Sprint releases Samsung Moment


“With the Android Platform, you’ll connect seamlessly to your personal and work life through its rich Internet browsing, huge selection of mobile apps, plus powerful productivity tools-all with the speed of the Now Network. Combine that with the full capacitive touchscreen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard, along with the brilliant wide display and you have the freedom to organize your work and have fun with ease.”


More details at the Moments’ Page at Sprint.


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  1. So much Android news today.

  2. So…. Moment on Sprint or Droid on Verizon? … hmmm …

  3. @Rob
    Not too hard of a choice, unless you’re worried about rate plan pricing. The Droid smokes the Moment in virtually every way, except maybe physical keyboard quality. The choice between Droid and an alternative gets sticker when compared to the Hero/Eris though, due to the HTC Sense UI factor. HTC may be behind the game on hardware, but they sure know how to make some sweet software.

  4. @Brad… lets talk when the Moment gets 2.0, then it’ll be a fair comparo.

    I got the Moment yesterday (first one sold at the Sprint store I went to), and it’s great. I’m getting used to the keyboard layout with little problem, and having never owned or spent much time using an iPhone before, I barely notice any ‘lag’. I don’t even mind the browser and lack of multitouch for zooming. Sure I wish I had 2.0, but I’m able to be patient now that I actually have an Android phone.

  5. @Colin
    Have you tried the HTC Hero on Sprint? I’m wondering if the Sense UI makes that big of difference over vanilla Android?

    I have the Hero and its great except that its slow. Takes me 20-30 seconds just to place a call. The processor speed with physical keyboard would be a big plus.

    The downpart of about the Sense UI is that we have to wait for HTC to update it on new Android releases. My Hero is still only running v1.5.

  6. @Jonathan

    As far as the debate between hero and moment goes it really comes down to personal preference.

    1. Do you need the 7 main screens the Sense UI provides you with or could you live with just 3 on the Moment?

    2. Sense is slightly laggy and the Moment’s touch screen apparently isn’t as responsive as it should be. This comes don to, “which is worse?”

    3. Do you need all the extra social networking goodies the Sense UI provides in the form of widgets or can you deal with apps that do pretty much the same thing; just not as intagrated.

    4. (The biggest deciding factor) Physical QWERTY or software? Do you need the physical or are you doing fine with the software QWERTY right now?

    5. 5 megapixels with no flash or 3.2 with an LED flash?

    6. Having to wait (probably longer) for HTC to update sense and possibly missing some of the Android updates or going with the Samsung Moment which is a google experience phone and will likely take much less time to get an update for.

    It really just comes down to whether or not you want the glitz and glam of the Sense UI or whether you would like a more serious Google Experience Android phone in the Moment. One is great for play, but can still strut it’s stuff on the serious side, and one is good for work, but can still have a wild side (with a little help from the Android Marketplace of course.)

  7. Thanks guys, yeah, plan pricing does matter (poor grad student :P ), and I don’t need the top of the line, but still, more power and features are nice…
    I’ll probably be the proud new owner of a certain Motorola phone come Friday, but we’ll see.

  8. I just picked up my moment yesterday, and I have to say so far I love it! I am so glad I went for the moment over the hero, because me + touchscreen keyboard = a buncha typos. I played with the hero in the store for awhile before making my “final” decision, but even the instore model seemed laggy compared to the moment. I’ve had a blast configuring my moment and downloading tons of free apps. My family also got switched over to the new any mobile-anytime plan–4 people for 169.99, each with unlimited data, txt, picture txt, and everything. The only thing that’s limited (1500 minutes shared on the plan we selected) are your calls to landlines–all calls to any cell phone on any carrier are not counted from your minutes. Basically we added data plans to our 4 phones, and the price went DOWN $40 from what our plan was before… yeah. not bad at all!

  9. I have had the Sprint Hero since it’s Best Buy release on Oct. 11th. The Sense UI is really nice, but the camera is not very good. 5-megapixels is great but having a blurry photo in 5mp is not very useful. I am also afraid the 528MHz processor is going to become too slow very quickly. I am considering taking back the Hero (30 day return policy) and getting the faster 800mhz processor Moment so my phone can better handle the new versions of Android in the near future. The amoled screen on the Moment is appealing as well.

    One other comment. I really wish HTC and Samsung would upgrade the screen size to the same dimensions as the iPhone. The .5cm larger width and height does make a difference when using the touchscreen.

