HTC Passion: 3rd Verizon Android In 2009?


This latest rumor is a toughy to sort out and considering the hit-or-miss nature of DigiTimes rumor milling, we’re not sure exactly what to do with this besides put it forth before the Phandroid faithful, arguably the greatest jury among the tech public. Steve Shen from the DigiTimes notes the Commercial Times as saying Verizon will launch the HTC Desire as its first Android phone in the 4th quarter, following it up with their next generation Google phone, the HTC Passion, also in 4th quarter!


Verizon is expected to cooperate with HTC to launch its first Android-powered smartphone, the HTC Desire, in the fourth quarter, Commercial Times said, noting that the pair will also launch a mobile TV handset, the Whitestone, in the fourth quarter.

“HTC is also likely to cooperate with Google again to roll out the next-generation Google phone, the Passion, in the fourth quarter, the paper added.”

htc-whitestoneThe way DigiTimes phrases and positions their quote, it seems as though the HTC Passion will be the launch name for the HTC Whitestone. But there is a little problem w

ith that: the Whitestone was leaked in January, passed the FCC last month, and ALL of the leaked specs/images are Windows Mobile 6.1 and the hardware buttons suggest just that! The Whitestone and the Passion are NOT the same phone.

So then what IS the HTC Passion? Good question…

Regardless, it looks like we’ve got the HTC Desire AND the HTC Passion headed to Verizon Wireless in the 4th Quarter of 2009. And don’t forget the

Motorola Sholes. That would bring the Verizon Android count to THREE by the end of the year. I hope you’re not on Santa’s naughty list because something tells me there are plenty of toys you’re going to want.

Did you notice something else interesting about that little DigiTimes quote up there? I did…

Verizon is expected to cooperate with HTC to launch its first Android-powered smartphone

Could THIS be the underlying reason why Motorola didn’t announce the Sholes at Mobilize 2009? Did Verizon give HTC the green light over Moto as their first Android? What could have led to this… or was this ALWAYS the way it was going to be? Or maybe this isn’t the way its going to be at all… exciting times. Exciting times!

[The image in this article is NOT the HTC Passion but a rendering of the known WinMo phone – HTC Whitestone]

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  1. Awesome!!!

  2. As long as all new HTC Android phones, no matter if it suppose to be a official android exp. or not… They all need to have Rosie as it’s face…

    Rosie is hot..!!!

  3. Im still sold on the Pro.Three, aka the leo

  4. wow, i like these rumors!

    choosing HTC instead of Moto would seriously blow Moto’s stock price. but i can see the reason here:

    HTC android phone is proven. Moto’s Sholes running Android 2.0 is the 1st 2.0 phone but not proven. VZW seems does not want to take the risk. also VZW can offload more BB storms I/II and bold/curve/tour before unleashing Sholes!

  5. @lordhong
    Moto’s sholes will be running Android 2.0 ?!!! got any source for your claims ? i don’t think this has been stated before and i dont believe we’re going to see the 2.0 anytime in the near future

  6. Please not another HTC 528 QUalcomm processor. If I wanted that, I could go to sprint, get a hero, and save money on a family plan. The Motorola sholes is supposed to have a 600 processor along with a decent gpu for gaming. Come on Verizon. This is insane. We need good Android phones, not last year’s technology.

  7. @Maj: The rumor that Sholes will be running v2.0 resurfaced in the past couple of days. I don’t read too many android sites, so it must have been this one or AndroidGuys that mentioned it…

    Is the rumor “true”? Or “confirmed”? I don’t know.

  8. Read ‘HTC’ in place of Google in “”which is allegedly been developed by ‘Google’ in cooperation with Google.””

    Sorry for the typo.


  10. I am at 4G world in Chicago and talked to a APP creator for Motorola. He says the Sholes will be released late October right after the Cliq hits shelves. They are going for the one two punch He claims that it will be the “business” style smartphone for Motorola. He said he tested got his hands on one and the back is Chrome like the I phone and is a powerhouse when it comes to data and capacity. Thats all I got.

  11. Either way, I want a Android handset on Verizon. I have been waiting to see if they launch one before Christmas, if not, I’m going somewhere else for service. I would like a all touch screen Andrid device over the Sholes and the physical qwerty. Come on Verizon, release Android already.

  12. It’s killing me too!! My BB Curve is getting older by the day!! Ready to join the modern age!!

  13. Perhaps Motorola’s phone will be the best, I really cannot see Verizon competing with themselves. And since “Sholes” is the codename, what do you think about the name: Motorola LUST ?

    It even fits their four letter naming convention. And Lust is a much stronger emotion that Passion, eh ?

  14. im waiting for the sholes.. i think it will be comming soon per androidandme.com

    If its not out by the end of December and no release date by then i think i might not wait for it anymore..

  15. agreed on the “no Qualcomm” front… the only reason (well not only) im sticking around with Verizon and waiting for the Sholes is for the OMAP processor.

    BUT, seeing as the new Hero fixed the laggy problems, might not be too much of a compromise (and get better plan with Sprint). But as always, i will wait until the rumors are either verified/debunked before i truly get excited/depressed.

  16. that qualcomm processor isn’t that bad, considering where personal computers were like 7 years ago. and for 90% of users, that should be enough for now.

    as far as sholes with android v2.0, google announced a month ago or so that two updates to android would be released this year. that would put v1.6 aka donut to be released soon (esp since it was just released to developers), likely for the CLIQ. And one would assume v2.0 would release in November or so, probably just in time for the Sholes. Speculation, but consistent with what’s already been announced.

    As for me..i’m going to go with the Cliq, esp if it’s FREE with 2yr contract!!! besides, GSM is the world standard for now, why would you choose anything else if you had the option?

  17. All I want is for VZW to step up to the plate. I’m tired of old technology. ATT has the IPhone. T-Mobile, Sprint have Android. VZW what do you have. We want options, we want phones that will do what we want.

    I am ready for my VZW upgrade now. Therefore, I will wait patiently. However, VZW you better produce or Ill switch. I want an Android phone.



  18. Where I work, I’m the primary contact with our Verizon rep for our corporate account. I asked her when they would have an Android phone (she is always sending me emails with the latest deals on phones). So she asked someone else, and the official word is “End of Q4”. No revelation, but nice to get it confirmed from within the company.

  19. An Android phone will be released this month from Verizon

  20. Look at boy genius.. you’ll be able to get an idea about the motorola droid there

  21. The HTC Whitestone is actually called the Imagio and it runs WindowsMobile 6.5. Badass for a windows phone. The DROID by Motorola will launch the same day that the HTC DROID Eris (HTC Desire) launches which will be this Friday 11/6/09. Having played with both, I can say they kick mighty ass, but I’m waiting on the “Passion.”

  22. My brother just got an HTC Eris and it is great. I got a doggy old Blackberry Tour from Alltel. Anybody wanna buy a Blackberry?

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