Oct 23rd, 2009

We already told you the Motorola Droid was going to launch on November 6th when a Google Search seemed to list that date in Verizon ads for the Droid. But they pulled the ad quickly and hardly anyone has picked up on the happening. Well we just posted about the BGR Preview and hudman5 in the comments made an interesting one:

Full page ad in the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper this morning says 11-06-09.

So we followed up, and like a champ, hudman5 came through with the goods:


It should still be written in pencil but you can chuck your eraser in the trashcan. I doubt you’re going to see anything different than a Nov. 6th launch date or order date or whatever. Told ya so!

Thanks Hudman5! I guess the classic printed newspaper DOES still have a purpose ;)

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