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This morning we decided to search the webs high and low for stuff in the happenings that we may have missed or simply popped up over night – in case ya missed it elsewhere.  Rather than spit out several articles for each one we’re going to save RSS readers everywhere a very minimal amount of work and consolidate it all into one for ya.

Annnnnd, we’re off!

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps


“Last week, we introduced expanded mobile reporting features in Google Analytics. To help developers, this launch includes features that make it easy to see how people are using specific parts of their iPhone and Android applications. The same Google Analytics reports that provide insights into website traffic and engagement are now available for mobile apps.”


Droid Tethering in 2010.. ?

Gearlog is reporting VZW has told them tethering will become available for the Droid come 2010 using a “Broadband Access Connect” plan. Expect a $15 a month charge and 5GB/mo limit.

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Update: Looks like it’ll be $30/m.

Zii Egg Running Android 1.6


I first heard saw this a couple days ago, and a couple more times yesterday, but only now have I noticed a little more details being provided – and it’s coming from the guys over at AndroidandMe.

  • 3.5″ 320×480 true-color capacitive 10-point multi-touch display
  • X-Fi audio processing
  • Up to 32GB internal NAND Flash
  • 256MB RAM
  • HDTV 1080p support via HD Cable
  • Composite video In/Out
  • Forward facing VGA camera
  • Rear Facing HD camera
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Hardware GPS receiver with antenna
  • 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Full size SDHC slot (supports up to 32GB of external SDHC Card)
  • USB 2.0 Mini-B (MTP and Charging)
  • Universal Docking connector (HDMI, USB, Audio Line-In/Line-Out, Composite-In/Out, UART)
  • Headphone socket, built in speaker and microphone
  • 1200mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Supports Linux-based Plaszma OS and Android
  • 115 x 62 x 12 mm
  • Light weight: 108grams

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Next Droid Commercial

BGR posted the next Droid Commercial. Check it out:

Verizon’s Ups ETF Fee for Advanced Devices – aka Droid


Here’s what Big Red is working with: they’ve offered up a BOGO sale on all new BlackBerrys for the holiday buying season, and where some see a great deal, others see a great opportunity. Why not play a game of Flip My BlackBerry? Why not open a second line, get a brand new Tour or Storm 2, pay the cancellation fee on the new line of $175, and sell the device on eBay for $300 or more? Well it looks like Verizon has finally caught onto our the little game. A new connect has emerged with a few documents and it looks like starting on November 15th Verizon will be charging up to $350 as an early termination fee on “advanced devices.” This new “improved” fee does have a minute silver lining (if you can even say that): for every month of service completed, the $350 sum will decrease by $10. No word yet on what an “advanced device” constitutes but we can use our imaginations to figure it out. What do you think? Anyone considering abandoning plans to buy the DROID after hearing this news, or are you just going to get yours before November 15th? Or will you actually be an honest person and actually honor the contract you sign?”

[Via BGR]

LG and Rogers Launch the Ultimate Smartphone for Social Networking


MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO and TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Nov. 3, 2009) – LG Electronics Canada and Rogers Wireless today announced a world first: the LG Eve, a new Android OS-based smartphone designed specifically for social networking, is now available exclusively at Rogers. The LG Eve provides customers with the freedom of mobile social networking, making it easier to stay connected anytime, anywhere.”

Some of the key features:

Threaded SMS, which groups SMS texts by sender and displays them like a message board for easy-to-follow reading

– A 3D gallery for viewing and sorting photos, with the ability to quickly and easily find photos by tagging favourites or using the filtering tool to sort photos by tags, face recognition or date

– 5 line QWERTY keypad

– Advanced Video Recording and Playback, which allows a user to play videos or make their own videos using built-in editing tools, which can then be uploaded onto social networking sites or sent to friends via email.

— Video Recording: MPEG4,H263@QVGA24fps

— Video Playback: MPEG4, H264 @ HVGA 24fps, WMV, DviX

– Advanced Camera Features:

— 5 Mega Pixels AF (with LED Flash)

– Audio Codec:


– Data Connectivity

— USB 2.0 HS

— Micro USB

— Bluetooth 2.0 EDR

This phone looks like it’s going to be $49.99 with a 3 year agreement. Or $399.99 with no agreement.

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Huawei Promises Series of Android Phones


“China-based Huawei Technologies will release multiple mobile phones using Google’s Android operating system in coming months, a company spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Huawei will release a “series” of Android handsets in Europe, the Asia Pacific and Latin America, the spokeswoman said in an e-mail, declining to give details. One Android phone from the company, the Huawei Pulse, is already sold by T-Mobile in the U.K.

Huawei has used low prices gained from its base in China to quickly build its main business in networking equipment, and the vendor has similarly pitched the Pulse as an Android phone for lower-end customers. Huawei called the handset the world’s first Android smartphone available on a pay-as-you-go scheme.

Chinese companies Haier and Beyond Radio Technology previously announced Android phones headed for Europe as well.”

[Via PCWorld]

So there you have it guys. The roundup. Enjoy!


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  1. Any info if the LG EVE has a digital compass?

  2. Why is it that when this site posts specs about a phone (the zii egg for this article in particular) they always leave out the most important detail, the processor?

  3. LG Eve = 2.0 android? I HOPE SO

  4. I still think the new Droid commercial should have shown the cowboys picking up the phone and gettnig reception out in the middle of nowhere… yeah…there’s a Map for that ;)

  5. @Droidready:

    This is probably the first commercial (aka the “teaser”) in a series. The second will probably do so.

  6. The Zii Egg will be amazing his they get a good CustomUI running on it..

    That Droid commercial was terrible..

  7. I’m new to the smartphone arena and am wondering about the tethering option. Would the connection be relatively fast for a laptop and would unlimited tethering ever be an option eventually for VZW?

    If it’s fast and unlimited, why wouldn’t I just cancel my internet service and use tethering on my laptop for a smaller price? But, yeah, I’m guessing it’s probably not both fast and unlimited.

  8. I have to have an international phone for business, but like what the Droid and some of the HTC promised devices by the end of the year have to offer. I know that the German version of the Droid (aka Milestone) is GSM based. Has anyone heard anything about Moto having a dual band model for the VZW? Or any of the HTC models either?

  9. I’m sorry, but that Droid commercial had a really stupid premise. In fact, what is the premise? Anybody know?

  10. @joshua “Why is it that when this site posts specs about a phone (the zii egg for this article in particular) they always leave out the most important detail, the processor?”

    it would be nice to know the processor speed but note that the egg is not a phone. think of it as andoroids answer to the ipod touch.

  11. These all mobile look so nice and awesome The design of phone look so attractive and color combination also look very nice and cool.This gadget has very different functionality and very advance technology also used in it.Lg’s phone look cool in this picture

  12. Ah tethering. They charge so much for it. Good thing for rooted phones!

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