be offered an Android device – disappointing indeed. That will soon change. The company is now hanging up posters in their retail locations reading “Innovation: beyyond your imagination” that feature none other than the Samsung Galaxy (alongside the Omnia2 and Impact).

The text below the phone in the poster reads:

The first Android device in the Bell line up – and the thinnest available in the market – Galaxy comes fully loaded with an array of multimedia features. The advanced 3.2″ AMOLED display provides unmatched luminescence and vivid eye catching colours, even in direct sunlight or at an angle. Android OS syncs e-mails, including Gmail, contact, calendar, and more in real time. Google apps and search offer intuitive entertainment and Galaxy always keeps the conversation going with Google Talk.”

We’re not sure on a price or date for the phone, but given that posters are going up and the other 2 phones are already available, we can safely say you’ll have something to be Thankful for rather soon.

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  1. When will the Galaxy arrive in the US?

  2. Do yourself a favour and do not buy that POS. Apart from the abysmal battery life even when when only doing normal stuff, support from samsung in regards to software updates is terrible. There still is no word whether the Galaxy will ever be updated past 1.5, and I could think of more reasons not to buy it … so do yourself a favour and buy a droid or htc hero or something.

  3. It’s a pity they haven’t updated to 2.0 still. Hardware-wise this is the best Android device currently available, and the AMOLED screen is really fun to show off during daylight to your iphone friends hehe

    Check the petition: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/samsunggalaxy/

  4. step21 – Galaxy will get 2.0 in 2010.

  5. To all that want to know Bell just cut its data/combo plans from Unlimited to 3 Gig (@100$) The max just-data-plan you can get is 5 gig’s (@85$) BOOO-Canada-Data-Plans, Anyway good to see more Android in Canada. Got an option on all networks now :)

    Rogers: Magic, Dream, Eve
    Bell: Galaxy
    Telus: Hero, Droid (2010)

  6. @a what are your sources ?

    A lot of people believe that Samsung Galaxy i7500 will not be updated to Eclair, and there are contradicting rumours so if you know more than us please share your knowledge with us.

    According to Samsung reprenentatives, Samsung i5700 aka Galaxy Spica will be updated to Eclair.

  7. a: Have you some evidence regarding a future Eclair update for the Samsung Galaxy i7500 ?

    A lot of Galaxy i7500 owners are convinced i7500 won’t have Eclair and are disappointed. They would be very interest if you could share your knowledge.

    According to some Samsung representative, the Galaxy Spica i5700 will be updated to Eclair in 2010. I saw it on a video recorded during the french presentation.

  8. I have a galaxy and am furious about the 1.5 Firmware.

    Samsung: F*A*I*L

  9. I got this phone back when it was first introduced in Germany.
    At the beginning I was also quite surprised to see the short battery life.
    However, that was solved with a software update and now I think the battery life is acceptable.

    The best thing about this phone is the screen, that is REALLY nice too look at.

    Personally I am only waiting for Android 2.0, which I am hoping is comming in 2010.

    Congratulation Canada!

  10. hi everyone, i have galaxy and my battery is working only for one day or sometimes less about 20 hour? is that normal, or i have some problem with phone?

  11. I have samsung galaxy i7500 and battery last 2 days on regular use with 20 minutes of wifi daily…i dont see problem, it last whole day when you use wifi heavely ! i really dont see where your problem is, my friend have iPhone 3G and battery last for about 4 hours on heavy wifi use !

  12. and about eclair update, tell me one good reaseon why do you need update right now ? what you can do with eclair and you cant with 1.5 what ever he is called ?

  13. and stop whining please

  14. The Galaxy sucks. Stuck on 1.5 so we don’t get any of the nice fixes and UI updates, not to mention the fact that more and more apps don’t work on it because it’s so outdated.

    I hate this POS and I wish I’d never wasted my money on it.

  15. I have a galaxy and you can’t see shit in the daylight (beautiful in low light though), so i don’t know what this direct sunlight crap is about, the screen basically disappears out in the sun.

  16. Its a sick phone one the of best on the market, now im with bell but only if i can unlock it, if anyone knows how to unlock this phone please email [email protected]

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