Android Pandora App Gets Demoed


With the newest Pandora app recently hitting the shelves a video of its capabilities was in order. And so, AndroidGuys have gone ahead and given us a quick overview of the app.

Overall, the app looks smooth, attractive and successfully functional. It seems a little laggy with some functions, but the speed of the connection will of course hinder that as well.

[Via AndroidGuys]

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  1. I’ve been loving it so far on my myTouch. Rock on!

  2. The only thing i wish it could do is allow you to thumb up/down the song while it is locked or something. This is probably a feature that the android os lacks as opposed to pandora not implementing it though. Just if I’m driving I want to just press a button and have it skip/thumb up/down a song

  3. How do you have your lock screen like that?

  4. If they made it like the music app lock screen on the hero. Does any else experience studders and force closes. I’m on a stock hero.

  5. im with kenny!
    how did you get that lock screen

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