Nov 23rd, 2009

The company that Google has announced it is acquiring, Admob, just released their October 2009 Metrics Report which takes a look at mobile phone analytics and market share figures. Although they announced that Android Phones now account for a whopping 20% of mobile web traffic from smartphones, a November 18th report takes a closer look inside each operating system to see which particular handsets are driving web traffic from that platform.


I was amazed that the Motorola Droid, only having been on the market for a couple weeks, already drives 24% of mobile web traffic from Android Phones. I was a little bit surprised that the HTC Dream is the overwhelming leader, driving 36% of traffic. Hut having been on the market much longer than any other device and being most widely available, I suppose this shouldn’t be that surprising, but for some reason I don’t see them in public too often and didn’t think it would be this dominant.

I wonder how long it will take for the Motorola Droid to surpass the HTC Dream/G1. If it keeps pace… it won’t be long. And yeah, that 20% seems pretty impressive, but check out the iPhone OS bringing in 55% of mobile web traffic from smartphones:


That is a wowzer. Considering they combined for 75% and both are growing fast, its same to say that Apple and Google are dominating the mobile web. Now… how long before Google catches Apple – if ever (in terms of driving mobile web traffic)?

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