Acer Liquid’s SnapDragon clocked at 768Mhz


Interesting find here. Apparently rather than the 1Ghz anticipated clock speed for the Liquid’s SnapDragon processor, that bad boys’ movin’ at 768Mhz. Oh Snap! The general response so far seems to be “..What?” on this one.

As Engadget put it: Who knows, maybe it’s for battery life.


There’s also a video at MobileTechWorld.


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  1. It doesn’t really surprise me, I read it’s to be priced at 350EUR ($520 our money) being sold off-contract. I posted on my blog about that, but more information came from Google translating http://www.frandroid.com/

    According to them, it will release in white in December, then in January it will release in black and red.

    256 RAM, 768mhz processor, 800×480 screen. Android 1.6 customized with Widgets and social media software..

    Compared to the I7500, it seems like a little better of a deal.

  2. Disappointing but once it gets rooted you can run it at full 1Ghz

  3. old news…
    @simon: ye u may clock it to whatever speed u want but i may not help the actual performance…i read about this stuff @ xda…they said when u clock a g1 to 528 the performance is similar to leaving it @384 … not a g1 owner so cant tell for sure

  4. I’ve ran my G1 at 528, I noticed an improvement.. but not a huge one. Another thing would be that someone would have to mod the firmware for this phone, as of right now I’m pretty sure most developers set max clock at 528 (See Cyanogen).

    Aside from minimal gain, on previous roms would get glitchy and my phone would get warm.

  5. Will it be possible to run Android 2.0?

  6. As someone who is fluent in French, I call BS.

    That slide is so full of spelling and grammar mistakes it can’t possibly be real. For instance:
    – “processeurr” should be “processeur”
    – multimedia is spelled multimédia in French
    – “taches” means stains, “tâches” is the real word for tasks
    – the line about notifications is nowhere near coherent. What they wrote is about missing calls (instead of “appels manqués”) and “autonomie” means independance, wtf?
    – “Audio jack” is English, plain and simple, “Sortie audio” ou “connection pour écouteurs” would have been more believable

  7. if this phone is a snapdragon 1ghz processor and its set to 768mhz is 1ghz its max or was that gonna be its standard clock speed cause if that was the standard then it cud be clock to say 1.25ghz which is way faster than the 768mhz clock speed……………..but this is just food for thought or maybe not depending on who is reading this

  8. Ummm…why is this news? The G1 has a 528 proc but is set to 384 stock. Looks like they are doing the same thing with the SnapDragon….which is smart. They prolly dont want the proc burning a hole through the phone…..or they want the battery to last more than 5 minutes. Instead of focusing on proc speed….lets setup some swap partitions on the SD card so the performance will actually be better. Just a though OEM’s.

  9. Who cares if it is 768mhz or 1 ghz? Mybe 768 is enough to run perfectly well.

    The real issue is why would Acer put outdated OS on the phone???

  10. @croandroid: there is nothing like “perfectly well in the world of IT” … faster will always be better especially in mobile phones since some apps run 3d pc-like gfx and they can barely make 10 fps…but guess acer will be more happy to get reviews like “fastest android on the market, decent battery life” than “omg wtf this phone is so gotdamn fast ive never seen anything like it, shame its not rly mobile cuz ur bound to using the charger all the time”

  11. My G1 always gets warmer when I clock it at 528Mhz but personally there isnt much of a battery issue and performance is much better. As far as the A1 goes,768 is plenty. If the G1 can be this snappy with 528, 768 could be seen as overkill but something beautiful for devices running alternate UI’s like Sense, Blur, Pulse, etc. Personally I’m waiting for one with a little more RAM as well. Doubt I’ll see one with a huge difference but more is better.

  12. @ graham
    i am french and noticed the translation errors; however it may be real and be typed by the malaysian branch of acer.

    You are right on most. we often use audio jack as many other anglicisms (as usa journalists and bloggers often use french words or expressions). and autonomie means lasting battery life (independence from an electric outlet).

  13. @graham: It was actually “French Day” at Acer and not all employees are fluent in French. There were many presentations and emails that would make a true francophone cringe.

  14. @AGx-07_162

    I’m with you on that. Better processors are always great, but when are we going to see some rom/ram upgrade on Android devices?

  15. is this a verizon phone or no?

  16. @a-droid

  17. well…sometimes the developers clock processors at lower frequencies to improve the actual performance of the device…, the frequency and the speed of the processor are 2 pretty different things….you know!

  18. I read somewhere that the “demo version” for tech magazines etc. was clocked at 768, but that the phone going on the market is clocked at 1 gHz ( which i hope )

  19. http://www.revioo.com/photos/img-15566.html

    graham: instead of calling bullshit, go to the original link

    Maybe their french just ain’t so hot?

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