Xperia X3 Coming January?


xperia-x3On the one hand we love rumors and on the other we hate them – especially when they are as vague and unsourced as this latest one. The folks at MobileCrunch are saltily suggesting that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 – the company’s previously rumored first Android Phone – will launch in January 2010. They found this odd because they haven’t heard about the X2 launching before January and given the sequence the X2 should launch before the X3, right?

Well we had already seen the Xperia X2 set for Q4 2009 launch and just today learned the price could be $875 before discounts, calling further question to the rumor’s credibility. I really hope the X3 doesn’t approach this ballpark because I for one will not splurge for it – although I might like to – given the number of affordable Android alternatives that will be out there.

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  1. 875$ !!! that’s crazy, i’m really looking forward to get this but i think ill wait and see how much Archos’ phone would cost

  2. The only thing that would make me reach for my wallet at that price is if all the specs rumored here were true AND they added a hardware keyboard. Then it would become the perfect phone for me.

  3. If this phone is that much, and i have to import, i will get the HTC leo and dump android for WinMo 6.5. That thing looks like a beast. (but ill probaly put android on there :D )

  4. the way SE puts out phones these days that would probably be closer to jan 2011

  5. X2 isn’t that with the see through screen??? maybe that’s why it cost that much … I can assure you I am not spending anywhere near that for a phone … that’s nuts! The most I’m spending is 3-4 bills for my lady Racheal.

  6. $875!!!! Nuts!!

    The most I would is $400… maybe $450.. that’s it. What are they nuts? You can buy a whole damn netbook for $350… and that’s unsubsidized by any carrier!

  7. one thing it is missing that i have gotten used to was an optical trackpad in front.

  8. @David M.: The transparent screen is the Pureness, previously known as the Kiki. That’s supposed to be a fancy fashion phone, and is apparently going to cost a bundle.

    I really hope the X3 doesn’t cost that much. It’s the most interesting thing I’ve seen from SE for ages, and it’d be a shame if it’s priced out of contention. I wish SE would release something official on it.

  9. not sure if you guys can read… but it’s clear stated “the price could be $875 before discounts”. most (if not all) phones are being subsidised by the network operators… so it’s not very likely that you gone pay that $875 by the end of the day.

  10. Is that price for an unlocked handset or with a contract?

    If thats the unlocked price its really not too bad.

  11. Im assuming this is before subsidies are applied? In European countries, many people buy phones without ANY ties to a carrier. That way we pay no set fee each month and dont need no 2 year contract. In the end, our alternative is cheaper. Even if we pay 1000 bucks for a phone.

    At lest here in norway, carriers arent allowed to have 2 year contracts, and the monthly fee is usually no more then 20 usd, so even subsidized phones cost a lot.

    So, im assuming the X2 will be ~200usd with contract in the US.

  12. Morten > Not in all “europeans countries”. In France the classic way is this one :
    – 2 years with one of the three operators (Orange, Bouygues, SFR). They ‘re very expensive, specialy for basics contracts (1 or 2 hours of communication) and for “high” contracts (unlimited internet – in fact limited up to 2Go, next you have restricted speed).
    – But people don’t buy phones 800€. They buy them about 100/200.
    – However the 3 operators are really not competitiv because they ‘re only 3. A new one should appear on our market and push the prices down. But politics don’t all push in this way :(.
    – But we haven’t phones as much restricted as in the USA (CDMA for exemple :o).

    For this news : i ‘m waiting for X3 before next Xmas, for 150/200€ (with operators subventions).

  13. Guys, I got some other info that leaked into my hands indirectly on launch dates:

    X2 – November – December 2009
    X3 – February 2010

  14. hrmm, if X3 is only coming out in 1Q 2010, guess i’m gonna get the HTC hero after all, and still hold on to my G1.

    875usd without line/contract sounds normal.
    most top end smart phones are about that price.
    but~ it better not be on the same specs as the current android phones; it will be grossly over price if that is the case. 500usd will be more like it.

  15. If only this had a keyboard…I’d boy it in a heartbeat.

  16. I don’t want to have a keyboard. Makes a phone fat. Waste of volume and weight in my opinion. Besides onscreen keboard takes only about a week to adjust to it. After that you type very fast if it’s a capacitory touchscreen.

    BB Storm screen is the best touchscreen to type on. If only Qualcomm and BB got the phone attached to it to actually WORK!

    I’ll wait till X3 even if its out only in Feb. I want to have my 4 inch of interactive, lucid dream packed with newest technology. Besides my Storm is not even 1 year old.

  17. that’s a full price, off contract. it could be as low as 200.

  18. guys.

    X3 will be the first android from SE since X2 is WinMO.

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