Google Releases Source Code for Android 2.0 (Eclair)


Eclair Google has officially released its source code for the latest version of Android 2.0 – Code named Eclair.

What is new with 2.0?
The software update features multiple email accounts, exchange support, new address book functionality, a combined inbox, better search, an improved camera, an improved keyboard, a better browser, and more useful calendar, as well as Bluetooth 2.1, better media playback, and more options for developers.

Until now, Android 2.0 was only seen running on the Droid. However, according to Pocket Lint this source code has already been used and hacked to work on the original Android phone, the G1.

[Via Android Guys, AndroidandMe]

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  1. A good eclair (at least in Poland) looks more like this: http://www.slim-line.pl/files/eklerka.jpg :]

  2. Any word on when 2.0 will be released to other handsets? I’m currently using the T-Mobile myTouch.

  3. Good, now we can look for a new version of cyanogenmod soon.

  4. The MyTouch hasn’t been announced by HTC to be getting 2.0, only the Hero, which to me is odd as they are basically the same, hardware wise. Just make the base 2.0 for the Magic, then put Sense on it for the Hero.

  5. @1, ugh. Sorry, maybe it’s my own personal food preference but I think the one you linked looks too overflowing! Maybe it’s cultural and Polish folks do love it as you say :) As a polish/russian american, no thanks lol.

  6. Shame that while Exchange support was included, Exchange accounts that require password support and remote wiping won’t connect. =/

  7. @red_forman
    honestly – I found that picture and it seemed so plain and sad that I just laughed…and thus why it was used :)

  8. As a Polish guy living in america I must tell you sadly eclairs look like that here in the US… I miss the nice eclairs they had in poland hell I miss all the good food and women ;) Send me some! lol

    Anyways at least I have my android which is nice :)

  9. @chad:

    It’s not HTC that determines 2.0 on the MyTouch, it’s Tmobile. HTC only determines when those phones with Sense get it because they are responsible for updating their own UI. Just like how MT3G got 1.6. It will be OTA initiated by Tmobile. Devices with Sense have to be updated by HTC whenever they finish their 2.0 build of the UI.

    In short, we have no idea if or when Tmobile will push 2.0 to G1 and MT3G.

    Hope that makes sense.

  10. What is the rationale for not rolling out 2.0 for all Android handsets? It seems that a better experience for all Android users would only promote the platform.

  11. I’m most interested in whether multi-touch will be hacked into the browser and camera apps (maybe even the keyboard). From what I’ve read about the Droid having pinch-to-zoom in Europe, I imagine it wouldn’t be that great a task. Let’s hope we see some hacked roms soon!

  12. 2 days… Old news

  13. @bako – Cyanogen has multitouch support in browser as part of the modded browser that comes with the roms. Speaking of which, Glad to hear the source code is out!

  14. what about for the HTC Eris?

  15. TMo rep told me to expect it starting Nov 24th… hope he’s right

  16. I really hope that the g1 will get this update. I mean i love my g1 and I dont want to get rid of it plus I dont have the money for a new phone, so i agree with you on the discount thing. Anothe thing though, if 2.0 has already been ported to the G1 then hopefully we will get a decent running 2.0 OTA. and if we do and it is the last update that the G1 will get, they should let us know.I know im not the only one that thinks us G1 users should be kept in limbo.

    and @delphi I agree with you on the poland stuff lol

  17. does anybody know what apps i need to open up files on my exchange email account (on droid). i need to open (.pdf, .tif, .jpg)attachments. thanks. my email syncs very nicely just cant open up attachments.

  18. Very interested in the update for the HTC Eris. Moto Droid just doesn’t fit my budget, but the Eris should fit nicely.

  19. I just tried a German Motorola Milestone at the shop. The pinch and zoom support is only present in the browser application, in Maps it didn’t work, but multitouch support in the browser feels much better than the mod of the G1. Also the application starter sildes out frighteningly stuttering, although the maps and browser apps scroll smooth. I think this is related to alpha transparency. The shop wouldn’t sell it to me and one of them shopkeeperz claimed to have ordered one, arriving on friday. Maybe the one in the shop was some preview device with a different firmware. So I asked my own 3G provider to send new hardware and they agreed to send it tomorrow. I’ll probably get myself a nice birthday present!

  20. I don’t like that Google can’t just make Android updates available to everyone… What if Tmobile decides updating the G1 or the myTouch in a year is a waste of time?

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