Mio MiBuddy To Run On Android


Those of you looking for a stand-alone GPS may be interested in this. It was posted a few days ago over at NaviGadget.

“GPS navigation system maker Mio is planning for a new lineup of device called Mio MiBuddy. The rumor is that these devices will come with Google’s Android OS as soon as 2010. What’s even better is that these GPS navigation systems will be very capable and carry the necessary components for WiFi, Bluetooth, and even WiMax – since Android makes it so easy for manufacturers to utilize those features.”


(Image is of a Navman Spirit, not MiBuddy)

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But what good would that be for us  (soon to be) Droid users!?  Little late there, MiBuddy!

…Alright alright, I’m just playin’. There’s still room in my ride for a stand-alone. I’ve been thinkin’ a lot about it and decided that the Droid’s solution, while awesome, won’t QUITE cover all my needs. So, I still personally would like a GPS device as well as my Droid. But that’s a whole different discussion.

(….or is it?)

[Via NaviGadget]


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  1. Be careful using the Droid as a GPS if you leave the country. I imagine the roaming fees could add up pretty quickly.

  2. @guillaume – That, and the fact that you’ll apparently need to keep a constant data connection for the app to work. With no maps resident on the device, you’ll get lost if you get out of the range of the cell towers.

  3. this is the obvious next step for companies such as garmin and mio. google nav is gonna pick up a lot of steam in the next year. so instead of using their own software, just use google nav. then they can focus on making a larger screen, using the gps without a data connection, etc etc. there is still great use for garmin hardware, but not so much for their software.

  4. The “excitement” of android 2.0 offering free nav will fade when people realize they need to be in constant cell tower range for it to work. The places I need gps most, typically have poor to no cell coverage, making google nav not very helpful.

    Until Google nav offers maps stored locally, there will be a need for gps units like this that do.

  5. Although I think I read (or watched) that the google nav will cache maps along your route… Can’t remember where I heard/saw this though.

  6. Caching a few miles of frames along your route is a clever and great thing. Im glad they are doing that. But online maps still leave a lot to be desired if you are “off the beaten path”. Ive tried ATTs telenav which is very similar (except it costs money)and i put online nav in the fun category but not something you can depend on. My Tom Tom I can actually depend on. I cant say the same thing for nav through my phone.

  7. Comon Rob.. I know your trying to push android on your website here.. but don’t make up stuff like “I still personally would like a GPS device as well as my Droid.”

    Why would you need a standalone GPS when you have the droid? Unless you really don’t and you’re just pushing fake enthusiasm on us to promote android at all costs.

  8. @Joseph: First – I’m not Rob. I’m Talton. Second – that comment had nothing to do with promoting Android. I don’t want to go on a 5 hour drive trying to use my Droid as a GPS while also trying to use my phone for calls/texts and whatever else (Yes, my wife drives too, no I’m not advocating texting and driving).

    I’d rather have a stand alone. But the Droid will be nice also, it will keep me from having to drag my Garmin/TomTom around. They will complement each other.

    That’s right. I have zero desire for this “MiBuddy”. I’ve never heard of it before today. I want a Garmin. Period.

    How’s that for fake enthusiasm?

  9. I believe that google maps navigation is US-only

  10. GPS has become a widely used aid to navigation worldwide, and a useful tool for map-making, land surveying, commerce, scientific uses, tracking and surveillance, and hobbies such as geocaching and waymarking.We have no image of MiBuddy available at this time but it sounds like it will carry a 4.7″ touchscreen with the addition of a slide out keyboard, and a windshield mount for in vehicle use of course.

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