More Than One Motorola Droid: Eris Arrives


We saw this coming. On October 19th we guessed that the Droid Does campaign could be promoting a whole bunch of different Droids:

What if Verizon Wireless also plans on launching their “Hero” and maybe another Android device and is using the “Droid Does” campaign as a general marketing campaign for all their android handsets?

htc-droid-erisThen one of our sources told about the HTC phone held by Eric Schmidt and were told it would be called the Droid Eris. We bit our tongue as we tried to confirm and BAM – Engadget and GDGT both confirmed since, the latter of which included a picture seen left.

So what will it be? HTC Droid Eris? HTC Eris? Verizon Droid Eris? Verizon Eris? Who knows… we don’t even know if the SHOLES will be called Motorola Droid now. It COULD be called the Motorola Droid Tao or something similar.

The Droid Eris is rumored to go on sale on November 6th along with the Motorola Droid Tao/Sholes. Will that be all? Anything else Verizon? Time to check up on that… hmmmm…

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Motorola Droid Launching November 6th

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  1. Sweet… but one question: how could an HTX Device be called a Motorola? Or did I misunderstand you? ;)

  2. Oops, HTX = HTC

  3. Yeah, why would it be Motorola anything if it’s made by HTC, Rob?

  4. It’s not. It’s just the HTC Eris. I guess most are going around and around right now for the effect. And Google, Motorola, and Verizon is lovin it.

  5. You misunderstoood me. And you both look like complete fools to everyone reading this… since I just fixed those typos. Thanks ;)

  6. Does this pup have a slide out keyboard?

  7. So which is it? Schmidt’s phone two weeks ago and the leaked picture from yesterday match: centered Verizon logo at the top with silver call and end buttons. This has black call and end buttons with HTC justified left above the screen and Verizon justified right. Something doesn’t jive. Is this a pre-prod render? Is this NOT the Desire, but a different HTC phone? The Passion or Predator, perhaps, renamed? The screen is suspiciously taller making me think it’s ~3.6″ WVGA, not 3.2″ HVGA. I think we have a 2nd HTC Android offering here, folks. Maybe it’s the ying (touch) to Droid’s yang (qwerty/touch). Two weeks to speculate. Ready, set……GO!

  8. Um…..HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, this one completely blew me away. I have really wondered why none of the DroidDoes commercials from Verizon have specifically shown the Motorola Droid. One possible explanation is the release of multiple phones simultaneously, or at least very close together. Verizon by know has to know it’s way behind in the killer handset game, and that its network is no longer reason enough to keep from losing customers. I bet it plans to take the country by storm (uh, no Blackberry pun intended, honest) by launching a massive Android phone campaign, just in time for the holidays, and win some of those customers back.

    This thing seems like it’s a bit bigger and beefier than the Hero/Desire, but it’s hard to tell for sure. The question I have is is it identical in specs to the Desire, and simply a slider keyboard version of it, or is it actually a bigger badder touchscreen phone? If it’s the latter, and has Sense, I will buy it. I think one way or another, in two weeks, I’ll have a new phone.

  9. i have to agree brad, i think that the surprise is goin to be a couple (if not a few) droid handsets launched same day. we dont have to wait very long to find out!

  10. So what is it? Will this be better or the same as the “slider Droid” as we all know?

  11. The references in the Droid Does campaign point out specific things the ‘Droid’ has that the iPhone doesn’t have – like a keyboard. I the campaign is for the Moto Droid and any others will ride the coat tails.

  12. If this is the case, then the 28th just can’t come quick enough!

  13. Well, speculation is all we’re gonna have until more details emerge, unfortunately. This doesn’t look like the phone in Schmidt’s hands, though. It could definitely be the mystery HTC device that’s been floating around. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Verizon will have this (possible slide qwerty), the Hero, and the Droid.

    As for the specs on this, I’m leaning towards this having similar specs to the Hero. The Droid looks like it’s definitely the flagship here, and while these other phones are really great, they probably won’t match the Droid’s specs.

  14. On a side note: they certainly look a lot better!

  15. Umm, Rob, I think the article title still implies this thing is a Moto unit. Correct me if I’m wrong, but “More Than One Motorola Droid: Eris Arrives” sure seems to imply that the Eris is a Moto phone. :) I think it might be more accurate to say “More Than One Verizon Droid: Eris Arrives”.

    (And notice how I quoted the title so you can’t go changing it to make me look like a fool too.) :P

  16. As was mentioned before, the commercial lists features such as a keyboard, while the HTC device will not have one, so it doesn’t quite fit the description for both devices, only the Droid.

  17. that looks 3.2 to me

  18. I was all pumped for the arrival of the verizon htc android but if it looks like this then I am going to *cry*!! I really liked the look on the version shown at the google/verizon press release about them teaming up. Does anyone else think this is looking too much like the iphone?? All people will do is compare the looks of this phone to the iphone and that’s not the attention I am looking for with a new android!! Its bad enough I have to read or hear the die hard iphone fanboys constantly putting down the android system but now I could have to hear that the overall phone design was copied too!? The droid/shoals/tao or whatever it may be is not to my style likings. The htc android is the one I will go with but come on a design rendering the iphone’s curved rectangle shape.. that will kill me! What do you all think? Is it too close for your comfort too?

  19. Google is slowly making carriers irrelavent in terms of handset offerings. Also this will be a gigantic boost to Android because for the first time it will be marketed to business types with a clean professional handset look. This will be huge.

  20. Maybe there is a keyboard hiding under there…

  21. @ iHEART_android
    The design is not all that different than the myTouch (which I like btw) .. Do an image search for the iphone, and really compare to this phone, no one would mistake them.. especially once the screen was showing and you notice it’s more than just some clunky Icons.

  22. @Dennis -agreed but I was making reference to the fact that all die hard iphone fans would give us shit for similar styling.. The one good thing I see clearly with your mytouch being on t-mobile is that at&t has to really compete with the Verizon coverage area.. t-mobile is still lacking behind in that department so most at&t iPhone fans see t-mobile as less of a threat than say a android phone with the nations best network coverage. (Not picking at t-mobile… if t-mobile works well for you then I am happy.. to be honest I thought about switching to tmobile for the android phones but there is no service where I live. Verizon’s service in my area is the best. Also I do live in a very popular Gulf Coast Beach town in Fl so I am surprised to see that other providers are lacking here.)

  23. omg bestest phone eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lots of love – alexis

  24. Verizon store manager told me today to look for the Motorola Eris to come out within a week or so, look for comercials on tv she said…

  25. What’s the difference between Motorola Droid and HTC Eris?? They seem to be the same.. Any different features?? The only difference I see is the QWERTY keyboard..

  26. What about battery life for both phones?? How much talk time?? What is you are a heavy text/web user?? How much time?? Anybody…

  27. Does anyone know if the ERIS and DROID are world phones?? Are they global ready??

  28. I have a droid eris, wen i got it i was able to watch videos on it but not anymore my flash player doesnt show up on my app list… wtf???

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