Sep 16th, 2009

Clear those shelves! Make way for the Motorola CLIQ! T-Mobile just dropped the price of the T-Mobile G1 to only $129.99 on its website:


While I’m still deathly in love with the G1, T-Mobile doesn’t seem to have too much interest in promoting it or this new offer. To find the G1 on the T-Mobile website you’ve actually got to do some searching around. The MyTouch 3G is the featured phone and even mousing over “shop” reveals 5 “featured phones”… NONE of which are the G1:


And just to throw in an added touch of bizarre, you’ll notice the Samsung Comeback (highlihgted in “Shop”) costs $129.99 – the same as the G1!!! And the Samsung Highlight is $20 MORE at $149.99. Absolutely ridiculous. If any uninformed customer is purchasing the Comeback over the G1 I feel very sorry for them. Of course you’ve got to factor in the cost of data plans and all that but seriously… the same price?

They must be clearing the shelves… either for the Motorola CLIQ, perhaps something else, or both – I can’t wait to find out.

[Thanks Eddie!]

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