Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR Promo Video


This just in: Motorola has published a promotional video for the Motorola CLIQ featuring Motorola BLUR. I’m being sarcastic here as the video seems more like a finger jazzercizing workout video or a “look at the cool tricks I can do with my finger” highlight reel:

Maybe I found it more entertaining than informative because I already KNOW about everything demonstrated in the video. But I DID learn two new things:

1) The woman in the video is married which is a shame because she has beautiful hands.


2) The video ends with a “caption” and I’m curious to know if you can either come up with a funny caption for it… or guess what she might be typing into it.


Ready. Set. CLIQ.

Rob Jackson
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Motorola CLIQ Launching November 11th?

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  1. I like the Cube and flip animations, those actually make it look more appealing, now if they could only speed it up a bit.

  2. The Picture Caption has to be a quote from the Family Guy episode “The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou”

    “Chris I’m gonna show you how to stand up to a bully…but first im gonn show you how when i pull the drawstrings on my sweatshirt and spit out a candy bar i look like an anus”

  3. I really dont like this phone. Its so clustered

  4. Its Android.. You can freaking customize it, you dont HAVE to organize your screens like they do.

  5. i dont know about the oldies that made this phone but i know that all my friends are on facebook and theyre al addicted to it i dont think one box could evver be enough
    @felix yah i hate it to @jonathan i know and i bet hedoes to but let hm express his opinio
    one thing is for sure ading new contacts in my new android will give me info aboutmy friends that i dont know and will be an investigation
    the onlu thing i like abouth this i the facebook send message

  6. Awesome didn’t realize that funny Josh, and I might consider getting this the keyboard may not be as spacious but it looks cool enough.

  7. Caption: Look at this douche nugget in a hoodie…

    she then promptly sends the image and caption to all her friends on Facebook.

  8. Agree with the comments………..she has got hice fingers :-)

    What a joke of a promo video……nice & informative not!

  9. And just how would you inbreds have demoed it??

  10. That is most definitely a engagement ring not a im boring and married ring. So there is still time to steal those hands away.
    I do not own an android device but i really have been doing a lot of studying about them. This phone seems very promising compared to my BB 8330 curve. But i think i will be sticking with Verizon and waiting to see what they finally produce. I hope they release something soon.

  11. The sense UI on the HTC Hero looks much nicer than this.

  12. And it says T-Mobile…not sure if thats been mentioned haha but i’m sure it has been since phandroid is THE SH**!!!!

  13. Caption – Met this freak while waiting for a train, his line, “Pull my string, baby.” Took the photo for the police lineup.

  14. Three reactions:

    1) Boring and silly video.

    2) Could care less about social networking clutter. Web browsing? Applications other than time-wasters?

    3) T-Mobile…. Might as well be a tin can.

    Launch a phone for adults already, and put it on a real network that people that work for a living (and travel) can use.

  15. Where is the love for AT&T?

  16. Haha, is this really an official promo video? It looks really unprofessional, and what’s the deal with the Russian eurodisco playing in the background? :) This is *not* a phone for me.

  17. the 90’s called…they want their commercial style back.

  18. Haha, good one!

  19. I like this phone but whats holding me back is the 3.1″ screen, I dont wanna go any smaller than my G1’s screen size.

    + did anyone notice how the menu bar popped up differently when she hit the menu button?.. small detail but very nice..

  20. Is the CliQ T-mobile only?

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