T-Mobile Drops G1 Price To $129.99


Clear those shelves! Make way for the Motorola CLIQ! T-Mobile just dropped the price of the T-Mobile G1 to only $129.99 on its website:


While I’m still deathly in love with the G1, T-Mobile doesn’t seem to have too much interest in promoting it or this new offer. To find the G1 on the T-Mobile website you’ve actually got to do some searching around. The MyTouch 3G is the featured phone and even mousing over “shop” reveals 5 “featured phones”… NONE of which are the G1:


And just to throw in an added touch of bizarre, you’ll notice the Samsung Comeback (highlihgted in “Shop”) costs $129.99 – the same as the G1!!! And the Samsung Highlight is $20 MORE at $149.99. Absolutely ridiculous. If any uninformed customer is purchasing the Comeback over the G1 I feel very sorry for them. Of course you’ve got to factor in the cost of data plans and all that but seriously… the same price?

They must be clearing the shelves… either for the Motorola CLIQ, perhaps something else, or both – I can’t wait to find out.

[Thanks Eddie!]

Rob Jackson
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  1. g1 should be free right now to be competitive. with oprah’s $100 discount on the myTouch it doesn’t make sense for the g1 to cost more than it at any point in time.

  2. Walmart has been selling the G1 for $98.00 for about 2 months now.

  3. seriously, they should lower the G1 to be less than $99 ‘cuz iPhone 3G on AT&T costs $99… and mytouch 3G is at $99

    so my 2nd guess is: customers prefer G1 w/ physical keyboard. and G1 just sells better than mytouch 3G

  4. I don’t know where you get the mytouch 3G for $99 — I just went to the T-Mobile website, and they still show it at $199.99

  5. um…. why would they? t-mobile’s not gonna advertise this phone or deal when they’ve got a brand new Android phone that just came out that they’re trying to get out there and they’ve got another one right on the horizon.

  6. @Webby I guess he was talking about the limited time offer:

  7. The G1 is pretty worthless now that it’s not going to receive any more updates. I’ll stick with the one I’ve got, but I can’t see any reason to buy a new one when there are better alternatives out there.

  8. The G1 is going to get more updates. Please stop perpetuating that silly rumour.

  9. Oh, and Rob, I think your commenting engine gets a bit confused with timezones or something. Sometimes the comments appear completely out of order, with some appearing with a date of the day before the story was posted.

  10. Also, it’s $130 PLUS your contract. Which is pretty pricey, considering I got mine for £0 on a 12 month contract back in February.

  11. @Neil
    Why do people keep repeating the same rumor over and over again on every update !!! Google has never stated such thing before, please fix me if i was wrong

  12. compared to upcoming phones, the G1 is just f-ugly

  13. webby – untill Sept. 24th you can get $100 off the mytouch 3g by using the code – kickoff24 when you checkout. I just called customer service yesterday and got the wife one with the code for $99 even though I still had 27 or so days left on my contract before I could upgrade…

    I think they said it was a promotional think with Opera’s 24th season or something like that..

  14. You have to ask customer service for the promotional discount to get the $100 off. They initially told me to go through the Oprah website, but that apparently only works for new customers. upgrades need to ask through customer service. Worked for me

  15. @Neil – Rumor Fail!

    The G1 is going to get the next update Donut and the update after that Eclair. Don’t spread false rumors it just hurts the community.

    @Rob – Story Fail. Your site has been advertising the $98 amazon G1 in banner ads for at least 6 months now. You fail to mention that. And if I needed one I would be happy to click on your ad to support the site and get the better deal. ;-)

  16. Can get always updates at xda where G1 rom mod is still very active.

  17. Right now if u buy the phone at full price, how can it cost 399 is the same as the motorola cliq!!

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