  10. A couple of more thoughts on the Hero. I enjoy the 7 screens and am not sure I want to go down to 3 on the Moment. The extra HTC widgets are neat, but can certainly I could live without them. The idea of getting OS updates faster on the vanilla OS is very appealing. I also can live without the social network integration. I don’t have a need to go find out what a specific person is saying on Facebook at a given moment.

  11. I held the Hero from day one of the Hero to day one of the Moment. The hard keyboard makes a
    difference. I believe the Moment is slightly faster. Also I believe the operating system upgrades should appear on the Moment prior to appearing on the Hero.

    A word (or two) to Sprint. Thanks for getting off the Android fence in time. Thanks
    for beating all your competition to better pricing. And thanks in advance for your future
    Droid smasher. You deserve some amens from all of us.

  12. LOL… I think it’s funny how Brad says the Droid smokes the Moment in every conceivable way… Let’s see… Droid has a 550 Mhz processor and the Moment has 800 Mhz (To put it in perspective, the iPhone 3GS runs 600 Mhz). Droid has a TFT screen and the Moment has an AMOLED screen. Not saying the Droid doesn’t have better features in its own right, but to say that it smokes a device that runs 250 Mhz faster is a bit of an exaggeration. And like others have said, wait until the Moment gets 2.0, then compare them. I don’t care about camera MPs. I have seen a 1.3 MP camera phone beat the pants off a 3.2 MP camera phone, so that number doesn’t always mean better. Anyway, just my 2 cents

  13. i love my moment so much i had the hero for 30 days and it was a horrible phone for me atleast it was laggy and sluggish but the moment is very responsive really fast and i absolutely LOVE the keyboard. put it this way i love it so much i’d marry it if i could lol

  14. I just bought my Moment last Saturday and was falling in love with it till this Monday morning. I had a full over night charge and everything was fine. I got onto the internet once, made two 5 minute phone calls and have just been adjusting my personal settings. By mid day I was down to 15% battery life. Very disappointing. Am I doing something wrong or could I just have a bad battery? Someone please help before I trade my phone back for a different one. Is there a better way to shut down the applications?

  15. @ Randy… i just bought the Moment as well. and what you have described is exactly what im going thru as well. I love the phone- but i NEED battery life! if theres anyone with any suggestions please let me know as well!

  16. Hey folks,
    I was at the Sprint store last night, and the guy told me that the Moment does in fact have 2.0.

  17. Kevin,

    The guy at the Sprint store is wrong, but that’s par for the course with most of the store employees.

  18. Right the Moment does not have 2.0 it ships with 1.5 But I do understand after the OTA update is out 5 days for the Hero the Moment is to be Next. But do not think is 2.0 Understand its 1.6 But this is second had ifo .

  19. I have the moment, i luv it sort of : / i cant figure out how to fix my screen settings. Im on a call and my cheek always mutes my call or puts my conversation on speaker im getting pretty frustrated can anyone help?

  20. I liked the Samsung Moment till it started to freeze when playing videos of Youtube. I exchanged it at the store. I got a brand new one. And what you guys thing? THE SAME THING AGAIN… I hope I can do something cos I’m so mad…

  21. the samsung moment and the motorola droid are kinda hard to compare but i’ll give it a try. the samsung moment has a 800 mghz arm 11(old style) processor.the droid has a 550 mghz cortex 8 processor(newer faster technology) cortex 8 processors are about 40 percent faster than an arm 11 at the same clock speed. this all means that probably the processors are about the same speed except the droid processor is probably better on battery life. the moment has a 3.2inch AMOLED displaym at 320X480 resolution which will be better on the battery than the droids 3.7 inch TFT display at 480 x 854 resolution but will probably be alot less viewable in direct sunlight and has alot less resolution.the droid has more ram which may come in handy when android adds flash 10.1. the keyboard on the moment is way better (personal opinion)but the droid is thinner and the slider mechanism feels more sturdy (although the moment feels like a well built phone as well).the moment call clarity and volume are fantastic i won’t talk about call quality because thats carrier specific.the interface on the drid seems alot faster but alot of that is due to optimizations made to android 2.the moment runs android 1.5 or 1.6 and the droid runs android 2 but the moment will be getting an upgrade to android 2.1 after which i expect the speed and responsiveness of both devices to be very similar.
    so which is better? it’s all a matter of opinion

  22. Hey there ive got the moment, im having a problem . I cant get to the settings to do a factory reset, because the touch screen is not working at all. Help how do i fix the touch screen ? I need it working again.HELP

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