Samsung Galaxy Spica Now In Europe, Elsewhere Soon


The kid brother of the Samsung Galaxy is finally coming into its own and making its way across Europe. In a press release, Samsung announced the Galaxy Spica is now available in Europe and will soon be making its way to the Middle East, Asia and elsewhere over the coming weeks and months.


Last month we were told by Samsung Russia the device would launch in November and guess what? It’s November. As a quick reminder, some of the Galaxy Spica specs… or Galaxy Spicas if you will:

  • 3.2-inch touchscreen
  • 800MHz processor
  • 128MB of RAM
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • microSD (up to 32GB)

And if you were wondering… this has Google Experience phone written all over it.

[Engadget Via Korean Newswire]

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  1. only 128mb of ram???

  2. its is like so awesome it looks amazing and the screen is awesome the processor is one of the best
    but theyre so stupid if the ram is really just 125 i mean srsly what were they thinking

  3. Indeed, 128MB ram, ridiculous!

  4. 800 MHz sounds impressive but it isn’t that good since it’s based on ARM11 and not on Cortex A8 like the Motorola DROID or iPhone 3GS.

  5. I think this phone is pretty cool but you wont see me buying it soon the price is overrated I say it should go on the shelves for about 89.95.

  6. 800 MHz is impressive. One reason I “settled” for the Moment over the Droid is because in my own observed head-to-head comparisons the Moment was noticeably faster.

  7. anyone who actually reads the specs will skip this phone I hope. 128mb ram??? when people are already complaining left and right of phones that run 288mb of ram. of course the cpu is a bit faster, but not enough to make up for such a lack of ram.

  8. at least it has divx

  9. Not everybody cares about the specs. I think most people don’t care.

    They see the phone, they see the interface, and decide to buy a Hero instead.

  10. Btw: The first Galaxy looked like a Google Experience phone too, but wasn’t. This one is not going to be one either.

  11. I got this phone, it’s amazing. I had all kinds of apps, any ringtone I wanted for free, amazing quality, service EVERYWHERE, my dream phone… and then… someone stole it, :'(

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