New Android Market Already Available With Root


We know the new, more colorful and screenshot-capable version of Android Market is on the way – Google said so. But if you want it you’ll have to wait ’til Google is good and ready… right? Wrong. Folks familiar with the wonderful world of rooting are already viewing the new Android Market LIVE.

Don’t believe us? Watch our friend and Phandroid reader (thanks Justin!) take his rooted and cyanogen-ized G1 and give us a quick look – and living proof – that the new Android Market is already a living, breathing entity:

In response to your anticipated complaint, Justin is actually a ventriloquist and is actually “throwing” his voice. Any guesses as to when Google will “throw” us a bone and let us have at the all new lusciousness?

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  1. im guessing this is experimental mod because its definitely not on 4.0.4 stable?

  2. Since day 1 at SlideME, we’ve had screenshots. With SAM 3.x, we’ve added video. These things aren’t that hard.

  3. I have been running it for a few days and I have not ran into any problems but no it is not a stable release. It is an experimental rom ( so use at your own risk.

  4. Cyanogen is GOD.. I have had the market for a day or so now.. it is fantastic! Yes it is an experimental build…still a few issues but it still works,smooth and fast!

  5. Shane is right, maybe the authors need to stop hyping for this and tell the world about the alternative markets and how they’re surprisingly good

  6. @Shane Isbell: Does SlideMe still clutter the gallery with unwanted images? mostly of app icons. I is annoying as hell.

  7. @str4vag I don’t know what you are talking about. If you mean do we have a gallery on the top of the first view with featured apps similar to Google, then the answer is yes. But if you think that Google’s Android Market looks better than SlideME’s SAM, I would say you have no taste.

  8. @Shane I believe that str4vag was referring to the Android Gallery (the one where your camera photos and stuff go). Apparently SlideME’s store leaves images in a folder that the Gallery will find. Thus, it interfere’s with a user’s ability to find *intentional* gallery content like photos, images, and wallpapers.

  9. @jonathan Thanks for the clarification. I’ve never even opened Gallery so I’ll check. @str4vag if there is something you don’t like, then please just report it as a bug on our site so we can fix it. If no one reports it, it will still be there forever.

  10. its the experimental. I have been running it for a few days now and its very solid. A lot of donut features including the new market and full search are working. Also its very fast.

  11. @Shane: Common workaround is to change extension from .png to something else (e.g. png.icon) to hide images from Gallery. I would prefer if Gallery scanned /sdcard/photos (or user-specified folders) only.

  12. Updated to this experimental rom last night, it’s awesome. It’s like a whole new phone. The best part is I didn’t have to do a wipe.

  13. @macs agreed, i have and its runnin real quick. Feels like a new phone.

    Only some apps in mkt have screen shots. Overall, mkt is much better organized. Worth checkin out if you have root.

  14. Is there an APK for root users whoi aren’t using Cyanogen?

  15. @ Justin – Thanks for the video. Comment – use your chain lock for security…you can never be to careful who will bust in while you are shooting. Brother, Yeti, Mom? (kidding – nice job.)

  16. @shane I’d suggest growing up a little. Your comments here make you sound like a petulant kid. Anyone who prefers another app over yours has no taste? Really?

  17. @David you are twisting my words to make a point. I said “look”, not “prefer”, as there are some things like install and notifications that are better than SlideME so users may prefer Android Market. That’s fine if people like Android Market more. SlideME isn’t for everyone.

    But I stand by my point, if someone were to take Android Market 1.0 (haven’t seen the new version in action yet) and tell me it looks great, I would tell them they lacked taste. You may throw out ad hominens to counter this and you may find my remark petulant but I absolutely believe that the Android Market looks bad.

    And none of the oohing and ahhing that sites like phandroid and AndroidGuys did over the Android Market when it was originally released ever swayed me from that belief. So at least I put my money where my mouth is and try do it better.

  18. @DesertEagle thanks for the tip. We will get a fix in for the Gallery issue in the next release of SAM.

  19. cant wait for this to be in stable =D

  20. @Shane Isbell
    Shane, i’ve always wanted to purchase apps from your market but the lack of paypal pushes me away, plus i dont want to get into the trouble of registering with my credit card and waiting for a few days for the secret number in the credit card’s balance

  21. Running here You Tube seems to be updated as well.

  22. @Maj I know we are working hard to get a paypal account for this but as a new company, they are giving us a lot of trouble. We just re-applied last week, so we will see how it goes. Credit card setup should be within a day or less but perhaps it depends on the bank. If you already have an Amazon account, you can just hook up without going through this step.

  23. What do you mean “when will Google throw us a bone”? I’d be willing to bet the cyanogen people don’t have permission to include the Market application on their rom image. It is not part of the open source or sdk release. I don’t think the YouTube application is either. Shouldn’t Google be allowed to determine when to release their own software?

  24. I normally cannot stand to sit and watch a video of user’s showcasing cell phone apps, but this was very well done, quickly paced (most of them are slow as heck), and informative. Well done, thank you!

  25. No problem Matt, glad to do it. Looking forward to doing more in the future. I think there are a few the Cyanogen needs done now, that I will probably jump on. So here is the new question. I know how to take screen shots of my phone through the SDK and Eclipse, does anyone know of a program that I could actually to a video capture of my screen whilst I am working with it?

  26. Hello everyone I just want to comment on the rooting thing .well looking and kind of testing those things with cyanogen well yeah they’re great not to mention xad developers oh if your not an androidian yet oh you ain’t seen northing get ready because here are the androidians were not aliens but were already here we have now warned you with you coming to our world and let me tell you its all gooood.

  27. i have a mytouch–but it does not have the android market application….how do i re-install the application back on it….i believe it was rooted….

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