Verizon Launching Motorola Droid November 6th?


The Motorola Droid for Verizon Wireless is all but official. And now, thanks to the Droid Does campaign, we’re pretty sure it will get official on October 30th with a launch sometime in November launch. But a Phandroid reader claims to have found the EXACT launch date with a simple Google Search:


Notice the Verizon Wireless Sponsored result with the title “iDon’t Customize”? Droid Does. Coming 11/6/09. You can’t get much more specific than that. I tried to duplicate this result and could NOT get the advertisement to appear regardless of the keywords/search done. The tipster was only able to capture the image a couple times as well which is what prompted him to screenshot it in the first place.

If this is kosher and checks out… you’ll have an October 30th announcement and November 6th launch of the fabled Motorola Droid on Verizon Wireless. Pencil it into your calendar, folks.

[Thanks to Randy Rowland for the tip AND the screenshot!]

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Verizon Motorola Droid Promotion Begins, It Does What iDoesn’t

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  1. I got that add too

  2. I am wondering how likely it is that the phone can be launched in under three weeks when no reviewer has even gotten a demo unit yet (that I know of).

    Just seems like for other phones there are a few things that happened a month or more before a phone is released that haven’t happened with this phone yet, it doesn’t seem like we even know with absolute certainty what the hardware specs on the thing are.

  3. Well, judging by all the photos of android posted on Boy Genius Report we can assume he probably has the Droid now and is in the process of reviewing it. I’d also assume that other sites have it aswell and are just waiting for the NDA to end so they can post their reviews.

  4. @Drew

    Boy Genius Report seems to have one right now. I suspect he’ll have a review up within a week of today…I’m guessing he’ll spoil it on Monday!

  5. This was only able to be reproduced yesterday/early this morning. I believe Verizon has since taken it out for unknown reasons.

    @Drew, I’m quite positive that BGR has a review unit in their possession, but aren’t allowed to talk about every detail of it until they’re given the okay signal by whoever. You can check their site for an Android 2.0 walkthrough which is definitely being shown on their Droid.

  6. Can’t believe it… So, Android 2.0 in production quality in less than 20 days? Doesn’t make any sense. Should we expect Android 2.5 by February then?

  7. I got that same result searching just “droiddoes”

  8. @Hector
    from what i have read there are two versions of 2.0, one for exclusive release through moto/verizon which is done… then there is the public version that wont be out for some time…

  9. God, hire a server admin that knows what their doing. Fix the damn images…

  10. Rob, please offload your images to S3–your server(s) simply cannot handle the load.

  11. ^^ LOL Frank, are you a troll in hiding? Or did you not grasp the point of the picture…

  12. Oh by the way pda.net list the htc dragon with android 2.0 and coming in december. And sholes/tao/droid with android 1.6 !
    So is droid coming with android 1.6 only ?

  13. @vincent
    Don’t know how reliable that pdab site is.. according to that site, the Lancaster is coming in November… I suppose that could still happen.. but I think we might have heard some whispers somewhere.

  14. Seeing as it has been shown in pictures with having Android 2.0 (in leaked images), I would imagine that it will not have 1.6 on it. Considering that Verizon and Google made a big deal together, I would expect that they got an early copy of 2.0

    I don’t know if they will announce more info or if they will be fore sale on Oct 30th, but that seems to be the date for what the countdown clock translates into. (Although I understand that it might be right around midnight, so it might actually be Nov 1, I have seen both translations).

  15. …. i really really hate iphone fanboys/girls. its just annoying to read their extremely bias comments as they make a shrine to their god steve jobs. but it shows android has them shakin in their boots. sorry, clicked that link i-norton left and just had to vent about someones blind stupidity

  16. This image doesn’t exist on your server. Incidentally, you should probably change directroy permissions. I was able to browse the directory /wp-content/uploads/2009/10/ with no problems. There is no image called droid-november-6.jpg in that directory.

  17. If Sprint doesn’t get their shit together regarding the Hero by addressing battery + headphone issues some users (not me) have & most importantly updating the Hero to 1.6 to address some of the lag in the phone in the next few weeks I’ll be swapping it out before my 30 day trial is up for a Droid for sure!

  18. The “alien-android-font” countdown timer is interesting. Assuming it’s counting down odometer-style in base 10 (which seems to be the case), the deciphered number is (or rather, was):


    I thought at first this was the number of seconds until launch. But that would put the launch date almost four months out. That can’t be right.

    After watching it count down for a minute, the second digit resets from 0 to 5, indicating that the two right digits go from 59 to 00, not from 99 to 00.

    So it’s a clock. That would make the next two digits (44) minutes, and so on.

    That would put the launch at 10 days, 03 hours, 44 minutes, and 20 seconds.

    When I recorded this time, it was 3 hours and 44 minutes to midnight, EST. So at midnight tonight, it will be 10 days to launch, which would be 12:00 AM, October 30.

    But that’s a week before the Googled date of November 6. What gives?

    Yes, I’m a geek.

  19. Go on verizon.com and type in droid on the search box. It will show A PICTURE OF THE MOTOROLA SHOLES WITH BIG WORDS SAYING NOVEMBER ON THEM! Probably, they will announce on october 30 that it will come out in 1 week.

  20. Mine just says ‘coming this november”

    they most likely noticed it and hid it

  21. Also says, “Coming this November”

    Have another, but didn’t upload correctly/can’t reupload. But the difference is that that one is in the sidebar.

  22. The VZW corporate store in Frisco Texas will be releasing both Droids at Midnight. They will reopen their doors at 11 pm on November 5th so they can start handing out numbers. They will also be doing a drawing to give away 3 FREE droids. Once its midnight they will start selling out droids. They will be getting additional inventory since they are a location offering the midnight release.
    Be the first to get the DROID in DFW!
    Store phone # is 972-668-5790

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