Oct 23rd, 2009

We’ve gotta give our props to Boy Genius Report – they’ve had a Motorola Droid for the past couple weeks and let me tell ya, they’ve been milkin’ it for all they can. Lots of little posts have finally culminated in this – the Motorola Droid Preview. He offers a DISCLAIMER: this is PROTOTYPE hardware and things have inevitably been improved in the final edition.


That being said, hit up BGR for the full preview while we provide our summarized/bulleted overview below:

  • Specs are pretty sick… or as BGR puts it… “jesus”
  • Solid, Metal, Heavy feel
  • Sliding keyboard satisfyingly  “clicks” into place
  • Screen = amazing. Best on market.
  • Keyboard = average yet better than G1. But with a phone so thin… there had to be compromises somewhere
  • Call quality = great
  • Android 2.0? Love it.
  • Battery life? Best of all Android phones.

Check out a video of a clock/in-car accessory coming with the Droid:


It will eat in to BlackBerry sales, Windows Mobile sales, and positively murder any lingering Palm Pre sales. It’s that good. Did you notice how Verizon still hasn’t announced the BlackBerry Storm2? Plenty of room for the iPhone and Android to both eat.

The Droid Delivers.

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