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The company that Google has announced it is acquiring, Admob, just released their October 2009 Metrics Report which takes a look at mobile phone analytics and market share figures. Although they announced that Android Phones now account for a whopping 20% of mobile web traffic from smartphones, a November 18th report takes a closer look inside each operating system to see which particular handsets are driving web traffic from that platform.


I was amazed that the Motorola Droid, only having been on the market for a couple weeks, already drives 24% of mobile web traffic from Android Phones. I was a little bit surprised that the HTC Dream is the overwhelming leader, driving 36% of traffic. Hut having been on the market much longer than any other device and being most widely available, I suppose this shouldn’t be that surprising, but for some reason I don’t see them in public too often and didn’t think it would be this dominant.

I wonder how long it will take for the Motorola Droid to surpass the HTC Dream/G1. If it keeps pace… it won’t be long. And yeah, that 20% seems pretty impressive, but check out the iPhone OS bringing in 55% of mobile web traffic from smartphones:


That is a wowzer. Considering they combined for 75% and both are growing fast, its same to say that Apple and Google are dominating the mobile web. Now… how long before Google catches Apple – if ever (in terms of driving mobile web traffic)?

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  1. Good to see Google getting up there in terms of smart phone web use!

  2. I think we’re going to slowly start to see more and more red on that second map as Google starts to eat into Apple’s iPhone domain.

  3. Although you note that the Smartphone requests by OS only include requests from spartphones, does the iPhone percentage include the iPod touch (because the iPod Touch is often recognized as an iPhone)? If the Ipod Touch numbers are added with the iPhone numbers, that could skew the results.

  4. @ Derrick

    No doubt, that will continue to happen.

  5. Now, I am a proud Droid owner from Day 1, but just how the hell does a phone that is released November 6th garner 24% of *OCTOBERS* metric?

  6. @JayMonster, I think it absolutely makes sense, why you ask? For example, I plan on switching my BlackJack II for a Droid in January. Seeing as my current phone doesn’t do sh*t for me on the internet, once I get the Droid, I’ll be looking for every and any excuse to go online on my phone. Plus, the Droid has such a gorgeous display to look at ;)

  7. I think that the Droid’s high score may reflect the fact that new owners use the web far more than old owners.

    I’m on a Magic and I probably didn’t use the web more than once or twice in October… unless you consider tethering, but I’m not sure whether that is included in these stats.

  8. @ JayMonster. Surely they don’t get it. Or maybe it explains the droid’s meteor landing. November comes after Octeber. So did the Droid. It shouldn’t be in the report.

  9. Report: “… two weeks after launch it already represented 24% of all Android requests”.

    The report didn’t say whether the percentages are for UNIQUE handsets or percentage of HITS. If it is the latter (i.e. hits) …

    Then, EVEN if there were ZERO Droid sales after those two weeks, by linear interpolation (i.e. if person X surfs the web Y hrs per day, he continues doing it for the rest of the month), the Droid percentage should be DOUBLED the 24% shown in the chart, since everybody else had 4 weeks to surf and Droid users only got 2.

    Obviously, we know Droid continues selling, so be prepared for a wholly different chart next month!

  10. @JayMonster & DBest1

    If you follow the link you will see that the Android distribution report is from November 18th.

  11. Where is Symbian?

  12. @Bruno
    Symbian is not considered a smart phone os, its like the samsung touchwiz system.

  13. Not to bash Android or anything, but once the iPhone starts selling on other carriers, like Verison…Google’ll be hard pressed to catch them.

    Considering that the iPhone has to deal with AT&T’s mobile coverage and still drives 55%…that’s the real wowzer.

  14. I’m not surprised that Droid’s web traffic is so heavy. It’s a new gadget, so the owners are going to testing it out, playing with it, checking out the Android Market, and downloading as many apps as catches their fancy. :-) You have to wait a while for usage to normalise. I have the GSM Hero, and it took about 1 plus months before it lost its “favourite new toy” status.

  15. “Now, I am a proud Droid owner from Day 1, but just how the hell does a phone that is released November 6th garner 24% of *OCTOBERS* metric?”

    Somebody bought lunch for the author…

  16. Follow the link to Admob’s site and read their own description of the stats and methodology. Droid is included because their data goes through November 18th. And their data collection includes ads served to iPhone and Android apps, which could skew their stats toward those platforms unless they normalize for the extra kind of traffic. I can’t tell whether they do.

  17. Man.. just more bad news for Hero..

  18. Just kicked my G1 to my wife and ordered the droid with the case/holster combo. Oh, and Thanksgiving is the worst “holiday” ever..Why? It is delaying my hands-on goodness with my investment by 1 more day.

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