Sciphone N21 Gets Loved And Raved On Video


When explaining how much you love your brand new Sciphone N21 Android Phone and raving about it on a YouTube video just isn’t enough, there is only one alternative. That is, of course, to overaly R&B Music (Love) and House Music (Rave) while you show yourself touching the device and toying with the software oh so gently:

While this was explained as the Sciphone N21 on both pmptoday and Engadget, I can’t help but notice that humongous X2 sitting directly above the screen in plain view. The videos don’t make it look too shabby and it has a 3-inch touchscreen, 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, stylus and the capability to support Dual SIM-cards. Not bad until you get a better look at this thing’s dimensions:


Whether you want to call this thing chubby, chunky or pass it off as “big-boned”, the dimensions are somewhat of a deal breaker in my book – not that it was on the top of my list in the first place.

Seriously though… what’s the deal with that humongous X2?

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  1. Just a guess.. X2 = times 2 sims ? .. What’s up with the stylus ? .. personal defense maybe ? .. Don’t know about the dimensions, unless the people demonstrating have giant hands or something it doesn’t look terribly oversized to me.. Knowing how the world works, it will be reasonably priced but unusable in the US if you want 3G to work.. although with dual sim and Edge it might find a spot for some people.

  2. in defense of the stylus … can ANYBODY draw anything that looks better than Kindergarten scribbles with their finger ? I used a stylus with Palm products and would welcome the ability to use it with my Droid, if I didn’t have to give up all the other benefits of a capacitive screen.

  3. I like the idea of dual sims. Wish that mainstream manufacturers would pick up on it.

  4. Didn’t milkhoneyland.com do a similarly porn/phone video recently that we saw? For a different Android phone.

  5. Are the hands of the lady in the first video super small, and/or the man’s super large?
    Or are there two different versions?
    I’d much prefer it if it was small.

  6. The size differences between the two videos is strange, and it’s a bummer that it lacks GPS and 850mhz…

  7. If its got a capacetive touch screen the stylus would be completely useless. inatimate objects will not control the those screen.

  8. 850mhz is an optional feature, u can get 900 or 850

  9. Specs from their site…
    ·Processor: Marvell PXA 310, 624MHz, Dual Baseband
    ·Operating system: Google Android
    ·Network: GSM900/DCS1800/DCS1900, Dual NXP EDGE
    ·Display: 3” WQVGA (240*400) LCD with touch screen
    ·Camera: 5.0M pixel auto focus
    ·Memory: 256MB ROM + 128MB RAM, 1GB microSD? memory card(up to 16GB)
    ·Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
    ·Operation Time: Standy Time: 200 hours, Talk Time: 6 hours, Charging time:4 hours
    ·Key Applications: Google Maps, Google Search, Web Browser, MSN, Doc Viewer, PDF Viewer
    ·Dimensions: 112*54*16mm
    ·Media Format : MP3, MP4, 3GP, AMR, OGG, WAV
    ·G-sensor: Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate

  10. That phone is fugly, that girl at the beginning has to be double jointed to use it (@ :30 sec). I say girl because they are wearing (or were) nail polish…which if its a guy, whatever…just saying. Daddy likes phat girls, not fat phones.

  11. Big show stopper is lack of GPS and only 128 MB of RAM memory.
    I was considering this device for every day use, but without GPS it is no go.
    I would gladly sacrifice camera quality, or remove it completely, just to have GPS on device.

  12. Looks just like a HTC Touch Pro….with no keyboard.

  13. N21=DSTL1?
    It has low memory, and this screen is too small to android2… :/ But this brick is very nice – just outdated…

  14. Yes, it’s the same thing as the DSTL1. I own an N21 and on the back is magic marker over the obvious ‘DSTL1’ part of the serial #.

    I had mine a month and it broke. So far the manufacturer has been very helpful and I’m sending it back for repairs. We’ll see what comes of it.

    Lack of GPS wasn’t an issue for me.

    The touch screen is OK. Nothing special, but not awful either.

    The software still needs work though.

    The lack of 3g is a pain, but manageable.

  15. The new Sciphone N21 version is out now. Check it out!

  16. My phone N21 has broken touch screen. Where can I buy a new screen?

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