Nov 23rd, 2009

windows-phone-logoWhen you talk about the top mobile operating systems on the planet, you aren’t likely to hear Windows Mobile uttered unless its the butt of somebody’s joke. Okay so maybe you are likely to hear it uttered. Some would say that’s for obvious reasons… but James Kendrick from jkOnTheRun took nothing for granted and pitted the two operating systems head to head in a few highly important feature areas. Shall we see how they fared?

  • Multi-tasking. Windows came away with a “Big advantage” because of Android’s inability to run apps from SD Card.
  • Available Apps. WIndows gets the advantage for a larger catalog of robust applications.
  • User Interface. Windows Mobile wins because 3rd party apps are better looking.
  • Desktop syncing/integration. Depends on if you prefer Outlook or Google.

So when it comes to Multi-Tasking, App Availability and UI, Kendrick thinks Windows Mobile clearly defeats Android and if you are an Outlook user the platform picks up 4 out of 4 victories against the mighty bot. What say you, Android phans? Have at it (in a civil manner of course… we like those guys)!