Sep 10th, 2009


Skyhook has shown face on a couple of different platforms and in a few major partnerships but as of today, has made it’s first foray into Android. Skyhook’s service is to be combined with SIM Checker,  a “security asset recovery app.” SIM Checker allows you set your device up with a maximum of three SIM cards. If a mystery SIM card is inserted, the app uses Skyhook’s tech and allows users to track their phones through three channels: GPS (naturally), WiFi and cellular coverage. Using these connections the app can do a pretty good job of triangulating where your phone is and you aren’t.


The app is available for free but a donation for something with this potential to save you money, time, extreme depression and/or anger might not be out of line.

EDIT: Get it here (thanks to Brian).

[Via AndroidGuys]