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hero-sprint-tallBaby steps. That’s what owners of the Sprint HTC Hero have to live with when it comes to getting more goodness out of their Android phone. We’ve told you about the battery problems, DST mix up and other irritations causing Sprint Hero owners some frustration and the GOOD news is that a maintenance fix is on the way.

A maintenance release is being developed for the Hero to address key items such as SMS and DST issues. The target launch is in the next few weeks, but I do not have the exact date or a list of everything that will be included yet. I will post updates as they are made available to me.

Please note: This is not a 1.6 or 2.0 upgrade. I will post news about OS upgrades when I get it.

I’m guessing you read that last line about the Sprint HTC Hero having to live with Android 1.5 and how this won’t upgrade the phone to 1.6 or 2.0? Yeah, that’s the bad news. Although it DOES appear that the company is working on it and will announce something in the near future. Most likely they’re just waiting on HTC to finish updating their HTC Sense with Android 2.0.

I’m glad to see Sprint and HTC working on this as it is a pretty serious problem that has plagued the device and many  unknowing customers – who unfortunately don’t read Phandroid – will never know what’s up. I’m also glad to see they’re not waiting for 2.0 to push out one big update but instead are working diligently on a solution NOW. I’m just wondering why a seemingly simple problem is taking so long to patch?

We’ll keep you posted.

[Via Sprint Community Forum]

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