LG GT540: Second LG Android Phone


It looks like the LG GW620 will soon have a little brother to play with as the LG GT540 was just spied whispering its User Agent Profile to the masses. It appears as if it will run Android 1.5 (boo), have a 3-inch touchscreen with 320 x 480 pixel resolution and provide support for GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA and Bluetooth at a minimum.


Nothing else is known about the LG GT540 Android Phone but you can expect it will be about the same specs and affordability as the GW620/Eve. All-in-all not too impressive, but perhaps with a different form factor. When will LG bring out their bigger Android guns?

[Via TweakersTranslated]

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  1. Um…why bother?

  2. @ david…no kidding, looks like they’re taking a page out of TMobile’s playbook- “release new phones with the same specs as the old ones”

  3. Why on earth is 1.5 still being released on new devices? And 3″ for the touch screen is crazy, I can barely tolerate the 3.2″ on my G1.

  4. “When will LG bring out their bigger Android guns?” – They promised their Snapdragon to arrive in Q2 2010

  5. ASUS UL80JT

  6. The GT540 runs on Android 2.0 (aka Eclair) and comes with all the usual Google accoutrements (Maps, Market, Gmail, YouTube and Search). We think that the GT540 stands a good chance of doing for Android what the Cookie did for low cost touchscreens. Although the design of this phone looks like the 90’s indeed. Details: http://bit.ly/lg-gt540-details

  7. Its really have great features with 3.15 megapixel camera and 3.5 jack for headphones. See the video preview of LG GT540 here http://www.techarena.in/video/26755-lg-gt540-video-preview.htm , it can display 262 144 colors in a resolution 320 x 480 pixels.

  8. I like this phone
    really amazing one
    but get tired form that successive releases from different phone companies …and different versions and models
    really confused

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