Nov 16th, 2009

I recently had the opportunity to test CoPilot Live.  CoPilot is a fully-featured navigation app that works and looks like an actual GPS navigation device.  The best feature of the app is that the map data is stored on the SD card.  This is a HUGE advantage over Google Maps Navigation and Sprint Navigation, both of which rely on a data connection for routing and map tiles.

As with all navigation software, use this as a planning tool.  There’s no way for apps to always predict road, traffic, and construction conditions.  Also, be safe.  Only use the app while stopped.  Follow all local, state and federal laws regarding GPS units and mobile phone usage.

The Good

  • Works like a real GPS unit.
  • Maps stored on SD card, works without data connection
  • Route calculation/recalculation is fast
  • Call business listings and save them to ‘favorites’
  • Modes of transportation: walking, car, bike, RV
  • Live services: weather, traffic
  • Text-to-speech voice guidance (remember to set it in the menu)

The Bad

  • TTS on Android v1.6 and above only (sorry Hero and Eris owners)
  • Non-Android keyboard
  • Full screen mode hides the notification bar
  • Interface is not completely intuitive or consistent

The Ugly

  • 10 Day Trial, but only 48 hour Market refund policy
  • $34.95 is an expensive app, but it’s way cheaper than an entry level GPS unit

Relaibilty: 4 stars (never crashed, but can be laggy)
Usability: 4 stars (works like a real GPS unit)
Customization: 3 stars (map colors, themes)
Feature/simplicity balance: 4 stars

If there is anything else you’d like to know, leave a comment and I’ll try to answer them the best that I can.