Nov 9th, 2009

Don’t get me wrong – the iDon’t Commercials had the whole interwebz talking and the Stealth Bomber commercials were a great little tease – but I’m much more enjoying three new commercials that Verizon has just launched for the Motorola Droid. Before you call me crazy, let me explain.

The iDon’t and Stealth Bomber commercials were very abstract and failed to identify a single device or discuss specific details about the Motorola Droid. While they did a GREAT job at drumming up buzz and curiousity, they did little to inform the masses. By the November 6th launch date, you and I knew exactly what was arriving at Verizon Wireless but the average consumer probably had no clue. Shouldn’t the timeframe have been slightly adjusted to accommodate ad spots that actually lobbied for the specific device rather than pushing an intangible concept that “something cool is coming”?

Had these more straight forward commercials launched a week ago its very likely that the long lines we were expecting would have been a reality. Then again, perhaps that is something Verizon was trying to avoid – feed the informed and starving Android public immediately before telling everyone else they should be hungry. Stock the stores with a healthy shipment of Droids and avoid irritated customers spending hours twiddling thumbs.

But any way you look at it, the more informative and straight forward commercials are finally here… and they’re awesome:

Of the 5 commercials (iDon’t, Stealth Bomber, and these 3) which is your favorite?

[Via EngadgetMobile]

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