Phandroid Podcast: Episode 12


Welcome to Phandroid Podcast Episode 12 – aptly named “Tea time with Shiv and Phasey”, where Dave Demarest and I kick back to talk some Android. Sure, we get a little off track here and there but no worries – a surprise pop in by Rob Jackson gets us back on track. He cracked the whip and said he’d have none of that! All in all we talk about a little App2SD,  Rob’s Droid review and touch on the new phones making the news. Also, other stuff.


podcastlogo3001 [audio:http://phandroid.com/podcasts/phandroidpodcast-12.mp3]

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  1. I’m outraged there is no Zune link.. :)

  2. So we might be able to run apps from the sd card in the future?

  3. @Titan: That’s the hope! Look down a few posts on Phandroid, there’s an article specifically for it.

  4. Please get these podcasts on the Android app called Listen made by Google!! Androidguys.com has theirs on there, even Engadget!

  5. You guys gotta keep in mind that no amount of hardware will remove lag from an interface. The issues with the lag are Android software issues. The interface on the Droid is still a bit laggy and its basically the exact same hardware as the iphone 3gs and palm pre. Neither of which have much if any lag at all.

    Google is just new to this, its gunna take a few releases.

  6. @element4life3: Thanks! Will talk to Rob about that.
    @Matthew: Well we are indeed aware that it’s software causing that lag – did we goof up in the podcast and imply otherwise? Doh! I apologize if we did. I thought we said an update could fix it, but I don’t recall.. Thanks for lettin’ us know.

  7. Great podcast guys :) Love your laid back humour as well as the Android news.. cheers!

  8. i laughed my ass off.
    The humor, the infos, etc.

    Great podcast!

  9. Great podcast guys loving you here in the UK, you guys crack me up everytime. Phandroid podcasts are by far the most enjoyable ones I listen too.

    @Talton “Phases” Pettigrew – all I did was manually added phandroid into google Listen ;)

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